[MM] The Whoriest Day of my Life [true]

I’m 28 now and this story took place when I was about 22yo

I’m a footballer so very toned with bubblebutt and at all times clean shaved all over.

I moved out of my mums house when I was 20 and lived in a rented apartment with Al, a friend of a friend who was gay.
I enjoyed to CD for ages before I moved out but at all times had a gf and that was at all times my secret only. Lost anal virginity to an older man but that’s another story. I want to write and distribute a story about the whoriest day of my life [so far].

After living with Al for about year and a half I eventually opened up about my secret fetish and told him how I jealous I was hearing him get railed so many times his bedroom while I was jerking off in mine.

He kept it a secret for me and asked what would be my ultimate fantasy to which I answered probably getting dressed and gangbanged but don’t know how ready Id be for that. He suggested that he could work something out for me but it would take some time.

I forgot about it when one day he approached me with letting me “borrow” his married fuck-buddy Kane while Al was away for the weekend. Kane was a professional type, wealthy and good looking man in his late 40s but perverted as hell. Kane would bring a friend or two apparently.

I was fucking terrified but excited, Al convinced me this is perfect as they are discreet too and works both methods. On the day Al helped me pick some whorish clothes and get some mdma for the night etc.

It was organised for 7pm that night. Al would leave once they arrive to make me feel more comfortable. I started drinking earlier and was tipsy af by 630pm when I started dressing in my room..

Al called out “they’re downstairs, enjoy yourself and be a good bitch”. Then I heard him leave.

My heart was pounding. I had pulled out all the stops. Garter belt, thigh highs, 5 inch red open toe stiletto’s Cherry red wig and lipstick that matched. My outfit with the heels, flared short silk skirt, the tops of my red stockings visible as I walked. With maybe a hint of white lace panties I was more than
passable. I was HOT. I took a sip of my mdma infused drink and waited in my room when I heard them enter. I heard voices and waited for Kane to come for me as agreed.

I waited in my bed, seated. Kane opened door and his face gave me confidence. He mouthed “wow” then looked over his shoulder saying “boys we’ve got a wild one”. He then walked towards me and lifted my chin to get a better look. He unzipped his pants and pulled his thick cock out making my draw drop but he said “NO. Just smell it and smear your face over my dick slut”. I did just that.

He then whispered that I have nothing to worry about to just have fun like everyone else here and enjoy myself. Then grabbed my hand and started walking me out.

Everybody there heard my five inch heels coming, they watched me walk into the dimmed living room. There were 3 more men looking at me with big smiles on their faces, one of them whistled. I darted into the middle of the room and seductively showed my self from all angles.

Just as the chill electro music started to play Kane walked up, lifted my skirt and gave me a hard swat on the ass “That is for teasing us” he said. So there I am standing with my ass cheek burning. My mouth still hanging open in shock after letting out a high pitched AHhh!! when he says “Well what
do you have to say for yourself girl”.

I take my first real look at him, he is big so big and hard looking, intimidates me. I say “I’m sorry” but it only comes out as a squeak. “Not good enough” he says grabbing my arm and spins me around, he lifts my skirt again, pulls my panties down and slaps my ass again. He says “Count”. I could not think and again he spanks me and says count. The other men are watching and giggling making me feel so embarrassed. He slaps my ass again and I cry out “one”. I hear laughing from the other men. He keeps slapping my quickly reddening ass, and head turned away from the men as I count. When I get to 10 he stops. I have tears in my eyes. He says “good girl” really soft puts an arm around me
turns me around and starts kissing me, forcing his tongue into me and I let him.

I am in a haze, the booze – mdma – darkened room – horny men around me – I started submitting to this whole vibe.
I feel his whole body pressed up against me. He feels so solid. I can feel his cock, it is hard and pulsing against my belly button, a lot bigger now. I am so turned on I started moaning into our kiss and pulling myself against him harder. He sticks a finger in my mouth and says “get it wet”.

I suck on his finger like I had his tongue, his other hand on my ass is spreading my cheeks. He takes his wet finger and pushes it all the way inside me, I muffle a scream into his shoulder when I hear a man say “Oh she really likes that” and I remember all the men watching, so embarrassed then so incredibly turned on by the looks of lust on their faces. How much they wanted me making me bold. I looked out at them while wiggling my ass on his finger smiled and said “yes i do”.

I felt like such a slut, it was fantastic. My man turned me towards the wall and bent me at the waist so it was put my hands against the wall or fall. A bottle of lube seemed to appear from nowhere, was squirted against my ass and then one man pulled behind me and putting a condom on his oh so warm and hard cock. Him telling me to “put it in” as his other hand raised my skirt again. I put his hard, hot cock against my hole and started pushing back, but it wouldn’t go in. It just kept slipping. Then another man was holding a little brown bottle up to my face, when I looked at him he smiled and told me to “breathe it in through your nose honey, it will help”.

I started breathing it in and felt that incredible rush of heat traveling down to my hole and I pushed back hard and he was deep in me. The man who gave me the bottle started kissing me and I was so glad after the way he was making me feel with that little bottle. My blouse and skirt pulled over my head, panties around my ankles in garter stockings and heels, a mans cock so deep inside me another mans tongue down my throat then someone crawling between our legs and taking my penis in his mouth and another men watching this happen while stroking to me and waiting to do even more to me. This is the ultimate whore moment.

The man in my ass the was thrusting harder and deeper and the popper the man kept putting under my nose to sniff had me so turned on my ass was moving back to meet him. I was leaking into the mouth of the man underneath me. The pain in my ass had become such an intense pleasure
that my legs were just shaking. And I was moaning so loud that the man with the brown bottle said “put my cock in your mouth and moan on that”.

