[MMF] how a joke turned into my first DP with 2 old friends

Yesterday, i was having a little night out with friends. We were a group of 13 friends, men and woman. We hadnt seen each other in months. These are high college friends and we gather every now and then.

Early on the evening, as we were still sober, i was talking with 2 of them back at my place waiting for the others to join us before gonna the bars. The usual small talk such as “how you doing” “work ?” “Family” and so on until that question. One of them asked if i was single. I am but as a joke i told them “i am a lesbian now” and that started the running gag of the night. We laughed and they knew it was fasle but i kept playing like it was real.

Later that night, we were already quite drunk and all of us at the bar. When we get drunk, we often Split and do small groups and do random drunk ppl stuff. At some point, we were only the 3 of us. One of them joked about the fact that we were back to the three first of the party. To which they started over joking about me “being a lesbian

They were joking, touching me more and more, first my arms, then my hair and shoulders and so forth. Alcohol playing, they kept joking spicier and spicier until one of them told me “you sure you dont like men anymore ?” To which i stupidly answered “how could i know ? I dont date them anymore “. A few minutes passes as they tease me until the one that asked the question just push it and grab my breast saying “so ? Anything ?”. I had my friends hand on my boobs and i was so shocked i just nodded. He grabbed both my boobs with his hands seeing no reaction from me, at least not bad reaction. The other one was just watching, seemingly enjoying the view until i just take a step back, look away and say that we should call it a night to which they said they could walk me home, we started as 3, we finish as 3.

That was the most flirty and horny talk of my life on that way back at my place, so much sexual allusion and lost hands on my ass until we got home. They asked for a last drink and there we were, going as 3 inside my appartment. I close the curtains and we sit on the sofa asking them what they wanted. They look at each other and the one that grabbed my tits earlier just grabbed my head and kissed me while the other started fondling my tits. They were feeling me up as we were making out.

I didnt know what to say or do, i kinda wanted it even tho it was so wrong. Until the one fondling my breast just pulled the strap of my dress and revealed my tits.

From there it went so fucking fast ! We were making out wildly, getting touched made me feel so wanted and slutty at once. They totally undressed me, they took bith their pants off. We sat back in the couch, me naked, them both only in their shirts. For a moment i realised what was happening… i was about to get tag teamed by old friends !! I was between them both and they waited for me to make a move, i was there, bith their dicks out, one slightly bigger than the other. None especially gigantic but decent and definitely gorgeous cocks, no hair, like they knew they were going to score.

I just grabbed them both, starting to stroke them slowly, hesitantly. I stroke their cocks for a little until one of them grab my waist, flip me over and begin to eat my pussy. I was so wet and turned on, the other got in front of me and shoved his cock in my mouth. We played a little, sucking one, then the other, they were aswell taking turn eating me, using my hands and fingering me.

Until that moment when they asked if a lesbian would try their flesh dildo deeper. I asked for them to wear condoms and it started, one penetrated me while the other was fucking my mouth, condoms next to us. I was being spitroasted by old friends.

We started talking dirty, i got into it and went full slut mode, they took turn fucking my pussy until they positionned themselves to dp me. I said nothing and just took it. I almost screamed in the first second of pain until my screams turned into orgasm. They fucked me hard and rough until the one in my ass took his dick out, threw the condom away. The other left my vagina too, turned me on my back, threw away his condom and while i waited for the first one to give me a facial, the other just went back in and fucked me raw.

The other covered my face and the one in my vagina was fucking me bare and he didnt last long until he came inside me.

After that, we took à little time to catch our breath, they called me a good slut and called it à night, leaving me there, facial and filled with cum.

This is the story of the wildest night of my life so far…

NSFW: yes

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