Morning sex

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A few days ago I (M42) woke up to my wife (F35) stroking my cock and balls. I was already hard with morning wood as she stroked my balls then proceeded to suck on the tip of my cock. She teased me for a few minutes before swallowing the length of my shaft and positioning herself so I could slide a hand into her panties.

She was soaking wet as I slipped a finger inside her, sliding it back out and across her clit. I managed to get a finger of one hand inside her while I rubbed her clit with my other hand, always she’s sucking and moaning on my cock. The vibrations of her moaning almost made me cum there and then but I held off until she came first. I then shot my load down her throat.

Sorry this isn’t super detailed and built up, but my question is this, is morning sex really all it’s cracked up to be?

I know lots of people enjoy it, being woken up like this is great. However, all I could think during the whole thing is that I’ve just woken up, I’m groggy as hell, my mouth tastes like crap and I REALLY need to pee.

Am I missing something that would make the experience more enjoyable?

I know I could get up, wash to feel fresh, brush my teeth and take a leak before going back to bed. But doesn’t this just take away from the spontaneity of the whole thing?

NSFW: yes

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