miiiiightve just done one of the sluttiest things ive done yet [26F]

i was incredibly hormonal and awful this afternoon; my fiancé had had me suck him off the night before, and it had gotten me so so wet. when i asked him to get me off, he refused, and eventually i fell asleep dripping and incredibly unfulfilled. as a result of that, i picked a dumb fight while i was at work and blew up at him. i knew if i was going to have any fucking hope of keeping myself together, i had to get fucked.

while i was at work, this guy came in, wearing a wedding ring but absolutely flirting with me. i was wearing a tiny lil black semi see thru crop top (no bra), and a tiny lil wrap around plaid skirt that had a split almost up to my pussy (no panties) and obviously made a point to bend over to show off for him. i passed him my # in his purchase, and not even a full minute after he left, he was txting and asking what i was doing after work. i replied “u 😜”. he told me that if we were going to do this, we’d have to be so so so careful because – get this – he would have to host me because his wife would hear if he left but id have to be so quiet.

honestly; i was excited but keeping expectations low since i don’t normally meet guys around where i live who a. are confident enough to do that; b. know what i mean when i say don’t be gentle with me; and c. i figured we wouldn’t have much time. well…i was proved wrong pretty fast. he had me park at the top of his driveway and walk down into the garage which had a door leading into his basement. after a very brief hello, he had his hands around my throat pushing me up against the wall while he roughly started rubbing my clit. almost instantly came, but he pushed me down on to my knees and started slapping my face while i undid his jeans. his cock was even bigger than the pic i got, nice and thick, and already mostly hard. that didn’t stop him from grabbing me by the hair and face fucking me until i gagged. he crouched down and whispered the question i had been waiting for: “do u want my big cock inside u?”. i whimpered a yes and he pushed me down so i was face down ass up on his basement floor. he SLAMMED his cock inside me and i immediately came to the feeling of him bottoming out inside my pussy. he fucked me like that til i came two more times, flipped me over onto my back, and kept fucking me. i felt amazing, on fire, and came another time.

i could feel him getting close to coming, and i pulled him close to me so i could moan/whisper to him to come inside me, i’m on the pill, why not? that immediately made him come, but he even kept going until i came once more. right after we finished, and he had pulled out, we heard movement upstairs. he froze, threw my clothes at me and pushed me out into the garage. he apologized, said it was probably just the dog, but he obviously didn’t want to risk anything else so i got dressed in the garage and ran back to the car.

i drove just far enough away but i can feel his come dripping down my legs, and i HAD to pull over to type this out. now that i’m all calmed down, i’m definitely ready to be nice to my fiance😜 maybe ill even let my fiancé fuck me and just believe i’m super wet. maybe i’ll update; but i know i definitely can’t wait to see this new guy any chance i can

NSFW: yes


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