More Than One Hole

Friday Night game night was upon us and we were switching things up tonight by going out for a game of golf with a new couple at a local Top Golf. I arrived at home quickly walking in to grab a shower before being picked up at 5. My wife Sandra, just getting out of the shower as I entered; Water dripping down her beautifully naked body and on to the floor as she wraps up in a towel. I gave a her a quick squeeze and a kiss on the lips before jumping in the shower.

After a quick wash up we began to get dressed, each in some nice jeans, she puts on a low cut top while I decide on a nice polo. Neither of us had been to this place before but we were excited for a night of new experiences and connections. As we were gathering our things and putting on our shoes we could hear the sound of a car engine pull up. “They’re here”, my wife said as she walked towards the door.

Jason is tall with short black hair a short beard and a football create, Chelsea has long black hair, slightly tall with great legs and a cute butt. Both are familiar faces from numerous trips. Tonight we were heading out with them just the 4 of us.

Arriving at the golf facility we parked and got out. Walking behind Chelsea had me eyeing her nice tight ass in leather pants and a crop top. From the day I saw her she’s caught my attention almost shy at first glance but a playful personality once she gets comfortable. For Sandra Jason was at all times fun and flirty she has at all times had a thing for taller guys with an authority stature. As we played a few rounds it was clear we were a good date night out with similar interests. As we got to know each other a little more it was clear that we had also peaked their interest when we all first met. Jason talked about how Sandra’s ass kept his attention at the first party and Chelsea liked my skills around cocktails and humor.

As night went on and the conversations got deeper we continued to explore our depths of relationship intimacy all the while trying to tackle hitting golf balls and keeping score. Sandra seemed to get playful with both Jason and Chelsea. Her eyes focusing on the two I can tell she’s really getting into them. We had discussed playing with another couple before, could this be the opportunity we had been hoping for?

Finishing up we had to check out. The ladies went to the restroom as we took care of the bill. Jason looked over at me and said, Your wife sure is something. “Thanks!” I replied, “she’s definitely a great time.” I noticed his eyes lifted a bit. The ladies walked back. Sandra said, “ok let’s go back to our place we can put together some more drinks and maybe a card game.” Jason and Chelsea responded with, “We’d love to that sounds like a great idea.”

Arriving at the house we all four walked in. Sandra walked by all the windows and shut the blinds as Chelsea and Jason made their way in the kitchen. ‘How about a couple drinks?” I asked, “Sure! They replied. I pulled our some mixes and began making the girls a cocktail and pouring Jason and I a whiskey glass. Sandra pulls out some cards to start more discussions. A few of the cards were fairly mild talking about places youve had sex or your favorite position, but then she hit some interesting ones.”Have you ever made out with anyone other than your spouse?, hands raise. Curious we all looked around. Next card; Have you ever thought of anyone in this room sexually? Laughter started. “Yes” everyone answers. What do you do in public Noone would suspect. As Jason looks at Chelsea they smile. She says, “does not wearing underwear count?” My eyes widened. “Definitely” I said. Just then I see Sandra removing her bra from under her shirt. Jason doesn’t notice. She quickly says how about no bra? And with a flip of her top exposes her lovely tits with hard erect nipples.. Without hesitation they Jason and Chelseas eyes lit up. She quickly returns her shirt with a mischief smirk.

“Now whose ready for the hot tub?, she purposed, as she gets up from the table. Jason says, “We didn’t exactly bring our suit?” “Who said anything about suit?” Sandra replies as she pulls off her top while walking to the back door. I follow her pulling my shirt off aswell. Jason and Chelsea both look at each other with surprise as they too move close to the door. Sandra opens the sliding door bends over and slowly pulls her jeans and underwater over her butt exposing her nice round ass to all of us. Dropping them to the floor she steps out and walks to the tub to get in. Just as excited and anxious I drop my jeans and underwear aswell joining her.

Sitting with her in the tub we watch Jason and Chealsea move in front of the door. Chelsea pulls off her top exposing her nice silk bra. Jason unbuttoned the bra as she removes it from the fron. New exposed a gorgeous set of boobs with nice larger nipples are in fine view. She slides down her leather pants. I cannot help but notice her clean shaven pussy revealed as she steps towards the tub and slips in. Jason’s next as he strips down. I catch Sandra’s eyes focusing on his half erect penis as it pops out over his boxers as he slides them down to his ankles. Jason walks over and slids in. The water overflows as we all laugh at how much this online purchased tub can hold.

With the couples sitting across one another hands begin to wonder as we discuss the possibility of open relationships around marriage. There’s a since of calmness to be exposed and vulnerable with a trustworthy group. I grab Chelsea’s foot as I begin to massage her legs and feet. She seems to enjoy the gentle touch of my hands as they glide up her legs and add pressure to the bottoms of her feet. Sandra slides closer to Jason as he rubs her neck. She loves for anyone to play with her neck and behind her ear. As Sandra finishes her drink, Jason is not far behind. My eyes wandering to curves and softness of Chelsea’s body. How I would love to slip a couple fingers inbetween her legs to feel what her bare pussy feels like.

With a graceful spin Sandra makes the first move. She’s at all times been one to take charge. She swiftly moves her legs around and sits on top of Jason straddling him with her naked body as she begins to kiss him. Her wet exposed tits pressing up against his chest. My heart starts to race, I feel my penis begin to extend and throb. Seeing my wife forcefully throw herself onto another man was a unique turn on. A gentle hand begins to caress my my leg, its Chelsea. Turning towards me touching my almost erect member giving it a grazing rub as I lean in her exposed hard nipple right within reach of my mouth. I begin kissing and licking tracing her breasts with my tounge. The hottub was now filled with two lustful couples looking to enjoy one another.

