Motherly Love [FM] Chapter One, Part 1/2

**Note from the author: Hiii, so this ended up MUCH longer than I expected. I wasn’t able to fit the whole chapter in one post, so I’ll add a link in the comments to go to the second chapter. Thanks for reading!**

**Disclaimer: All characters in the story are 18+**

“Oh my fucking god, YES!” I cry out as nine inches of thick, hard cock thrust inside my pussy. I’m on all fours, with my juicy ass pointed up to the ceiling while my breasts press against the soft satin bedsheet. “So fucking deep, Josh, fuck, you’re stretching me so fucking tight. I’m so so so so so close, FUCK YES!” I scream, as the sound of a hand striking my ass echoes across the room. “You like that? Do you like being daddy’s little slut? ” Josh asks, tugging the makeshift ponytail that he made by grabbing a fistful of my thick black hair, forcing me to look up at the ceiling.

“I fucking love it daddy, I love when you fuck my slutty pussy.” I reply breathlessly, my body quivering in anticipation of my orgasm. “Oh yeah, well show me how much you like being daddy’s whore, cum on my cock.” He growls, his hands striking my ass again as he starts fucking me harder.

“Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck, HOLY FUCKING SHIT IM CUMMING!” I scream, my eyes closing shut. I collapse onto the bed as a feeling of sharp ecstasy floods through my body, my knees shaking and my body writhing in pleasure from my orgasm. That’s how we spent most of our days, fucking each other’s brains out. Sure, it wasn’t exactly right, but when confronted with a cock as amazing as his, could anyone even blame me for fucking my son?

How did things manage to end up this way? How did this forbidden ritual begin? How did a loving and caring mother transform into a cock-hungry whore for her son? Well, it all started with a call from my husband.

“Steve, what the fuck do you mean that you have to stay back for a few more weeks?” I ask angrily into the phone. My husband was a lawyer, and a rather successful one at that. However, the downside was that he frequently had to go on work trips. He was currently in Chicago, and had been there for the last four weeks, and now I was getting to know that he’s probably have to stay longer. Right now, calling me livid would downplay just how angry I was.

My husband sheepishly answers, “Honey, you know that I can’t do anything if the company wants me to stay. This merger’s taking a lot longer than we expected, and there’s a ton to work out. You know that I really want to be at home with you and Josh right now, but it’s not in my hands.”

Yeah right. In the two years that we had been married and the three years that we had dated, Josh and Steve had never gotten along. Sure, they bared with each other to make me happy, but I knew that it was just a farce. It was Josh’s first summer back from school, and I had wanted to take this time to make all three of us bond a little more. So much for that plan.

I cut the phone and threw it onto the grey couch which I was currently laying on, and closed my eyes while taking a deep breath. Well, at least Josh was back at home. Getting used to my son coming back home from school took some time, although definitely not as much time as it took for me to get used to his absence. He had changed in many methods; the adorable dorky kid that I was proud to call my child had now blossomed into a strong, handsome young man that any girl would be lucky to have. At the very least, I’d be able to spend some more time with him.

I take a sip from the glass of wine that was kept on the sofa table in front of me, and pick up the remote to turn the TV on to scroll through Netflix. It’s funny how the business that practically created streaming was now going downhill. I had spent about 20 minutes looking through the catalog but still couldn’t discover anything worth watching. I was about to give up my search and rewatch another season of ‘Friends’, when I hear heavy footsteps coming down the stairs.

It was Josh, my son. His jaw was set firmly, teeth clenched within his mouth as he stomped down the stairs, an angry look on his face. “Bear, everything alright?” I ask, slightly worried. Bear was the nickname I had given him when he was a kid because he was borderline obsessed with bears. In fact, at one point, he had like five different stuffed bears. It was a bit dorky, but in an adorable and endearing kind of way. Now, Josh grown up to be a tall man, taller than his birth father, for that matter. So, I suppose the nickname was still applicable in its own, new way.

