My 18 year old sister

It was a got summer day and I (19 male) was sleeping in my bed. My sister is scared of the dark and sleeps next to me. Usually i wear shorts and a T-shirt. Today I was in underwear because it was too hot. I sleep at around 11 and by that time my sister already goes to sleep. I never had any kind of feeling to her except brotherly feelings. She looked really cute and was super attractive. All the guys at her college had a crush on her but were scared of me so they wouldn’t mess with her. It was really hot so she wasn’t wearing the blanket and was in a tank top and a skirt. Her skirt was open and I could see her ass clearly and I could see her black panties. I never really looked at my sisters ass before and didn’t notice how big it was. It was literally perfect shape and my dick started to throb. I had intrusive thoughts to masterbate to her ass but I didn’t let them win and put the blanket on her and fell asleep fairly fast because i was exhausted. I woke up in the middle of the night to a rubbing sensation. She was rubbing her ass on my dick. It was hard as rock and started throbbing. My dick is average size. Its 6.5 in and i never felt it throb like that before. I was still a virgin and never felt this kind of thing. I could feel her touching my abs with one hand and she was fingering herself with the other while she was rubbing my dick with her ass. I could feel her ass all over my lower abs and upper thighs. She did this for a few min. Then she tried pulling my underwear down. I shifted a little bit so she would stop but in my head i wanted it to continue. She stayed still for 2 min or so and then she slowly pulled my underwear down. My dick sprung up and hit her ass pretty hard. She let out a soft gasp. She didn’t move again for a few min and then started touching my penis. She spit in her hand and started giving me a gentle handjob. After a couple of minutes of doing this she puts it against her pussy. She started going back and forth and my dick was the hardest it has ever been. I felt my dick rubbing against her pussy and i had a strong masculine urge to push it in and fuck her hard. But I didn’t and still acted like I was sleeping. She was fingering herself and kept soft moaning. She kept touching my abs and then she got out of bed. She went under the sheets and started to suck my dick slowly. I literally couldn’t control myself and wanted to shove it up her throat. I shifted a little more and she got scared and pretended to sleep again. After a few min she came closer to me and started rubbing my dick against her pussy again. Suddenly she my dick against the entrance to her pussy. I think she was contemplating on whether or not to put it inside or not. She made up her mind and slowly pushed it in. She only went about 1/3 of the way in. My cock is 6 and a half inches long but its thick. She went deeper every time she went back and forth until she put it in all the way. At this point she was full into it and I could feel her whole ass against me. I felt like i was gonna cum inside her and shifted again a little. She got scared again and took my dick out. I turned the other way so she wouldn’t put it back in. I think she understood the risk now and pulled my underwear back up. My dick was still super hard at the wondered of fucking her hard. I had so many scenarios in my head. Fucking her in missionary and doggystyle and every position. I waited like 10 min and woke up to use the bathroom and finished in less than 30 seconds. My cum went everywhere and i never came that much in my whole life. Then i went back to bed. Its been 2 years now and none of us said anything about that incident. I think she suspects that I know but I never told her so our relationship never feels weird. But after that night I constantly had feeling to fuck her and masterbate to those thoughts every now and then.

NSFW: yes

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