MIL Handiwork

My wife Jane (34) and I (37) spent the weekend and Jane’s moms house.

My MIL Char (59) is a gorgeous woman. She is super active, very fit. She divorced Jane’s father long before I entered the picture. I’ve fantasized about her but there’s never been any movement.

A couple essential background details:
1. I wear panties almost exclusively. This is a known by all involved in this story.
2. Char and I are close. The three of us are close. No subject is off limit. Sex jokes are common. Char has seen me naked at least twice (non-sexual circumstances) and has seen me in bikini swimwear more times than I can count.

We spent the weekend helping with a number of projects. Saturday was a full day of work. It ended with a late dinner and drinks, enough to get us all a little shnockered.

When the night came to a close, Jane went to bed. I assumed Char did as well. I jumped in the shower. Afterward I put on a pair of panties and a tshirt and headed for the living room.

I watched tv for a bit before gonna the kitchen to grab a snack. That’s when I heard my MIL Char come into the room.

“You’re up late.”

I explained I’m at all times up late. I was standing behind the small kitchen island. She could not see what I had on below. She was wearing a long pj shirt and panties. Clearly no bra, I could see her poking through.

She started to head my way and before she got to my side I explained to her what I had on. “No worries,” she said. As she passed behind me she ran her hand across my butt.

“Cute,” she said. I started to get hard.

I went back to the living room and sat on the couch. She followed and sat right next to me. I put my feet up on the coffee table to try and mask my bulge. It was obvious, but I tried to ignore it.

After sitting for a few minutes she asked if I wanted a blanket to cover it up. I laughed and said yes. She pulled a thin blanket off the chair next to her and covered both our laps.

My bulge was still visible and that gave us both a smile. A few moments later she reached under the blanket and started rubbing my bulge on top of my panties. I was in shock but said nothing. I wasn’t gonna stop this.

My cock grew so hard she pulled it from my undies and began to stroke. I took a bold step and walked my fingers up her thigh. I slid under her shirt until I reached her panties. I made little circles and could hear her begin to enjoy it.

She had on cotton panties and was already quite wet. So I worked my finger underneath and slowly went inside her pussy.

We sat there with the tv on giving each other handjobs.

It wasn’t long before her thighs clamped down on my hand. I get the feeling it’s been a minute since she was touched. I also get the feeling she was worried about flooding all over the couch.

I went right behind her. By that time I had moved the blanket and lifted my shirt.

I grabbed a kleenex and wiped myself up. She excused herself to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later.

She changed her panties. She flashed them at me as she came back to the couch. She snuggled up against me under the blanket and we finished the night watching tv.

I’ll let you know if anything else develops.

NSFW: yes

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