Mom 50 and me 30 took a trip to grandmas and fucked while we were visiting her

So this happened 7 years ago for about a 36 hour period. Ok so some backstory. My mom got divorced when i was 25 took my 10 year old brother and moved to another state to live with her older sister. They ended up buying a house together.

Once a year my mom would fly back and visit me and my 3 sisters. Usually for a week or so. My grandma lives about 4 hours from me driving.

So one year when i was 30 she flew in and on the first day there she asked if i wanted to drive her down to grandmas for 2 days. I hadnt seen my grandma in like 4 years so i agreed. My omma (we call her which is german.) Doesnt want alot of people visiting because she is 80 at the time and didnt want to get sick.

Im 6’4 brown skin black hair average fitness with a 6 and half inch dick about medium redbull size thick. My mom is about 5’7 120lbs, white, bright blue eyes, black hair long, sort of similar body to jennifer love hewitt the celebrity. My dad was a large spanish man from spain.

Anyhow so this trip is very impromptu. We decide to leave very early because it was only for 2 nights and my mom doesnt get to see her mom very often at all.

So i pick her up from my sisters house the next day around 4am. She was waiting outside with her bag because she didnt want to wake my sisters family. She was wearing a one piece full dress the kind that looks like a tube top on top and flows into a dress. It was reddish orange with sunflowers on it.

We take off and its typical chit chat at first. After a hour or so i casually ask about her dating life seeing as she has been divorced for like 5 years. We begin talking about marriage. I told her for me the worst part is my wife doesnt like anal so there goes that for life lol. Yes, im married with kids. What happens next wasnt planned at all. Me and my wife have threesomes with other women. Whole different story.

So after awhile we begin talking about sex. Ultimately she tells me its been five years since she has been with a guy because my brother is prettt high on the spectrum and needs alot of help learning to be self sufficient and her sister got disabled and she helps her alot as well plus works full time. She said there just isnt time. Then she made one last opinion that stuck with me. She said honestly id just like to suck a dick and play with one for a little im not asking for much lol. The conversation sort of eneded there, but she said it really sad and like defeated. It sort of made me sad to be honest.

We get to ommas around 830am. Say hi, eat breakfast and hang for a little. My omma had a few errands to run around noon. Yes she is still in very good health and can drive herself. She just isnt a kids person in her old age, but a very pleasant women.

My mom and i decide to nap while she is gone. We go into our seperate rooms. Im laying there thinking about the sex talk and im getting sort of horny. Honeslty i sort of talk myself into the idea of letting her suck my dick. I figure out peoples reaction to that but i love my mom and was like rationalizing in my head like its just a bj dont over think it. Like its doing something nice for her and me lol.

Took me like 30 mins to work up the courage but i knocked on her. She said to come in. I sat on the edge of the bed she was laying down. I said i was thinking about the conversation in the car and how sad you looked talking about the lack of sex and the whole bj thing. I was speaking slowly and stumbling my words. So at that point she cut me and off and said so let me get this straight you wondered youd come in here and ask me for what a blowjob? The way she said it i wondered oh shit the was a bad idea i misread the situation. I said well i clearly misread things sorry this was stupid and left the room.

Like 20 minutes pass and she comes in my room without knocking. Im sitting my back against the wall on my bed using my phone. She sits next to me and says are you sure…i then pulled my dick out and said yep. She reached over and started rubbing my cock. It got hard instantly. I reached up and pulled her tubetop down and revealed her tits. I started massaging them. We did this for a few minutes then she layed on her elbows inbetween my legs and started sucking on the head of my dicks. She was dragging her lips across the head while licking in a circular motion. Slowly she started taking more and more of my dick in her mouth until she had swallowed most of it. She held it in her mouth and swirled her tongue all across the back of my cock. Then she pulled it out of her mouth and said dont cum to quickly i want to enjoy this. She would go from full on sucking my cock to licking it up and down, to smacking herself in the face or rubbing my hard cock on her face. She was edging me the fuck out of me. If i started breathing hard and moving my legs she would stop and barly touch me til i calmed down. I remeber her sucking it and looking up at me at one point, her blue eyes with my cock in her mouth was driving me crazy.

She must have sucked me off for about 45 minutes and i almoat came like 6 times. I literally couldnt take it anymore after the last edging it was starting to hurt. I told her im cumming and grabbed the back of her head firm but gently and guided her head to begin bobbing on my dick at a fast pace. Didnt take long before i was ready to blow. She quick got up and went to the floor and got on her knees. She said to cum on her face and tits. So i quickly stood up and face fucked her mouth for about 30 more seconds and pulled my dick out aimed it at her face.

The first blast of cum hit her so hard it richoscheted off her face mostly and splashed all around. You know how we cum in burst. I had to have had like 13 burst. The first like 6 were strong full shots layering over her eyes, mouth and nose. Her face filled up quickly so i aimed down on her tits and the last burst were smaller but still left a good coat of semen on her tits. I was literally winded from cumming. I had never been edged that hard in my life.

She wiped a lot of my semen with her finger into her mouth and swallowed it. I got her a towel for the rest. Like 5 mins after my grandma pulled up. She said to me before leaving the room, if you want ill suck you again tonight? I said sure. She left.

We did alot more over the next 36 hours. She had awaken a sleeping sex drive. Honestly i wondered one bj and call it but she was ferocious.

Im not sure how this story will go over if it gets good views or upvotes ill tell the rest of the weekend.

Preview, we went down stairs and started haning out with omma. It was getting on to lunch time and my omma was in the living room watching tv. I offered to make her a sandwhich and myself. I was doing that and my mom came in. She walked over and grabbed my dick. She said real quietly i dont know if i can wait til tongiht. No joke she got turnt all the way up. It threw me off…

NSFW: yes

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