My (22M) girlfriend (21F) is a bottle service girl who loves to give the VIP treatment

My girlfriend recently got a job as a bottle service girl at a very trendy nightclub. She basically waits on the VIP tables, serving their drinks personally and giving them the VIP treatment. Usually it’s a group of guys she’s serving, anything from early 20s to 60s.

Most nights she has to wear a low-cut, short tight dress and high heels. One night a month she has to literally wear lingerie, and often there is fancy dress – for example at Halloween a playboy bunny outfit.

As part of her job she dances for the men while serving their drinks, but she often goes the extra mile to make the tips – sitting on their laps, grinding on them and letting them feel her ass and boobs.

Every night she’s working I help her get ready, and when she gets back she tells me everything she did that night. A couple of times I went to the club when she’s been working and watched her from the main area as she’s working the VIP area and entertaining her guests. Seeing my girl dancing for and grinding on a load of banker types before they gave her a enormous tip was such a turn on.

At the start I was super jealous but now I love it. My friends even know about her work and even booked a table and asked specifically for her. Apparently it was worth the VIP price.

NSFW: yes

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