He pushed my head down right on it and said “open up slut”. Right then the man behind me thrust so hard my mouth opened and the cock was thrust to the back of my throat, making me choke up some and man said “that’s right baby get it nice and wet”. I tried to push off with my hand but the man behind me grabbed them and pulled them behind me. Using them to get even further up inside me. The man in my mouth he started forcing his cock down my throat. His cock completely blocked my airway and I could not breathe at all. I am trying to scream and he just says “slut stick your tongue out and lick my balls when I go that deep”. I was being manhandled.

He pulls out I get one breath before he’s thrusting back in again. There’s a couple sharp smacks on my ass and the man behind me says “got to keep it pink”. He’s pulling his cock all the way out of me and
ramming it all the way back in.

I catch a quick glimpse of Kane watching me and is breathing hard stroking his cock, and I wonder how many are gonna fuck me before I can get out of there and I couldn’t help but wiggle my ass. The man in my mouth thrust deep into my throat and held my head, his cock started swelling and he was shooting his cum down my throat. I tried to back up so I can taste it but he held me there after
about five squirts he pushed my head off and handed me the bottle saying “you’re going to need this girl”.

He moved away then and there was another cock in front of me and it was HUGE. I took three quick hits off the bottle then looked up at the man the cock belong to. It was the men who sucked me a few moments ago. He saw the look of fear in my eyes and said “darling you ain’t got to take it all but get it good and wet because I’m going to have that pretty little ass when the other gentleman pulls out.” And he chuckled again seeing my eyes go wide.

I took another quick sniff off the bottle and tried to get the cock head into my mouth but my lips would not stretch wide enough he had his hand on the back of my head and with a little push he got the head of his cock in my mouth. He had to be as big around as a soda can, my teeth were
raking him, causing him pain cuz I could not open my jaws any wider so I pulled my mouth off his cock and started sucking his balls as the man behind me pulled hard on my hips and his cock started pulsing inside me. The man in front of me started to open up and put his XL condom on.

I grab his cock and begin getting as much spit as I could on it. The men watching started laughing and saying “look at Her Go”. I kept stroking his cock real fast with my hand hoping I could get him to come,
meanwhile the guy inside me was cuming hard, it felt like a lot. I was glad, I was gonna be extra loose for when this other man tried shoving his monster in.

The man behind me pulls his cock out and I feel a cool breeze rush in for a second and some lube seeping out. He pulls up his pants, slaps my ass again and says “hope to see you again.” and just like that walked out the door and was gone.

Before I could even straighten, the man with the big cock moved around behind me grabs a cheek in each hand spreading me wide he said “little girl that does look pretty tight and I will say sorry before hand”. I told him “no you can’t do this”. and he just chuckled and said “girl when you came up here in them panties and swinging that upturned ass with them heels you gave up all right to say no” and took three of his fingers and shoved them into the second knuckle.

I screamed and I heard all the men begin laughing again and the big cock man bent down and put his hands behind my knees. Grabbing them he lifted and spread my legs in one motion. Now my back against his hard chest his mouth next to my ear he whispered “you ready girl?” I said “no” as his cock head forced its way in. I screamed and he said “that was the hard part “. My ass so full and in so much pain was trying to force him out. it just kept convulsing and causing me more pain. Despite my ass trying to force him out he started sliding in. I think that’s when I passed out the first time. When I came to he was drilling his cock in and out of me.

My cock was standing up hard and leaking all over. Strings of cum or precum going this way and that way from the shaking as he fucked me. I had never hurt so GOOD and felt so much pleasure at the same time and I think I passed out again for a little moment.

I heard whispering in my ear again, he was saying “hey little darling wake up. This isn’t over by a long shot”. I was no longer feeling pain but so much pleasure I could not process it all. More and more lube was being used. The rawness was gone and it felt silky smooth and the stretching feeling still there, butt welcoming it now. I grabbed Kanes cock as he was stroking and pulled it to my
mouth, he pushed as it went in and it bent right down my throat. I looked up at him in seductively, but he did not see, his head was thrown back. Then the man who came in my mouth before switched with the monster cock and started slamming my hole. He was smaller and surprisingly super hard again.

The monster cock walked and switched with Kane. He put that monster in my mouth.

He sure felt my mouth pulling off though because his hand shot out to the back of my head and slammed his cock down my throat again and held me till spit bubbles came out my nose. Both men matched rhythms and crushed me between them on every thrust. I struggled to breathe until
they both came couple of minutes later. The monster in my mouth pulling out and shooting the first jerks on my face, some in my eye where it burned. I tried wiping it out, but I only saw fogged Images through my eyes after that.

Behind me my hips gripped hard enough to see bruises the next day. The man with the massive cock sprayed my face and filled my mouth with his cum. I could feel it spilling out when he pulled free. Another cock pushed into my mouth. It was from the guy fucking me last and he wanted to cum again.

Now I was on my 4s and Kane started fucking my ass. I could not tell who was on me at first thats how insane this whole experience was. From that point the only thing I remember is someone telling to let me get a break and giving me a soda and a couple paper towels to clean up with. I tried to clean my
eyes, The cum was dry and little came off. The rest of the night was a blur of them 3 cuming and playing with me. How long was I there? I don’t know. I woke up on the floor alone.

My blouse and skirt were lying over the top of me. My stuffed bra, panties, one stocking and my heels were gone. I had dried cum all over me. I could not spread the fingers on my right hand at first. They were so stuck together. My ass was in pain. My knees torn and swollen. My lips the same. Yet despite all the pain, I could not stop smiling. I had a real experience of a true SLUT!!!

Hope you liked that little piece of my life, hope it made you cum, I know I did. it was raw and real and went by in a blur, but was the most defining moment in my cd life. If you live near me and want to be in one of my stories, I would love to see you. Write what you know, You know.

NSFW: yes

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