He hesitates for a second, before lifting his face and looking at me. “Hey mom… Yeah…” He replied slowly. “Just Hanna stuff, had an argument, nothing new” He says, giving me that same same old Josh shrug and half smile, trying to show me that he was alright. It didn’t work on me, of course it wouldn’t. I was his mother for god’s sake.

His eyes dart towards the television and made his way to the other side of the sofa, directly opposite to me, and sat down. “What are you watching? Anything good?” He asks, trying to force a smile as he turns to look at me. My face softens as I watch him sigh and settle down at the end of the couch. I could tell that he was agitated or worried about something, but I knew better than to push him.

“There’s nothing worth watching.” I answer with a sigh, clicking the tv off and setting the remote down on the black sofa table. I was lying on the opposite end of the couch and sat up to face him, my back against against it’s arm and was wearing the grey pajamas that he had gotten me last Christmas, with a matching grey sweater. Sure, it wasn’t exactly the most glamorous of outfits, but hey, it was perfect for lazing around at home. Especially because it meant that I didn’t have to wear a bra at all, which made things a LOT more comfortable. “I don’t know why I pay 20 bucks a month to get nothing but trashy tv shows.” I say with a chuckle, trying to boost his mood.

Josh snickers, “I’ve told you so many times mom, you can just ask me whatever you want and I can pirate it for you.”

“True, buuut I don’t want to end up in a government watchlist.” I retort with a click of my tongue and a smirk, ” Besides, I’m too young to go to the jail.”

He laughs, which I take as a positive sign. “That being said though, honey, is everything alright?” I ask gently. “I know that I’m your mother, which might make it a bit hard, but you don’t need to hold anything back. This is a safe space, Bear.”

I didn’t need to tell that to him, the two of us have at all times been very open with each other. Still, it’s at all times nice to get a reminder that someone cares about you.

Josh opens his mouth, hesitating, before speaking. “It’s kiiind of awkward…” He begins. I raise an eyebrow, and he flashes an apologetic grin to me before continuing. “Well, um, Hanna and I have been dating for like six months now.” My eyes narrow as I hear him mention her name again. Between us, it wasn’t really a secret that I didn’t have a fond comment of Hanna. I’d met her a couple of times, and hadn’t gotten the best of vibes from her. She was clever and beautiful, but to me at least, she seemed like the type of girl who would just date for fun and attention. Of course, I didn’t say anything to him. If Josh really did like her, then it was my job to support him. From what he’s said till now, I’m expecting something serious and I steel myself to make him feel better.Tissues? Check. That old horror movie we used to watch when he were a kid? Check. His favorite grilled sandwiches? Coming right up!And yet, none of that happens, because what he says next is nothing like what I expected. “Annddd, I asked if she wanted to spend the night with me.” He continues, his pale cheeks flushing from embarrassment, making my lips curl up in a smile. I’ve at all times tried to make our home sex-positive, a large reason why I had him so early was because my parents were strict and I didn’t know how to stay safe. As it turned out, he didn’t care for partying or fucking much anyways. He was MUCH tamer than I was at his age, not that I minded of course.He pauses for a second, his mouth hanging open as he struggled to discover the words. “Anddd?” I gently prod him. “She, uh, thought that we weren’t ready yet.” He finishes, fidgeting with his hands as he looks down at the floor.Ouch, yeah I get why he was so hesitant. That must’ve stung. I wouldn’t tell him, but my comment of Hanna had just dropped even lower. Dating for a year and not even going all the way? It sort of felt like she was leading him on. Part of me thought if there was something he wasn’t telling me, but I shook that wondered out of my head. There would be no reason for him to hide anything from me. Josh just looks at me with a sad smile and shrugs his shoulders, “Well, can’t do anything about it. I was honestly thinking of leaving her anyways, we wouldn’t have worked out. It felt like she was holding it over my head the entire time.” He says, and I wasn’t quite sure if he believed his own words.

