MM. Frisky with a new friend on a high college camping trip.

I was 18 and in my final year of high college when this happened. Our college had planned this big field trip upstate that was overnight. All the kids were chatting about all the things they would do in the hotel rooms with their friends but I didn’t have many and none were joining me on this trip.

Because I wasn’t famous I got paired in a hotel room with only one other person. I met him the first time on the bus and we chatted on the hours-long trip over. He seemed really nice and we hit it off.

After a day of busy wandering around for the field trip we came back to the hotel. My new friend and I packed it in early, spent some of the night chatting and watching TV. It was a single bed hotel room, I guess the college cheaped out on beds. The entire time we were eating snacks and goofing around, he kept joking he wanted to sleep naked. I told him it didn’t bother me, and I think that excited him.

Soon we got to bed and sure enough he stripped down to nothing. I tried not to look to give him some privacy, but he crawled in and was suspiciously close.

After a while I felt something touch my hand. I tried to pretend to be asleep, but it was super obvious I wasn’t. Slowly he brought my hand over to his cock and started rubbing my hand into his hard dick. I want to say I was surprised, but when a guy crawls into bed naked with you, I think he’s giving you a signal. He brought my hand down onto his balls and thats when I gave them a good squeeze. I think he jumped when I turned my head and we both started laughing.

But I didnt stop, I grabbed his cock and started stroking it. He was fully naked, all the sheets were off of him, while I was mostly in my PJs and still covered in blankets. He was a thin twiggy kid, nearly hairless but pretty attractive. I definitely didn’t mind jerking him off.

While I was busy with his dick, he started uncovering me and pulled my pants down revealing my hard dick which swung straight up. He put his hands on it and started stroking it back. We were just awkwardly staring at each other, smiling and cracking jokes about how big the other was. Eventually he decided to reach over and kiss me, and soon after we were jerking each other off and making out. The kissing was messy and gross but looking back it was kinda hot how bad it was.

After a bit of that, he hopped on top of me and started sucking my dick. It felt so good, I’d never experienced anything like it at that point. He was far from a pro but he went at it like one. He was a little loud as he moaned while dribbles of saliva and cum dripped out of his mouth. I had to tell him to quiet down because we might wake the students in the nearby room.

But I came closer and closer, and I warned him I was gonna cum. He kept on sucking until I came in his mouth. He didn’t stop and it felt so fucking good. He stopped and opened his mouth and let the cum drip down over my cock.

It felt so satisfied, but I was also so tired and now my crotch was awkwardly covered in my own cum. I was gonna ask him to get a towel when he sat on my chest and grabbed the side of my head with his hands. Thats when he told me to “eat it” and shoved his erect dick in my mouth.

Not going to lie, I’d never given a blow job to a guy before so it was probably awful. But he seemed to like it. He would call me a slut and take his cock out so he could tap it against my chest and my nipples and streams of precum would be left behind. But he put it back in my mouth and after a few minutes he started panting hard pretty quick. Thank God he pulled out and came all over my chest, as I would’ve gagged due to the weird angle. It came out thick and hot, and he jerked every last drop out.

We laughed about how much he came, and how our dicks tasted. I went to the bathroom and wiped myself down. I didnt take a shower so I was still probably covered in his cum the next day as we continued our field trip. Id like to say this began a gorgeous friendship or fuckship but we actually never really talked after that. I dont think he was out and so admitting what happened was hard and I never brought it up again.

So that was the sexiest field trip I’ve ever had.

NSFW: yes

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