Miss Rebecca

Miss Rebecca

Becky was a career woman who i met at a conference. She was there with her staff, giving orders and showing she was in charge.

She all the time had a coffee in hand and a phone nearby she was there to give a talk on dynamic decision making and while everyone else seemed caught up in what she was saying I couldn’t help but discover myself staring at her legs and missing the words.

I sat in the front row and her eyes caught mine a few times, i wanted to see if she was really in control so when our eyes met i made sure she saw me gazing at her legs. She was wearing black high heals and a tight shortish skirt with stockings.

I know she saw me looking and i could feel the disapproval that i was not lapping up her presentation like the others were.

She finished to generous applause and i watched as she took it all in

I saw she went out the back of the hall so i followed as the next presenter was very boring and i saw an opportunity for some fun.

She was at the refreshment table getting a coffee, i walked over and said casually “nice presentation”

Thanks she replied….although i am not sure you were listening

Of course i was…lots of interesting points on there

Oh really name one she said!

Well the bit about dynamic decision making was great

She looked at me bemused, that was the title!

I saw you checking me out, extremely rude not to listen

Are you used to people listening to you and you being centre of attention? i asked

Yes i am….and with that she walked off

Later that evening i saw her and her group in the hotel

I went over and introduced myself to them

Her assistant was a pretty girl and i found myself flirting with her right in front of Miss Rebecca.

She was talking to someone and kept catching my eye, she seemed annoyed again and was clearly distracted by me talking to her colleague.

I went to get a drink and she followed me

So you are here hitting on everyone? she said

Me? No i am just networking

You are flirting with my assistant right in front of me

Mmmm does that make you jealous?

No she said abruptly

Mmmm i think it does, you are used to being the centre of attention and you are not right now

I am just saying you were staring at me during my speech and now you are flirting with her

Do you want me to flirt with you? I said firmly

It took her by surprise and she stumbled over her words

Do you want me to tell you i was staring at your legs, my eyes couldn’t look away from them

Every time you moved across the stage i was gazing at your thighs imagining how soft they were and hoping your skirt would ride up a bit more

She was almost speechless…and i could see i had shocked her

I can see you are someone who is used to being in control….so am i

I wondered i had been too forward as she had not spoken for a minute or two

She eventually whispered….no one has ever controlled me, men are usually weak in my presence

You confuse me and excite me

I pulled her in closer and said lets go up to my room, i want to play with you

She giggled and we made our way to the room

Once inside i kissed her slowly and tenderly she moaned as our tongues met. The kissing was getting heavier and she moved my hand onto her breast

I unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor

She undid my trousers and grabbed my cock from inside my boxer shorts

She began to stroke it and was moaning again

No….the control is mine i said

I stripped her naked and laid her down on the bed

My hands stroked her stomach and under her boobs and down her thigh

I continued to kiss her but didn’t touch her nipples or pussy

I did this for 20 mins solid and she was trying to push my hand down in between her legs

The more she fought me the more i teased her

She was almost biting my face while kissing me she was getting so desperate for me to touch her

Stop teasing me….rub my pussy she barked

No i barked back grabbing her cheeks and squeezing her face

You are not in control here Rebecca…..she moaned

I am all the time in control she said

She tried to slide her hand down to her pussy but i caught it

I grabbed my tie and restrained her hands above her head to the bed

Then the teasing really began….i slowly kissed her from her cheek down her neck to her chest, carefully kissing around her nipples and down onto her stomach to her hips and thighs and feet

I did this a few times and she was writhing and wiggling moaning louder and comman
ding me to lick her pussy

I told her i was in charge but she was trying to wiggle free

Slap…..i fairly forcibly slapped her exposed pussy

She recoiled in pain

Now you do as i say i said

I slapped it again and again

She whimpered and responded Yes Sir

I had broken her….she did not try and escape again and her eyes never moved from mine as i was kissing her

Has anyone controlled you like this Rebecca

No Sir….

Has anyone ever spanked your pussy

No Sir…

Did you like it?

Yes Sir….


It stung but felt good….

I don’t feel in control and i like it

Is your pussy wet?

Yes Sir…

Do you want me to kiss it better?

Yes Sir….Please Sir….you have teased me so much I can’t take it anymore

I started to kiss the outer part of her pussy and thighs

Spread your legs wider i commanded and she pushed them wide open

Her pussy was smooth and still red from the slap, i kissed slowly up her slit

It was so wet and her lips were beginning to open

I let my tongue slide right up the middle and she purred

Do you like that?

Mmmm….Yes i do
. Please do it again

I obliged and slowly licked it from the bottom to the top

She was whimpering now….even more desperate for me to please her

Suddenly her phone rang, it was her boss looking for an update

She jumped up hands still tied

I have to answer this she said, she is a tyrant

She answered Hello?

Becky where have you been i heard her boss say

Sorry i got caught up with something

Her boss began to talk about some new project

I grabbed the phone and put in speaker i threw her back on the bed and buried my head in her pussy

My tongue slide straight inside her with no warning and she let out a loud moan

What was that? said her boss

Nothing Rebecca replied trying to sound ordinary as i am tongue fucking her and sucking her clit

It only took a minute or so before had her hand over her mouth trying to stifle her moans and screams

I grabbed her hand and pulled them away as she came loudly and violently all over my face

Thankyou Sir…..Thankyou Sir she was screaming as she came

She threw her phone away trying to hide her orgasm from her boss

She tasted so good as she gushed

I moved up on top of her and kissed her

What do you say?

Thank you Sir that was amazing

No one has ever teased and controlled me like that

I am the dominant one

Suddenly the fact she has thrown her phone hit her and she scrambled to the floor to grab it

Not knowing how much her boss heard

Hello, hello she said taking it off loud speaker

The next 5 mins she was trying to convince her boss that everything was fine

I sat laughing on the bed

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