I hesitate for a second, there’s a very fine line to strike here. I don’t want to spoil his view of Hanna, although I suspect she did that herself, nor do I want my baby boy to be heartbroken. “Baby, I’m so sorry.” I say at first, my eyes trying to find out what he’s thinking. “Bear, you’re completely right to be annoyed. I know some people like to wait, and that’s completely fine, but it’s not right for her to hold it over your head for so long.” I finish, choosing my words as best as I could to stay neutral. Josh stays silent and looks to the floor, an expression of deep wondered on his face. “But hey, plenty of fish in the sea, especially for someone as handsome as you.” I say with a smile, trying to brighten up his mood.

He looks up and flashes me a small smile, before saying, “I tried y’know? I mean… I don’t want to be that guy but I was just trying to be a good man, mom. I waited, I gave her my time and my patience, I was there for her whenever she needed me but it’s almost like she didn’t care. She would say, ‘we need to know each other a little bit more’ or ‘it feels wrong to do anything’, but like, I knew that she was going out to drink and party at least once a week without telling me. I just didn’t know what to do.”

My face softens as I hear him out, Josh had really really liked Hanna and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that she was probably just using him for attention while she fucked around. So, I don’t say anything and instead choose to let him continue.

“Everyone else is having fun, getting laid, while I just sat around on my hands, waiting for her… god, I’m not shallow am I?” He asks, quickly looking up at me with a panicked expression on his face. I shook my head softly, and he let out a sigh of relief. I smile gently at him, and keep silent. It was better to let him vent all of his feelings out.

“I think its’s time I moved on.” He says, shaking his head with a sigh. “I mean, What’s the point trying to be in a serious relationship for so long with a girl that can barely give a handj-”

My eyes widen and my eyebrows raise up in shock as Josh stops dead in his tracks. An awkward silence settles over us as he looks down at his feet.

Talking about Josh’s relationship felt like walking on a tightrope over a pool of sharks, but I was starting to feel like I’d managed it quite well. Well, that wondered flies right out of the window after hearing what he just said. I stay silent for a few moments, appreciating the wonderful paintwork of the wall. There’s an awkward tension that hangs over our heads, the very thing that I hate when it comes to us. When he was born, I promised myself to be as casual and open with you as I could be. I want him to consider me as his friend, not just his mother. So, after a few moments of wondered, I decided to switch from being the “caring and warm” mother to the “cool” mother.

“Well honey, it’s much harder than you think if you’re not experienced. It’s like baking bread without any instructions, sure it’s bread at the end of the day, but it’s not good bread…?” I say awkwardly

Somehow, that just makes everything weirder. We both stay silent for a while, before Josh looks up and into my eyes. At the same time, we both burst into laughter. “For what it’s worth, it took me a little while to nail it down as well, it takes some serious practice though.” I add after our laughter dies down. “And listen to me honey, you’re not shallow at all, it wasn’t right of her to hold it over your head for so long. Hanna’s a remarkable young woman, but I’m sure that there are plenty of girls who you’d get along with better.”

Josh nods, “Sorry – I didn’t meant to say that out mom. It just slipped out of my mouth.” There’s a mortified look in his eyes, which tells me he was telling the truth. “It’s okay baby, I know that you didn’t mean to. I actually would prefer if you thought out loud when it comes to this stuff, I’d rather have an awkward conversation than have you get the wrong answers from somewhere else. If there’s anything else you want to share or talk about, feel free to tell me.” I say warmly.

He nods again, hesitating before speaking, “I-like I said mom, it feels like I’ve missed out on so much. All of my friends have been partying and getting laid, and I dunno, part of me wants to do the same.”

