My [20f] friend [22f] allows me to experiment spanking her for the first time. Amy’s Diary pt. 2. True stories of my first lesbian experiences.



This is a series I’m doing where I get to finally confess some of my first experiences with other women. It’s at all times been a secret of mine, and I needed an outlet! I hope you enjoy!

I talked about Shante in a previous story. She was the first girl I ever experimented with, so she holds a very special place in my heart. However, she was not only the first girl I ever kissed or had sex with; she was also the first person I ever tried spanking with.

After years of keeping my attraction for girls hidden, I felt so relieved to discover someone eager to let me experiment. And with that relief, I knew I had someone I didn’t have to fear being judged by.

Although I didn’t go crazy with her, because I was still pretty shy at the time, I got some of my initial experimenting done with her. She was the first girl I got to eat out, the first person to let me suck their nipple(though she wasn’t all that aroused by it), the first girl I ever fingered, and even the first person I had shower sex with.

As amazing as all of that was, none of it compared to the experience I had with her when she allowed me to fulfill my deepest fantasy; spanking. Despite the comfort I had with her, I was a little shy to ask about it. And even though she looked a little surprised as well, she agreed willingly to let me give her a spanking.

“Just tell me how you want to do it,” she said when I initially brought it up. “I’ve had my ass smacked during sex before, but I have a feeling you have something specific in mind.”

I told her exactly how I wanted it done. I wanted to make out with her first, just like we normally did. Then, when the action got hot enough, I wanted to take her over my lap and smack that nice athletic bottom of hers.

As awkward as she might have wondered that sounded, she agreed to it with no problems. She even asked if I wanted her to wear something specific, but I answered, “Just wear what you would normally wear.”

The scene was set and everything had been confirmed, but I was still nervous for some reason. I just didn’t know if this fetish I would play out in real life the way it did in my fantasies.

“What if it’s just awkward?” I ask myself as I made my way to her apartment. “An awkward experience would not only mess up our night, but it might mess up my entire fantasy as well.”

When I got there, Shante was looking as cute as ever. Just like I asked, she didn’t get all dressed up for me. She wasn’t that type of girl anyway, instead choosing to wear a t-shirt and shorts wherever she went.

Much like Shante, I was also wearing athletic clothing. But instead of the little athletic booty shorts she was wearing, I was wearing leggings.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” I asked when we eventually made our way into her bedroom.

“I’m fine with this if you want to try it out.”

“This doesn’t make you uncomfortable, does it?”

“No, I think it’ll be fun,” she said you an encouraging smile. “And if I don’t like it, I’ll let you know.”

“How will I know if you’re just playing a role?” I asked jokingly. “Should we come up with a safe word?”

Then, with a joke of her own, she answered, “The safe word will be, Amy, stop fucking spanking me.”

We laughed together, like we normally did. There was something about being friends first that eliminated the tension and awkwardness from these situations.

Before we knew it, we were sitting on her bed together, making out softly. Apart from the anxiety I felt from attempting my fetish, everything else felt the same. Her lips were soft and even dominated mine a little, but I had a weird sense of adrenaline, knowing I would be the one dominating her nice behind in a few moments.

All the anxiety suddenly disappeared when we started to undress each other. She pulled off my leggings, revealing my rose pink thong. But when I removed her little shorts, something even sexier was revealed; her cotton white panties.

Now I know they’re not everyone’s favorite, but Cotton white panties have at all times been incredibly sexy to me for some reason. Maybe it’s the Innocence they portray. Or maybe it’s the extra embarrassment they bring when somebody sees you wearing them. Whatever it was, it was only amplified by how gorgeous Shante’s hiney looked in them.

The clean white color contrasted so perfectly with her caramel skin. And even though it wasn’t a thong, her athletic bottom made them fit perfectly around her cheeks.

I wanted nothing more than to get right to spanking her, but I knew it was best to savor the moment a little. Instead, I teased myself by running my hands up and down her butter pecan thighs as I slowly took control of the kissing.

