Mom and Sister – Same Day

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This summer my mom April (49), my sister Amy (21) and I (20) went camping together. This was the annual trip we took as a family.

At this point, my mom did not know that Amy and I had hooked up, and I had not told Amy what happened with mom and I on the cruise.

The plan was a week together hiking in some of our favorite spots up north.

The campground had a set of showers. Every morning there was a line for the four stalls that were available. It was the third day there my fun began.

I was hoping to get to the showers early and beat the line, but so was everybody else, including mom. I stood with her in line as others filed in behind us.

When a stall finally opened up, mom grabbed my hand. “Come in with me, I am only washing my hair and will be quick.”

We went in together. The stall was a rectangular space cut in half with a flimsy shower curtain. There are hooks on the wall and a small one seat bench. Mom hung up her stuff before stripping down and heading into the shower side.

The shower curtain left a lot to be desired as a divider. I stripped and watched my mom shower. I sat on that little bench with my cock in my hand.

We were chatting the whole time, but since she was washing her hair she couldn’t see the perverted deed I was doing.

She finished rinsing and told me I was up. She left the water running and slid the curtain open to discover me sitting there with my cock in my hand.

“What are you doing,” she said with a smile as she grabbed her towel.

Enjoying the view,” I said. “I’ve missed this since our trip.”

“That was great,” she said. She was drying her hair and staring at my dick. I was still jerking.

“Ok, real quick,” she said. She turned around and backed up toward me. I opened my legs and grabbed her hips, guiding her down.

She reached between her legs to grab my cock and get us into position. It took a bit to fully get in, she wasn’t as warmed up as I was. But once in she grabbed the stall walls and began to bounce.

We fucked for maybe a minute. I reached around and was playing with her nipples as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Then she got nervous about the line outside.

“They are going to hear us,” she said as she got up. I assured her they wouldn’t but she was concerned they would know something was up.

We called it. I got in the shower and she got dressed. I could hear her telling the next people in line her husband was still using the stall but would be done soon.

I finished and returned to the campsite, and the three of us went about our day as ordinary.


Later that day we are hiking. The path follows a small river that cuts through a rocky part of the hills. There is a lookout point at the cliff where the river dumps down in a small waterfall.

We reached the lookout and mom sat on a bench.

“I was told there is a small swimming spot where the water pools before going over the cliff. It’s a short hike down to it. Anybody want to come,” I asked.

Mom declined. She was happy on her bench. But Amy said yes and off we went.

We made it down to the pool area; a shallow spot where the river widened before trickling off the cliff. There were a couple deep spots to jump in and cool off.

I had my swim shorts on, so I took off my shirt and shoes and headed in.

“I didn’t plan for this ,” Amy said.

“We’re the only ones here,” I told her. “Just go in your underwear.”

I started swimming to the other side where you can see over. I looked back and saw a sight I was beginning to love: Amy naked.

She got in and swam over to me. “I didn’t want to hike back in wet underwear,” she said, “but if someone comes you have to help me.”

I agreed and we floated at the edge admiring the landscape. The view I liked was her, and I was hard as the rocks we we swimming near.

Eventually I grabbed her ass under the water. She looked over with a smirk. “What are you thinking,” she asked.

“I’m thinking you are hot, you are naked, no one is around, and I want to fuck.”

She agreed and we found a flat rock just out of the water. I sat on the edge with my feet in the river and she sat on my lap facing me.

“You can see if someone is coming,” she said. We agreed I would dump us both into the water if people came down the trail. We also agreed not to finish since neither of us had a condom.

She mounted me with her tits in my face. I sucked her nipples as we got situated. This position didn’t lend itself to a knock down, drag out love making session. It was gonna be more intimate.

She wiggled her hips on me as we made out. She was able to move her hips back and forth more so than I expected. She has great core strength.

We fucked liked this for a couple minutes when I could feel the urge to go. She dismounted and slid back into the water. I stayed on the edge and she finished me with a blowjob.

We got our stuff together and rejoined mom up top. As we hiked back together I couldn’t believe I was in both of these gorgeous women on the same day!

NSFW: yes

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