“Baby, I know plenty of people who, for better or worse, didn’t experience much until they were older. Take your Aunt Leah for example, she was a prude throughout college, and now she’s one of the freakiest people I know.” I reply with a chuckle, mentioning my best friend. It was true, Leah was one of the biggest prudes I had known, and yet somehow she turned out even kinkier than me. “Don’t tell her I said that.” I add quickly with a small laugh.

My son’s eyes widen at the mention of his godmother, before chuckling. “Don’t worry, mom, I won’t. I know you’re right but like, I need to do something. Hanna’s gone, so now even those shitty handjobs feel out of my reach. How am I supposed to know what I like or don’t like if I don’t even get the chance to do anything?” He pauses, looking away again before slowly asking, “Mom, how did you end up getting that practice?”

My eyes sparkle with amusement at his question. “Well, honey, I was quite different from you at your age. Your grandparents were pretty strict, and so I slept around as a way of ‘rebelling’.” This is nothing new, we’ve talked about my past in more than one occasion. However, this time around I decide to give him a little bit more detail, “I don’t particularly like giving handjobs, but one of the guys that I was sleeping with loved them, and over time I got pretty good at them.” I finish with a small shrug.

“Damn, Maybe you could sit Hanna down and give her some lessons, lord knows she could use some. Its like she’s trying to strangle a beer-can.” He says with a chuckle, “The slow way, that too.”

“Right Bear, that’s a wonderful idea. Sit my son and his girlfriend down to teach her how to give a handie, that’s a perfect way for all of us to bond isn’t it?” I tease with a small grin on my face. We’d at all times had a fun banter between us, and though this was a little more explicit than what we usually joked about, I had faith that we would keep it under control.

Josh’s flustered by my remark, but in a split second he’s back on his feet. “Anyways, Mrs Kaur, Please tell us more about your illustrious adventures, I’m sure our audience would love to hear about them!”

I roll my eyes, a wide grin on my face, as I laugh. Although I can not deny it’s fun, I am his mom and the stuff I’ve done is something that no son should have to hear his mother talk about. “Well young man, I’d love to talk to you about my sexual escapades, but I suppose there’s not much use if you wouldn’t understand anything.”

Josh’s smile fades away as I mention his lack of experience, and my heart falls back into my chest as he looks back down at his feet. Agh, of course I had messed this up. I quickly try to think of a way that might cheer him up, when he opens his mouth.

“Yeah.. I know, kinda sucks, I wish I wasn’t such a dork. I dunno…” His voice becomes quiet, his eyes glancing up from the floor to my eyes, focusing on them with laser intensity. He pauses “What if… ” I raise my eyebrows at him.

“What if you showed me?”

In an instant, it feels as if the room’s suddenly heated up, almost as if we’re inside a furnace. If my hearing isn’t wrong, then I just heard my son ask me for help jacking him off. The question is asked innocently, quietly voiced, tinged with naïve pretense in such a way that you have enough deniability, although both of us know what you’re really asking.

My first reaction is shock, followed by anger. How could he even ask me for something like this, I’m his fucking mother. Sure, he might be going through something that sucks really really bad, but then again we have our boundaries. This HAS to be a joke, right? Like, there’s no way my son’s asking me to give him a handjob. And yet, despite the raging fire of anger roaring through my head, a tiny voice in my brain speaks up, the same voice that told me to be wary of Hanna.

“You remember what it was like being a horny teenager,” it whispers. “In fact, you know first-hand what it was like dodging your parents just for a bit of harmless fun. And that in the end, that meant you weren’t careful at all, there was of course nobody to teach you. What if the same thing happens to him?”

I focus on my son, studying him as I mull over my reservations. He has an anxious look on his face, no doubt wondering how much trouble he’s in. Good, let him simmer. Treats him right for putting me in such a dangerous position. As I stare at him, I realize just how attractive he’s become. The same messy, black hair that I keep telling him to comb fits his face perfectly, and I’m lost in his gaze.

