My [20M] Mother in Law [42F] gave me one of the best orgasm of my life

So, I am currently living in my in-laws house. It’s not the fact that i never fucked her, we had few quickies but not a passionate sex. My mom (mother in law) is french and my dad (father in law) is british. My mom is really tanned and completely built for her age.

It started when me and her were just talking in the kitchen, and she suddenly gave me a knee in the balls pretty hard, as i have a ballbusting fetish and she then just tapped my crotch then gave a seductive smile. She proposed on having sex with her. I said it would be cheating to my wife, she told me it is ordinary for a son in law to have sex with his mother in law and for sure my wife would drain my son in law balls if we had a daughter. I agreed to it and she told me to do it in the guest room at 2am. I was like ‘weird but new’

I then met her in the guest room at 2am and she was dressed as a dominatrix for me, as I usually wanted a perfect girl to ballbust me and drain my balls in numerous methods. Anyway, I was rock hard after having a look at my mother in law and she gave me a solid knee in the balls to make me hornier, she then proceeded to bust my balls in several methods like punches, kicks, squeezes, elbows, headbutts.

She threw me in bed and started sucking my dick like a pro to make it hard again after it got limp from her ballbusting assaults. Within a minute i was rock hard for her, she then got my dick between her muscular tits and started jerking them and made up close to climax in about 2 minutes. Surprisingly she left my dick when i was close to orgasm making me brutually frustrated. She told me there are other ways left to show you on how i can make you cum.

She proceeded to give me anal and made my toes curl and made me close to orgasm within 30 seconds. Again, she brought me to the edge and left my dick harder than ever. My mother in law said “I am going to show you how tight my pussy is, your father in law only likes anal and barely fucks my pussy”. After then she had me inside her pussy literally unprotected and riding faster and faster in doggy style while massaging my testicles. I told when i was close, she rode me so hard and i erupted in her pussy literally in 2 minutes. I was shooting ropes of cum in her tight pussy while she was dressed as a dominatrix.

Next day when I woke up completely dressed up next to my mother in law who was wearing ordinary skirt. Then, she told me she had me dressed up as I slept after having sex with her.


NSFW: yes

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