Mommy arranges for her 18y/o daughter to be bred – Short Sex Story

Her mother’s hands were held tight over Kaley’s eyes as she was shepherded blindly into the room.

The wedding ring on her mother’s finger dug uncomfortably into her eyelid, but she didn’t say anything. “Just a few more steps,” said her mother in her ear. There was excitement in her voice. “You ready?”

“I’m ready.” The hands parted and Kaley was bathed in light.

“What do you think? Do you love it?” Her mother’s hands were clasped together and there was a enormous smile on her face. It was clear she loved it.

“Oh Mommy…” Her voice trembled. The room was almost entirely *white*. The bed, the furniture, the panelled walls, even the thick, fluffy carpet. The high ceiling and tall windows gave it a grand quality and an almost unnatural sense of lightness. It was the largest bedroom in her parent’s house, and had until recently been the master bedroom, where Kaley’s mother and father slept. They had moved to one of the several smaller rooms, and both Kaley and her mother knew it was hugely a significant and symbolic gesture for this particular room to have been given over for this particular purpose.

“I wanted it to be perfect,” said her mother, looking around the room herself in satisfaction.

“It is perfect,” said Kaley. She stepped through the room in fascination and delight, her long lacey, white dress fluttering behind her on the gentle breeze from the window.

Apart from the overwhelming whiteness, the unusual thing about this bedroom was that the bed was not positioned against the wall, but in the very centre of the room. There was no headboard, no duvet, just a crisp white sheet and some perfectly arranged, freshly plumped white pillows.

Kaley trailed her fingers delicately along the mattress. Her heart was racing and she felt tears welling in her eyes. She felt her mother’s on top of hers and she looked up to meet her gaze. There were tears in her eyes too and they both smiled.

Because they both knew, that today was gonna be the happiest day of both of their lives. A day that Kaley’s mother had been planning and preparing and anticipating for years.

Today, Kaley was gonna meet the man that her mother had picked out for her, after years of searching and vetting.

And that man, was gonna lay her down on that bed, fill her with his virile seed and give her mother the granddaughter she’s at all times dreamed of…




This is just the setup to a much longer scene that I want to write, but I had so much just teasing what’s gonna come that I wanted to distribute it. Would love to know if anyone would be into reading the whole thing. And if anyone wants to chat about it, hit me up!

NSFW: yes

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