Even though it’s twisted and just wrong, I get what that voice is saying. Although Josh might not know it right now, he’s a very very handsome young man, and sooner or later he’ll be frustrated enough to do something stupid with a girl. The last thing I want is for him to get taken benefit of, and I definitely don’t want him impregnating somebody. Raising you was the hardest thing I had ever done, and even though I don’t regret it at all, I still sometimes wonder what my life would’ve been like if I had listened to my parents.

“Exactly, you don’t want to put him in the same position that you were in, right? So, why not help him out a bit? You don’t have to fuck him or give him head, but an occasional handjob does seem like a fair price to pay in order to keep him safe.” It whispers, coaxing me into A rush of emotions crash through my head as I consider all the facts. There’s no way to make sure that he’ll be able to stay safe, but I can prepare him. After all, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 18 years and it’s done pretty well so far. Besides, that nagging voice was right about Hanna, and that had to count for something, right?

After spending what feels like an eternity in my head, I decide to leave it on him, maybe he actually was joking around and we can just brush this under the rug, something that’s never gonna be spoken of again. That would be the best case scenario here. “Or maybe he’s being serious, and really does want his mother to help him out.” The voice whispers.

Well, there’s only really one way to understand. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, before opening them and shakily asking, “Josh, are you really sure that you want this?”

I watch as a blur of emotions rush through my son’s face. He’s at all times been expressive, and now I can see the same inner battle that’s going on inside me play out on his face in real time. I’m kind of relieved that he’s just as indecisive as I am. I don’t know why, but that little voice is growing stronger inside my head. I hate myself for it, but part of me wants you to confirm it.

I’m snapped out of my trance when Josh clears his throat quietly. I watch as he takes a slow deep breath before, replying, “I’m sure mom, I mean… how else will I learn? You’ve taught me everything else, hell you’re the best teacher I know.” He hesitates for a few seconds, before continuing, “But it’s completely fine if you don’t want to, I suppose I’m the crazy one here.” He says with a small smile.

UGH, that boy knows exactly how to get into my heart. My eyes narrow as I absorb his words. Although he’s trying to keep himself under control, his heavy breaths and wide eyes show that he’s pissing himself with fear, just as scared as I am. I bite my lip thoughtfully as I consider what he says. It’s almost as if his words strike the core of my very soul.

That voice in the back of my head triumphantly laughs as it’s validated, yet again. I push it down and think for a few minutes, letting the tension simmer over us to see if Josh really does mean what you say. Of course, we both know that it’s a shaky test at best. Now that you’ve said it out loud, there’s no doubt about what you want.

After a small sigh, I nod. His words do have truth in them, and the best course of action would be telling him what’s right and what’s not. Besides, even though I hate to admit it, an occasional handjob is a reasonable price to keep you safe.

“Alright, young man,” I say shakily, “We can’t do this with your clothes on. I’m gonna close my eyes and let you strip. Just let me know when you’re done, honey.” Josh nods and stands up. Although I was really doing this, I didn’t want to actually see him get undressed. Sure, maybe its hypocrisy, but I suppose you can not blame me in this position. Maybe next time I’d be more comfortable with my son undressing in front of me. Next time, those words echo through my mind as I close my eyes.

A billion thoughts rush through my brain as I wait for Josh to undress. I’m not sure what I’m feeling, part of me is ashamed and worried. He’s my son, and I’m about to see him naked. Worse, I’m about to give him a handjob, the very son I gave birth to. However, in spite of myself, my excitement and anticipation is growing. Adrenaline intermingles with excitement at the prospect of a door that never opens doing exactly the opposite, and I try not to think about the possibilities. That primal, more reckless part of me is curious about what exactly waits behind the proverbial door. Thankfully, your voice saves me from your thoughts.

“I’m ready, Mom.”

I take a deep, long breath before opening my eyes, and floors me. Josh, my son, is sitting at the same place he was earlier, albeit with one small change. He’s completely nude.

