Moving out, part II

During the move out I got to be good friends with the family. Philipino family, retired Navy. I took good care of his house and he was grateful. Every time the daughter was around she all the time had on something revealing and flashed me cheeky smiles.
About a month after I moved out there was a delivery of some things that didn’t get forwarded to our new address. I worked out a time with Brian to come by and pick it up.
I showed up at the old place and Brian had texted me, letting me know he wasn’t home but his daughter could help with the packages. I think I instantly got hard.
I rang the doorbell and she answered and ushered me inside. She was wearing tight spandex shirts that barely covered her ass and a loose tank top with no bra underneath. Fuck me I wondered. Her tits jiggling around, hard nipples dancing under her shirt. She noticed what I was distracted by and snapped her fingers in my face. Giggling “your Packages are in the garage” she led me into the garage. “I’m here by myself for a while” she stated, “at least an hour”. She pointed to the workbench and two large boxes from “CHEWY”. She turned and walked towards the boxes and I said fuck it. I smacked her on the ass and took a firm grab of her lovely ass. “Ohh” she let out, freezing in her tracks. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back into me. “That was a very naughty trick you played on me last time I was here(referring to her flashing and teasing me with her dad around. *smack* on her ass again. I reached under her tank top and fondled her breasts. Fucking lovely. She had huge tits and perfect nipples. “Pull your fucking shorts down” I ordered. She obeyed and dropped her tight little shorts to her ankles. What a sight. Her bare ass in the garage in broad daylight. I slapped it a few more times, adding a shade of red to her brown ass. I pushed her over her Car and spread her cheeks. “Mmmmmmm” I moaned “what a sexy little asshole” I knelt and licked her asshole for a bit. Fingering and licking her tiny brown hole. Then I paid all my attention to her pussy. It was dripping. I lapped and licked and fingered her until she came, bent over the hood of her car.
I stood up and dropped my pants. My cock was rock hard and wanted some of this tight 20-year-old pussy. I rubbed the tip of my dick on her pussy and she began to moan. I shoved it inside and buried it balls deep. She let out a loud moan. I slapped her ass and gripped her hips as I began to pound her tight young pussy. Pulling her into me as I thrust deeper inside her. Fuck, she felt amazing. Her moans were so sexy. I began to play with her asshole with my thumb as I fucked her. I spit on her hole then slid my thumb inside. “Mmmmm you like that” I moaned. “Mmm yes, daddy” she cried as I buried my thumb into her ass. I began sliding my thumb In and out of her ass as I fucked her still. “Where’s my thumb baby?” I asked her. “Ohhhhh it’s in my ass Daddy” she replies. “You want more in your ass,” I asked as I pick up the pace and pound her tiny pussy. “Mmm fuck my ass” she begs. With that, I slide out of her pussy and pushed my cock into her ass. She moaned loud and bit her arm to stifle the noise. I paused after the tip disappeared. I admired how sexy my BWC looked sticking in her soft brown ass. The sight made my cock even harder. “Easy baby” I heard her whisper as I slid in a little further. I paused again. Waited a moment for her asshole to relax when she started to back onto my cock. Fuck that was hot, watching her ass glide back into my cock until it was inside her. I gripped her hips again and she began rocking back and forth on my cock. She started going a little harder, throwing it back. “Mmmmm fuck” I let out as she was slapping her ass on my. I slapped her ass hard and grabbed her by the hair. I gripped her hip with my other hand and started fucking that ass hard. I pushed her into the car, hearing the metal buckle as I pounded and pounded. She worked her arm underneath her and was rubbing her clit while I gapped her asshole. I stopped and popped my cock out of her ass and admired the gape. She winked it a few times before I buried it again. I was close to cumming but didn’t want it to end. I popped it out a few more times( if you have never done this while doing anal…I highly recommend it). I gripped her hips with both hands and launched my seed deep into her ass. thrusting deeper with each spurt. She moaned as hot cum filled her insides. I slid my dick out and jerked her shorts up. “I want my cum leaking out of you for hours” I giggled. She turned to me and we kissed for a while. “If I don’t leave now, we going to go for round two” I whispered. She grabbed a marker off the work bench and wrote her snapchat on the box. Message me later. And with that she opened the garage door and I left with my boxes.

NSFW: yes

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