Middle of June. Part 2.

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NSFW: yes

Louis was on the sofa with the newbie woman, Maria. He just finished teasing her pussy with his fingers and was getting up between her spread legs.

Dana was with me at the bar having her drink. She softly told me about Maria. Maria is 53 years old, married forever, her husband works all of the time and when he’s not, he’s out golfing or fishing with his friends. Pays little attention to her. 3 children, all grown and married.

Then Maria’s gasping moan got our attention. Louis had just popped inside of her pussy a little methods.

“Are you ok?” Louis asked her.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. It’s just been awhile for me. You feel good.” Maria answered my retired neighbor with the thick cock.

Maria had ahold of Louis’ waist, her head raised from the pillow, watching his cock work further inside of her. Maria locked her ankles and feet onto Louis’ thighs.

Her head hit the pillow again when Louis hit home. “Oh my! Dana was right about you. Oh Louis.”

Louis leaned his head down and sucked on her titties as he started fucking her. Less than a minute went by and Maria was cuming wildly, jerking and trembling.

Louis fucked the 53 yo beautician for quite some time, changing position a couple of times. Maria was eager to come over and have sex, and that’s what she got.

Eventually Louis ended his vigorous, pleasurable fuck fest with Maria. He sat down on the sofa and told Dana to come over. Dana slid from the bar stool, smiling, and removed her bra.

She walked over tossing her bra on the coffee table, then peeled off her black panties. Dana knelt over Louis’ lap, easing her pussy down and rubbing it on his cock.

Louis gripped Dana’s round titties and sucked on them. She raised her ass up reaching between her legs and inserted his hard cock. Dana eased up and down slowly fucking him.

Maria finally got up gathering her clothes and came over to the bar. She got dressed and thanked me for inviting her and Dana over, adding that she really needed that.

Louis fucked the hell out of Dana too. She got dressed and the two went back to the salon for the rest of the day.

That with left me with a very aroused, Louis. I tried halting the erection pills but that had no difference on the length of time he’d be hard and wanting to fuck.

I can go an easy 20-30 minutes at a time but then need a little break, and a smoke and drink, Ha! Louis is all the time understanding about this and cools his jets for awhile.

Fuck we did. I love screwing and can have that everyday with no complaints. Some people don’t have that high sexual appetite, but I do. So does Dee, Kat, Tina and Dana.

Louis and I were fucking in my bed when Dee arrived. I would get a little break now, not that I was ready for one. I’m drawn, addicted you could say, to having orgasms.

Louis and I were changing positions when I heard Dee’s voice yell, ‘Hello’

More next post.

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