More than 1 type of ride

Around 2015 one of my friends use to work the night shift at a mental hospital and didn’t have a car so he would need rides there and back. I was one of the few who were eager to give him rides. I would show up a few hours before his shift and we would hangout and smoke and play games or watch tv, alot of times the two of us and his girlfriend would play Diablo 3 and smoke dabs.

I would take him to work and then go home and pick him up in the morning. After a while he said I could at all times crash at his place cuz it was closer and it would save me gas. They lived in a 1bedroom apartment and the bedroom was used as a guest room while their bed was in the living room. For some reason the bathroom was attached to the bedroom so you had to walk through it to use the bathroom.

His girlfriend was a classic Homie Hopper. He was the 3rd guy out of the group she had/was dating, so the two of us had known eachother for a while at this point. She slept naked alot and when she would need to use the bathroom she had no issue cutting through the room naked and I’m a light sleeper so I would wake up whenever someone needed to come in, so I saw her naked multiple times.

One night after I got back from takin him to work the two of us drank and smoked while we finished a movie. A scene came uo where a guy got some head and we started talking about it. She mentioned how whenever she gives head she can get the guy to cum pretty fast and I said that when it comes to blowjobs I can hold out for a long while. Idk if she took that as a challenge but apparently that’s all that needed to be said. Before I knew it she was on her knees between my legs with my cock down her throat.

She didn’t just suck dick. She slobbered all over my cock and gagged herself on it, she basically face fucked herself on my cock. She would smack it against her face and stroke it while she sucked my balls. It didn’t take me long to find out why guys would cum quick with her. But she made a mistake with me, she decided to suck my cock while I was already half drunk, and I’ve never came from a blowjob while drunk, they at all times get tired and give up and let me fuck them instead.

Not sure how much time passed, whether it was 10 minutes or if it was 30, but she stopped and jokingly complained that she was working her jaw and not getting anything in return. I took the hint and laid back and she climbed on top and sat on my face and we 69ed. She went even harder on sucking my cock, trying to get her reward. She got me close to cumming but then stopped, I don’t think she realized how close I got. She admitted I was a hard nut to crack and before I knew it she had turned around and was slidding me into her pussy. She started bouncing on my cock saying that she’s going to get my cum no matter what, only rule was that I had to cum on her face. I grabbed her and flipped over and power fucked her hard and deep. Since I was already close to cumming it didn’t take long before I was about to cum. She slipped to her knees and kept sayin to cum all over her face and she got exactly what she wanted. I unloaded a nice thick load on her face and she loved it. It became kinda a ritual that I would take my buddy to work then go back to his place and give his girlfriend a facial. They eventually broke up but not before I had given her a dozen facials.

NSFW: yes

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