Monster Office: Kuri the Fox. [M23xF32][monster Girl][Kitsune][tailjob][femdom][insults][light degredation][musk crazy][facial][cum on tits][cowgirl][creampie]

I was rushing to the office, Danica said that something big was about to go down and she needed all hands on deck.

I ran into the foyer, dressed in my ordinary company casual suit. The front desk guard had a worried look on his face. Normally he would be leaned back, reading something taking a nap. But he was all too attentive.

I rode the elevator up to the fourth floor. The office was in complete chaos, everyone was working furiously on their computers. I nervously walked toward Danica’s office and stepped inside.

Danica was at her kotatsu, typing on a laptop while writing on a pad of paper. It was as impressive as it was terrifying.

She looked up for the briefest of moments. Her eyes were shallow with exhaustion.

“Good you’re here.” she said flatly. “Sit, we have a problem.”

I took a seat at the small heated table and waited patiently.

“Micheal, I need your help with something.”

“Anything Danni, what’s wrong?”

“We’ve got one of the big wigs from the corporate office coming down today. We’re not exactly ready for her to go over the books.”


“So I need you to take her to lunch, distract her for just an hour or two so we can make everything look good.”

“Seems simple enough.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “Good,” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a sleek black metal debit card. “Here’s my bank card, wherever she wants to go or get, you get it for her.”

I took the hefty card. “What’s the pin?”

“Eight double zero eight.”


After that, I left her office and took the elevator back down to the foyer. As soon as the elevator opened. I think I found who I’m supposed to take out.

She was a tall woman in a clever black suit. A red and orange fluffy fox tail swished behind her with every step. Her head of long, gorgeous orange hair had a set of twitching fox ears upon them. She had a stern face hidden behind a pair of coke-bottle glasses. Her high heels clicked with every step she took toward me.

“You must be Michael?” she said, extending her hand.

I took her grip into my own. “Yes ma’am. And you are?”

“Kuri, CFO of Luminous industries. I’m here to do a little inspection of your office, make sure everything is on the tip top.”

“Sounds good, but before that, want to grab some lunch?”

She let out an audible laugh. “Danica put you up to this? Every year.”

“I’m guessing this isn’t the first time?”

“God’s no. Danica’s a sweet girl, and she does great work, but every year I come down she forgets to get everything put together for me.”

I laughed a little. “She’s a bit of an airhead.”

“Anyway, let’s get some food, I’m starving. I know a great little bistro down the way.”

“Sounds good.”

We left the building and began walking down the street toward a quaint little restaurant. It was a fifties-style diner with large windows revealing the linoleum-lined checkered floor and red polyester chairs and steel tables.

We walked in and the door dinged a little bell. A large Greek man behind the counter looked up with a jolly smile.

“Kuri! It’s been too long. This the new boyfriend?”

“Arturo,” Kuri snapped playfully. “No, he’s just a work friend. Get us two sandwiches, why don’t ya.”

“Sounds good boss.” He started working on frying something behind the counter.

We took a seat at a booth and waited.

“So Michael, I’ve heard a lot about you and the work you do for our company.”

“Uh, what exactly have you heard?”

She laughed a little. “I’ve heard plenty, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it for myself.”

I swallowed. Arturo brought over two porcelain plates with two phillies. We made small talk and ate. Kuri was a nice gal, you’d think being in such a high place she’d be much more awful.

After we ate, we left the restaurant and headed back to the office.

“So, what other plans do you have today?” she asked.

“Uh well, other than distracting you, not much. Wasn’t even supposed to work today.”

“Well, wanna distract me some more?” She swished her tail back and forth.

I laughed. “What do you mean?”

“I told you I wanna see what you do for the company.”

She led me over to her car, a sporty two-door with an open roof. We climbed in and she began to drive off.

She drove for a bit until we reached a posh five-star hotel.

“Swanky” I said.

“Company set it up for me, told me I didn’t need it, but might as well use it right?”


She pulled around the front and put the car in park. She got out and nodded to a bored-looking valet. He took the car and drove it to park.

We walked through the automatic doors into a lush foyer. Kuri gave a wink to the attendant. After a brief conversation and telling the attendant she would be leaving tomorrow. After all was said and done we walked past the ordinary elevators and to a VIP elevator in the corner. She pressed a black key card to the interface and the silver doors opened. We stepped in and the doors closed behind us.