I guess something within me had been unleashed because I now felt more confident than ever. And judging by the way she was softly moaning into my mouth, she knew I was ready to make her my prey.

When the moment felt right, and I had her so turned on she I wouldn’t dare withstand me, I took Shante’s fit little body and pulled her over my lap. I was still sitting on the end of the bed, only now, I had a little caramel hottie over my knees in her little white panties.

Before I could even see her reaction, I forced myself into action. Grabbing her by her shiny black hair, I began spanking her ass, popping one cheek at a time through her underwear.

With each smack, my hand landed plush on her juicy booty. Some of the sound was muffled by the material of her panties, but for the portions where skin to skin contact was made, I was getting that loud pop that I had at all times craved.

Finally, I looked up at her face to see the sort of reaction she was giving me. Much to my surprise and my arousal, there was this sexy look of panic in her eyes as she looked back and moaned at me.

I was now fully encouraged to push this dream fantasy even further. With one hand still pulling her long black hair, I use the other to rip down her cotton panties and expose her bubble butt.

It looked perfect with just the right amount of red covering those caramel cheeks. I was left foaming at the house, desperate to get my hands on that ass now that it was fully exposed for my taking.

That popping sound that I craved so much came out much better than I could have ever imagined. With every snack on her ass, I saw the perfect jiggle, proving I could give a good spanking despite my soft little hands.

Shante looked even hotter than before, struggling over my knees as she moaned out from the punishment. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes were shut tight. She couldn’t even mutter any words out as she moaned from the hot spanking she was receiving at the hands of little ole me.

Now that I was in full control of my hot little friend, I was ready to reward her for fulfilling my fantasy by finishing her off. I forced her to her hands and knees and moved her to the center of the bed. There, I got behind her and placed one hand on the small of her back before rubbing her pussy from behind with the other.

Shante was so fucking wet, her juices were dripping down her inner thighs before I even touched her. Then, when my little fingertips found her sensitive clit, her entire body shivered as a loud moan escape her mouth.

After teasing her for so long with my over-the-knee spanking, she was ready for an explosive orgasm. I rubbed her soaking wet pussy from behind as I held her in place, making sure she couldn’t escape me.

There were times I wanted to remind her why the little rub I was giving her felt so amazing. I pulled my hand from her crotch when she was struggling the most to give her another spank on the ass. Every smack was greeted by a hard flinch, followed by a loud gasp. Then I returned my fingers back to her juicy clit and rubbed her down until she couldn’t take it anymore.

At this stage in our friends-with-benefits relationship, Shante and I weren’t the best at making each other orgasm quickly. To be completely honest, there were times we wouldn’t even cum. I guess we just enjoyed doing things to each other regardless of if there was a climactic ending. This time, however, I left Shante with the ending like never before.

I’ll never forget the way her body moved as a sudden orgasm came crashing down on her. Her petite little frame rumbled so hard as her juices came squirting out of her hot little cunt.

I don’t know what came over me, but I started to pat her little pussy, causing her to squirt even harder. I guess in my mind, her little twat deserved a spanking just as much as her ass did.

I rubbed her out, never allowing her to relax until I was done having my fun. But when her breathing got too hard and her moaning just a little too loud, I finally took my foot off the pedal and rubbed her softly until she eventually collapsed onto the mattress.

Like I said before, Shante and I had a way of laughing even through the most awkward moments. However, for the first time in our relationship, it was her that was shy… about the way she acted when I faced her to cum over and over.

“That was really good…” she said, almost as red in on her face as she was on the ass. “Maybe we should add that to our normal routine…”

“Sounds good to me,” I responded, feeling completely fulfilled after finally having my fantasy brought to real life. I gave her one final spank on her nice round ass, causing her to moan. She then gave me that look as if to say, “How dare you,” leaving us both giggling once again.

I hope you enjoyed my story! There’s more to come! I love comments and messages, both positive and negative! Tell me what you think of my story!

NSFW: yes

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