Sandra sits back, ” lets take this party inside shall we?” Agreeing; We all stand up and dry off. I covered up the tub as the others went inside. Chelsea stepped off to the restroom while the other two headed for the bed. Music began to play and the lights were dimmed. An old highschool soundtrack with R&B began to fill the room. We’ve at all times loved making love to bedroom music. I walked toward the glass door watching as Jason lay Sandra down on our bed. He kneals down; His head between her thighs. She arcs back, her mouth opening as if it’s the first time she’s been kissed. This hot vision of my wife being pleasured excited me more than anticipated. I walk in. Chealsea turning the corner. We locked eyes as I walked closer to her. A seductive and confident look in her eyes. I grabbed her pulling her tight as I kissed her lips and explored her body with my hands. Her ass still damp from the tub as my hands glided around her gorgeous figure.

Behind us we hear “Oh mhhm” as Jason continues his rythem on Sandra’s wet clit. We turned watching her clinch the side of the bed and wrapping her legs around his head pulling him in tighter.

Turning, I guided Chelsea to the bed. I spun her around and laid her on her back with her legs propped up. Widening as I pulled her legs aside revealing her wet pink pussy longing for attention. As I knelt down I noticed Sandra’s hands starting to wonder up to Chelsea. She’s at all times had a thing for exploring with women and tonight just maybe that night. As you can imagine I couldn’t be harder trying to vision my wife being leg locked with another gorgeous woman.

I lower down to Chelsea’s clit and pressed my tongue tight against her warm slit. I can feel her grabbing the sheets as I continue to lick the inside of her clit. She gasps for a short breath. With the music flowing in the room our rythem continues to increase. Grabbing her behind the hips I pull her close pushing my tounge deep inside her tasting her with each thrust.

Jason picks Sandra up and spins her around on the bed. He walks away grabbing the condoms from his bag. Sandra crawls over and starts kissing Chelsea. I stood up, also walking to grab a condem as the two girls continue to lock lips. Jason and I watch as both girls get into a top-bottom position. Sandra splitting between Chelsea’s legs pinning her to the bed as she begins to kiss her neck and breasts. The view of two gorgeous women sensually pleasingly one another was captivating. Sandra lowers her head between Chelsea’s legs kissing and lickinging gently, her hands wandering up each thigh. With one hand she brushes the inside of her thigh continuing up to pussy. With little hesitation she slides a finger in massaging the sides of her lips. Chelsea motions for Jason to walk over. Grabbing his hard cock in one hand, stroking as Sandra continues to please her first female.

Switching positions Sandra lays back on the bed. Chelsea immediately pressing her tongue down to Sandra’s Clit. “Oh I like that!” Sandra says as she arches her back. Readjusting, she says, “come here you two,” staring over at Jason and I. We both kneal on each side of the bed. She grabs both cocks giving them a good tug closer to her mouth. Watching as she takes Jason, she continues to thrust her hand on mine. Switching back and forth she takes mine and sucks 2 or 3 times while stroking his. She then takes both bouncing them on her tounge with her mouth open. I look down at Chelsea fingering Sandra’s pussy as she takes both of us in her mouth.

I stand up reached for Chelsea and positioning her on her back as I removed and slid on the condom. Jason pulls Sandra up off the bed and bends her over. At just that moment “my mind is telling me no, but my body.. my body is telling me yes”… plays over the speaker. The room erupts in laughter at the perfect timing of a classic song during a very intimate moment.

Gathering our composure we start to continue where we left off. Putting in the condom I watched as Jason slid into Sandra. She looks up and me. The look of trust and consent on my face told her everything. She begins to feel him push deeper inside of her. Chelsea looks up at me as I pull her hips close slipping the head of my cock into her pussy. Feeling her warm clit clinch every inch of my cock as I slid in. She looks over at Jason accepting her fate as I start to push deeper thrusting slowly. Her hands digging in my back begging for more. Listening to the hot moans of my wife getting railed. “Yes, I like that, she says, Harder!,” My mind racing I pull out and flip Chelsea over. Sandra tells Jason to switch positions laying him on the bed. She straddles him, taking his cock and pushing it back inside of her. I look over, we lock eyes. She leans in to kiss me then continues to shift her hips back and forth. Jason clinching the sheets. His wife looking at him as I grab her hips and pull her closer to me pumping harder and deep inside her. Sandra begins to thrust her hips harder back and forth grabbing his chest as she takes control. Jason’s breathing increases as he finds himself loosing control. Finally he grabs her hips in a squeeze as he releases finishing in her. She continues to ride him harder. I watch in anticipation as she begins to climax. I give Chelsea a few more deep thrusts as the sound of my fully pleasured wife spark an intense erection. That intense wave of orgasm passing through me, “Oh fuck yes,” as I cum. Chelsea clinching the bed as she enjoys the last orgasm. slowly I pull out leaning down to kiss her back as a generous thank you.

A loud smack is heard, “Whap!” Smacking her ass as I move around her to lay down. Jason walks out of tge room to clean up. Sandra crawls over and kisses me on the lips then switches back to Chelsea also giving her a kiss just before nuzzling in between us. Jason walks in and lays down beside Chelsea. A slight pause as everyone catches their breath.

Jokeingky I said, “I’ve never been rewarded so well for a bad game of golf.” I cannot wait for the next round. They all laugh as we lay there together feeling completely satisfied and exhausted.

NSFW: yes

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