Immediately she dropped to her knees and began working on my belt.

“What the…?”

“Oh shuddup and enjoy it, I’ve been smelling your musk all day and it’s got me feeling a certain way.”

She eventually got the belt off and slipped my pants down my legs. My cock flopped out as she pulled my underwear down.

She put her nose against the shaft, her hot breaths felt good. She rubbed her soft nose up and down, taking in my smell.

“It smells wonderful, so strong, so powerful.”

The words combined with her tiny soft movements shot my cock into a raging erection.

She slipped her tongue out and began dragging the moist tip along the bottom from base to tip.

“It’s disgusting, salty, god I love it.” she began licking in earnest, sending waves of pleasure rocking through me. She got to the very tip and began rolling it around the head. She began bobbing her head down my shaft. Her soft mouth enveloped me all the way down to the very base.

She popped off with a deep sigh. Her cheeks were flushed and spit dripped down from her mouth.

“It’s so fucking delicious. The musk tastes so wonderful.” she leaned back as her tail fluttered around. Her tail lifted up and wrapped its soft orange bristles around my shaft. It was surprisingly strong, able to grip my cock with ease.

She licked her lips As her tail played on my sensitive member.

“Cover me in your delicious musk, you disgusting human.” I felt warm as her tail’s fur glowed slightly. A magical orange feeling spread through me. I felt a powerful orgasm flow through me as my cock began to shake and shoot out a thick blast of semen shot out, covering her smiling face and her company suit.

She let me go and just sat there, enjoying the feeling. Her eyes seemed drunk.

“The musk, I love it, the manly smell of a disgusting man’s cum. I can’t get enough.”

She grabbed her blazer and ripped it open, sending the buttons flying. Her tiny tits and pale body were a sight to behold. She pulled herself up, swaying back and forth.

“I need your disgusting seed inside me, I need you to Mark me with your musk, I need you to make me yours.”

She grabbed my shirt and pulled me out of the elevator. She dragged me into her luxury apartment and over to the long leather couch. She tore off the rest of her clothes, revealing her slim pale body in its full glory.

She pushed me down on it and fell onto me, straddling my hips.she grabbed my suit and ripped it open. She was in a frenzy as she dipped down and kissed me hard. I could taste myself on her. She pulled away. Her eyes were crazed with lust.

She positioned herself above my erection. Her moist entrance pressed agonizingly against my cockhead.

“I want inside, I want that disgusting cock in my perfect little pussy. I want you to spoil me human. I want you to ruin me.”

At that, she slammed her hips down. Enveloping my cock in her tight nethers. It was something that felt magical. Her muscles tightened at the tip, massaging me as she began bouncing up and down.

Her love-drunk eyes focused on me. She smiled a toothy smile.

“It’s in.” she moaned. “Your filthy human cock is inside me.”

Her body convulsed in orgasm. She moaned loudly. She braced herself in my shoulder, digging her sharp nails into my shoulders. I could feel a small tinge of warm liquid seep out.

She began wildly bucking her hips against my cock, smashing herself against me.

“Cum cum cum, I need your filthy human cum in me, I want you to breed me human. I want you to make me pregnant with your filthy human spawn. Fill my womb, ruin meeeeeee.” she screamed. Her pussy gushed with a large stream of liquid, covering my chest.

The pleasure of her convulsing pussy was too much for me and I began shooting another gigantic load deep into her womb.

She pulled me close, digging her claws into my back and scratching me hard.

She sat there, breathing hard as my cum leaked out of her and onto the couch.

She lifted her head. “Ready to be a daddy?” she whispered.

Oh, fuck.

“I’m kidding sweetheart, I’m on the pill.”

She slumped off and laid down on the couch next to me.

“Sorry about all that, heat makes me crazy

I waved it off. “It was kind of hot.”

After our little rendezvous, she made a call to the head office to give her report. She called Danica and handed me the phone.

“Yes miss Kuri?” she said.

“It’s just me Danni, I don’t think Kuri is gonna make it to the office today. She’s kinda tuckered out.”

She laughed. “Management has a way of fucking the little guys huh?”

“Not that sly am I?”

“Sweetie, I’m starting to think you’ve got a magic cock.”

I laughed.

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