I had known that he was quite a looker, but I hadn’t ever imagined that he would this… sexy. Fuck, even saying that sounds odd, but the label fits him right now. He resembles a stronger, more muscular version of his birth father. His messy black hair go amazingly well with his face, complimenting his sharp jawline. My eyes take in his sight and then slowly make their way downwards down to where your abdomen is. I’m impressed by how fit he is, his six pack abs accentuating his athletic figure. I bite my lip and look a little bit lower, and I’m shocked for the third time tonight.

In his lap, is what must be the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Even though it’s not fully hard, it’s still bigger than Steve’s, who’s impressive in his own right. It’s the sort of dick that even a pornstar would feel jealous of. To call it huge would be an understatement. His cock’s probably the largest I’ve ever seen in person, and while I can try to describe it in a million methods, the only word that comes to mind is “monstrous.”. It’s impossibly big, almost stretching three-fourths of the way up my forearm. And it doesn’t fall short on girth either, being thicker than my wrist and a good portion of my arm. Jesus Fucking Christ, how the fuck did I make this, I think to myself as I lick my lips.

Josh, bless his heart, is looking quite anxious right now. “I-Is everything alright?” He asks shakily. I can empathize with him for being so nervous, after all, it’s not everyday that your mother is staring at your naked body.

My gaze flickers back up to his eyes, my lips curling up into a smile. I haven’t even touched his cock, and yet, I already know that it’s gonna be nearly impossible to control myself. I nod slowly, my gaze shifting back down to the monster that’s between his legs right now. His cock is white, only a small shade darker than the rest of his skin, and I wonder how it would look against my brown skin.

Josh’s about to say something else, but he shuts his mouth as he watches me adjust my position. It’s almost as my body moves itself, attracted by the visage in front of me. I lean forwards and get onto all fours, before slowly crawling towards him, my breasts swaying underneath my sweater as I stare at his cock. I hear him gasp softly as I approach him, and a small smirk forms on my lips. Huh, guess I still have it after all.

I stop when I’m right next to him, and look up into his face, while biting my lip. I don’t say anything, instead letting my eyes do the talking. The room is completely silent right now, almost as if time has stopped, and the only thing that we’re aware of is each other’s bodies. As I stare into my son’s eyes, my hand slowly moves towards his cock. A shiver passes through my body as my fingers brush against his shaft and I close my eyes to take a deep breath, before slowly wrapping my hands around your meat. The moment I take hold of it, your cock throbs from the presence of my hand, and starts swelling up immediately. I open my eyes and stare into his, not quite sure what to say. “Is this alright, baby?” I ask, somewhat hesitantly as I gently squeeze his meat.

It’s almost as if Josh is paralyzed by my touch, his thighs tensing as he breaths heavily. “Y-Yeah, it is.” He stutters, his eyes not daring to move away from mine.

I chuckle at his words, “Mhmmm, I thought so baby.” I say as, in spite of myself, the corner of my lip curls up into a small smirk. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve given a handjob, and I’m proud to see that I can bring out that sort of reaction from someone, even if that person is my son.

I settle down right next to him so that I’m on my knees, my head just a few inches from his. I look down once again and squeeze the silky soft skin of your shaft, causing him to gasp again. “Fuck that’s…good.” He whispers, causing me to smile again.

His little trembles and moans are adorable, and part of me wonders about the noises that he’d make if I decided to take the tip of his cock inside my mouth. No, that’s too far, I think to myself as my hand gives your cock a small, tentative stroke. At that moment I realize the irony of the statement and chuckle wryly. Here I am, stroking my son’s wonderfully swollen cock, and yet I think giving a blowjob is too far. Fuck, I wish his cock was smaller, that way I wouldn’t have to deal with those pesky intrusive thoughts. My lithe, brown fingers look almost tiny in comparison to my son’s cock, and only once they amble down his full length can I comprehend just how large my son is.

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