My (19F) First Time with a woman blew my mind

I’m 19, 5ft 2 long curly hazel hair and like to think my best asset is my ass which is difficult to hide in clothes lol. I was just starting my second week of uni. So far I’d been with a few guys in the past year and I enjoyed them but it all the time felt just slightly off like getting a massage with a t-shirt on. I knew I noticed girls maybe more than my other girlfriends but I didn’t really think much of it. This changed one night at a club.

I’d drunk a fair bit more than usual and was at that perfect point of drunk where everything is brighter, the lights, the music the people all just popped more. I’d headed out with a few friends but most were slowly starting to head out, I wasn’t quite ready. I danced with everyone and anyone. I was wearing a fairly skimpy sequin dark purple dress that really showed me off. I’m not usually so into exposing so much of myself but I just felt so free tonight, nothing else mattered. Guys would come up behind me and put their hands on me running them over my body as we danced, grinding into me. I enjoyed their fixation but it wasn’t what I needed tonight so I would slowly dance away from them.

Just as I was beginning to feel like it was time to head out another set of hands brushed my hips, swaying with me. Something about it just felt different. I started to turn my head as their hands pulled me into them. I realised this wasn’t another drunk guy just by the gentleness. It was a woman. The mystery woman whispered in my ear how she’d been watching me dance and had to come over. The whole time she held me she whispered, crooning into my ear everything she wanted to do with me.

I had never felt such a burning heat of arousal for a person. I more than melted at her touch as she caressed her hands over my body. Lingering just long enough over my chest so that it was heaving to an embarrassing extent. I could feel my nipples harden as my want grew. The woman then spun me round and like an willing puppy I leaned in to her. She was stunning, curvy, yet athletic looking in an equally tight almost elastic dress that left little to imagine, her figure led my eyes all over the curves to her long, free-hanging blond hair. She guided my face to hers, her kisses were so controlled, so tentative as if she knew how to turn me crazy for her.

As she held me her hand reached to my ass squeezing just in the right way to lift it slightly to reveal I was wearing a thong. This slight motion made me sigh into her kisses, drawing a knowing smile. I was hers and she knew it…

“Want to come back with me” she moaned into my ear,

“Yes” I breathed…

NSFW: yes

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