(MMF) first time bi – Short Sex Story

We have at all times been very experimental and open in the bedroom. No judgment zone. When we met I was very vanilla but had a few fantasies. As our relationship progressed and we grew closer, We would Try or talk about anything once…or twice if it was fun. She had been able to check a couple things personally off her list and so had I. She had some Hotwife and some bi curiosities that she fulfilled and I had become very curious and turned on by the wondered of experimenting with another guy. Anyways, after weeks of so very hot chatter and talk, with some fingers and toys mixed in, we found us a guy we connected with that seemed cool and down to earth. We booked a hotel with bar, showed a bit early to hang out and he arrived later, meeting her in the bar area. I texted to come down and she had me wait in room instead as they were already on their way up. Once up, we exchanged pleasantries as she undid his pants and laid him on the bed. Once his pants were down, I saw it. A bit longer than average but THICK. She was in heaven with the girth and immediately went to giving her best oral performance on it. So hot watching her devour this man’s thick cock. She was enjoying to the point I thought if this was a bi meeting or a her fun time meeting. Lol. Then it struck us both at the same time. He couldn’t get or stay hard. He was apologetic (nerves) and asked to switch places, going on her tight (for now) and dripping wet pussy. As she reached over and played with his cock. He was ferocious on her pussy too. She looked at me after quite a while and said “uhm. I think he’s very nervous or I don’t have what it takes. You try helping him out…” panic!!! I wanted it, but gosh I was sure shocked that it was about to go down. Or that I was….

NSFW: yes

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