[MMF] An unexpected bi experience – Short Sex Story

A few months ago, me and a buddy were out at the bar and he was chatting up this girl. One thing led to another and it was suggested that we head back to my buddy’s place to continue the party. Now based on the sexual nature of the conversation, it was no secret what we are all heading back for.

With some of my friends, it is no secret I am bi. For a guy, that is not an easy thing to have out in the open. At the same time, none of my friends that know have acted on it or made things weird. Tonight was a surprise though.

Once back at my buddy’s house, it did not take any time at all before the clothes began to come off and we got down to what we all were there for. The girl we brought back was above average looking, standing 5’4″, fit, shaved, and great little b-cup tits. She immediately got on her knees and started blowing both of us. By the ease at which she worked both of our cocks, it was clear this was something she had done before.

Soon we made our way to the bed and she laid down while my buddy started to eat her pussy while she continued to suck my dick. Luckily I was pretty buzzed because with how good she was at sucking dick, this threesome would have been over for me in no time.

She then pushed his head away, pulled him up to her mouth and began kissing and licking her juices off his face. I nearly came from watching her passion for tasting herself. Next she pushed him away and told him to fuck her as she got on all fours and continued to suck my cock while my friend began to fuck her from behind.

Eventually we switched places and it was my turn to fuck her. She was so wet, it was nothing for me to slide into her. While we were switching, I got a nice look at my friend’s cock and it was so wet and covered in her cream.

Myself and this friend have had multiple threesomes before and he has a beautiful cock that I have all the time wanted to suck. It’s probably 6.5″, straight, and has above average girth with a great head. But like I said earlier, my friends who know have never crossed that line with me before.

I had expected my friend to trade spots with me and head to get his dick sucked, especially considering how much she liked to taste herself. To my surprise, he instead moved behind me and pressed his cock against my ass and began to move his wet cock up and down my asshole. This shot waves of excitement throughout my body.

He started caressing my hips and kissing my neck as I pushed back against his cock as I fucked her. She didn’t seem to bat an eye or even notice what was going on behind her. I was in heaven, my ass was begging to be entered, but I would be happy if we just continued to grind like this.

My friend soon whispered in my ear, “can I”? I whispered back, “yes”.

I felt my friend position his cock at my entrance, and he slowly began to put pressure on my asshole as I pushed back. Now I am a bottom, so I am very familiar with my body and have no issue opening myself up to accept a cock. We continued to rock back and forth like this for a little bit before he firmly grabbed my hips as I felt him slide all the way in. His firmness was even better than I imagined.

As he fucked me with vigor, I started fucking her even harder, slamming my hips into her ass. In what felt like no time, I announced that I was gonna cum. She quickly turned around and started sucking my cock as I came in her mouth, all the while my friend continued to fuck my ass. Soon I was on all fours telling him to fuck me harder while she stayed under me sucking my softening cock.

After a few more minutes, my friend announced he was gonna cum. I reached back with one hand, grabbed his ass and pulled him into me. He knew exactly what I wanted as he proceeded to cum in my ass. I could feel his cock stiffen and pulse as he pushed all the way into me.

At this point, I was spent and collapsed onto the bed. As I laid there, I said that that was unexpected. I looked at my friend and asked him if he was just acting in the moment or if he had all the time wanted to do that. My friend looked at the girl, smiled, and said that he has all the time been bi-curious and wanted to fuck me. He went on to explain how she was no random bar pick up and that she was a long term fwb and they had planned this night. Apparently she had been pegging him for years and I had no idea.

Since that night, me and my friend have become friends with advantages and have enjoyed many more threesomes with his fwb and many solo adventures too. It is nice having a bi buddy you can trust that is just as horny and kinky as you are.

NSFW: yes

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