Movie night with my niece part 3 final part

I (33M) hadn’t heard from my niece (18F) in a while, and I wondered about texting her. Maybe she would like to come over and “watch” a movie, but I decided not to. I was worried that I might step over her boundaries.

Amidst my own thoughts she texted me, and I was instantly relieved. I replied “sure”, and wondered that I should change my jeans into a pair of sweatpants in case the last time would repeat itself.

She rang the doorbell 15 min later, she lived close by. I let her in, and wondered that her blouse was a bit low cut. Usually she isn’t one to show off cleavage, but I guess she felt differently that day. I couldn’t tell if she wore a bra or not, but I wouldn’t want to stare, so I just got her a soda.

I found a movie, while she sat down on the couch and started drinking her soda. The movie started and I sat close to her on the couch. I tried to look down her blouse, without her noticing, and I couldn’t see her bra. At some point I realized that I could see the outline of her nipples, so she wasn’t wearing a bra! My dick started to move, and my heart began to pound.

I put my arm around her, and my hand went straight down her blouse to feel her breast. Her nipples started to harden. I looked down her blouse more obviously at my hand fondling her breast. She kept watching the movie, but learned back a little, so my hand could reach further down.

This was usually my cue, so I slid down from the couch on the floor, and she laid down on her back, and turned her head to watch the movie.

I pulled down her pants. And. Lost. My. Shit. Her pussy was shaven. Usually I don’t care if the pussy is shaved or not, it’s not my thing. But she had never been shaved before. This must be the sign I was looking for.

My dick was rock hard and my heart raced even faster. I started to lick her pussy, and put my finger inside her. She let out a careful moan while still watching the movie.

After a bit I wondered “this is it, now i’m doing it”. I pulled down my sweatpants, and licked my way up her stomach to her breast. I grabbed both her breasts, and started sucking her nipples. And then I put my dick inside her wet pussy. My eyes rolled back in my head. It felt so good moving my dick inside her, I couldn’t believe I was doing this. It was so wrong, but felt amazingly good.

She started to moan a bit, and we kissed a little, but she turned her head to watch the movie, while I was working my dick inside of her. I was getting close. Usually I’m a gentleman and wait for the woman to come first, but this was too much for me.

I have no idea if she was on birth control or not. Well I didn’t think I would ever get this far. So I pulled out and came all over her stomach. She turned her head away from the movie to watch me climax all over her. My heart was racing, I was out of breath and for a few seconds I just watched her watching me come.

I got up in something like a haze to get some paper towels to clean her. She continued to watch the movie, while I cleaned her stomach with a sense of shame. I think she was a virgin before this, but I don’t know. I don’t think I was the right one to take her virginity, but she didn’t seem to mind.

As the times before, she got up when the movie ended and went home. We ever spoke about what happened, not in person or via texts. Not long after she moved away from home, and I never saw a movie with her again.

I see her once a year at my son’s birthday party. My son has a large family, and my ex wife’s house is very big. So there are like 25 people, and I am not really a big fan of large birthday parties. But once in a while I catch a glimpse of her looking at me like “yes I know what we did, and I have no remorse”.

I haven’t told anybody about this before, I think maybe I have been afraid of the shame. So this is my shameful confession, even though it’s the naughty sort of shame.

NSFW: yes

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