My (28M) coworker (23F) wanted a more hands on approach

Some background. I was a young officer in the military when this happened. My coworker, let’s call her Ashley, was enlisted and worked for me, meaning nothing was allowed to happen between us. Additionally, she was newly married…in fact she was away getting married when I took over our shop. It seemed every guy in the shop was sad about that because she was hot. Like, fitness model hot. She does bikini fitness competitions. Cute little blond with a tiny frame. A spinner if you will. Not the biggest tits, but she had a cute little bubble butt she was proud of.

I kept it professional while I was in charge of her, except for one night when I was hanging out with a mutual guy friend of ours and we ended up meeting her and another female at a friends house. They challenged us to a game of beer pong and she started shaking her ass to distract me, then she turned around to face me and unzipped her jeans to show her panties. I’m still mad I took the shot before she pulled them down further. That is when I saw her potential to be slutty.

Fast forward some time, I’m out on a Friday and hit up a local spot. There’s at least twenty people from our office in this club that has a little dance floor. You can see the dance floor from almost all of the seating areas. I say what’s up to most of them and then I see Ashley rocking a loose fitting short skirt out on the dance floor. Her husband is there but he’s sitting away from the floor drinking with his friends (idiot). She looks like she’s having a great time dancing by herself though. After a while she spots me and pulls me to the floor. I remind you, her husband is there, as well as a lot people from work. So I keep it professional and maintain distance between us. But she had other plans. She turns and starts shaking her ass while trying to get closer. As a black guy, I’m impressed by her moves. She grabs my right hand with hers so she can pull herself EVEN closer. I’m still maintaining distance between our bodies but I begin feeling like she’s guiding my hand to the front of her body and towards the bottom of the skirt.

And that’s when hubby decides to pay attention to the dance floor and starts charging our way, screaming, “what the fuck is going on?” And yanks her away because he thinks I’m doing something with his wife. I maintain my innocence because I was only dancing and just back away, it wanting to get in a fight. Thankfully his friends intervene and take him outside, most likely home, before a fight started. Her friends pull her to the side and get her some water. After everyone calms down, I go to check on her to see if she’s alright and I see a look in her eye that says she’d like to finish what she started earlier. But that’s a different story.

NSFW: yes

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