Middle of June now.

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NSFW: yes

It took me so long to get out my last post that I’ve moved on from the holiday weekend.

Things are back to typical for the most part. Everybody is back to work. Joe and Dan have relocated way up north so no scheduled weekend visits from them for who knows how long.

Tina is still living with me, and still sleeping with me every night. Her sex drive is as large as my friend, Dee’s.

Tina wants sex every morning before work, and every night when she’s home from work. Louis is at all times pleased to oblige these appetites. I had to get him more of those erection pills, ha!

Louis, Dee, and my sister, Kat, come over most every day. Dana, on the other hand, is running two salons now. She started and set up a lunch treat for a few of her beauticians.

Dana ran the idea by me first, and I ran it by Louis. He was only too happy to be the main player in this idea of Dana’s.

There are a few woman working for Dana that she’s quite close to. She had shared with them, though lady discussions, that she can have great sex any time she wants and needs it.

These women, most older married women, couldn’t believe Dana’s stories about coming here and having sex. She does this on her lunch break a few days a week. She pops in and goes to bed with Louis, some times Roger, too.

These women that Dana shared this with, were jealous and envious, complaining about their dud husbands and the lack of sex. This is where Dana’s idea came from.

Dana’s idea was to bring along one woman at a time for a lunch sex break. The women would take turns visiting here. There were 3 married ladies that wanted to try this hair brained plan.

Most days these visits were longer than a typical lunch break. Being that Dana, and whichever hair dresser came with her, needed to get back to the salon, Louis took care of them first, along with Kat if she happened to be over.

The first married woman that came along with Dana, I’d say was in her early 50’s. An elegant looking brunette that is a bit thick. Not fat or what you’d call full figured, but she had some meat on her bones. Just as I do too.

Dana and this, Maria, sat on each side of Louis on the sofa. Dana introduced her to Louis. I was mixing drinks at the bar. Both of them were in skirts, blouses, nylons and heels. Dana Louis hadn’t seen each other since Memorial Day weekend.

Louis loved the blonde Swede. They fucked a lot that weekend. Dana was turned towards Louis with her shapely legs crossed. Maria’s foot bobbed from her crossed legs, clearly had to be nervous.

“This is the nice man I was telling you about, Maria.” Dana said as her hand rubbed Louis’ thigh.

Louis had taken an erection pill about an hour before. He was ready for some fun. He was already after me and would have jumped my bones if Dana and Maria hadn’t arrived when they did.

Louis was wearing shorts and a shirt that hung opened unbuttoned. We had been sitting at the bar visiting when he took my hand placing it on the large, hard bulge in his shorts.

Dana saw this also as they sat on the sofa. Dana rubbed her hand over his hard cock. “Oh Louis! We’re you anticipating our visit today? Let’s see what you have here ok.”

“I’ll show if you both do.” Louis said to the women.

Dana uncrossed her legs and sat up. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt. A big smile on her pretty face as she did this. She opened her blouse revealing her large tits bulging out of the white, lacy bra.

“You remember these, don’t you, Louis?” Dana said then stood up.

She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it then placed it and her blouse on the coffee table. “We’re not shy here, Maria. Go ahead, get comfortable and let Louis see that curvy body of yours.”

Maria’s smooth, pretty face was already blushing as she did as Dana. There both women were now sitting there in bras, panties, nylons and heels.

Louis turned his attention to the nervous brunette, said hi, then leaned in kissing her. His hand rubbed her nylon covered leg and quickly went to the woman’s voluptuous titties.

Their hot kiss ended and Louis suggested they get her out of the bar. Maria sat up, reached behind her back unhooking the bra. Louis pulled it from her tits and arms.

Maria has large, dark areola’s with peach colored nipples right in the center of the dark circles. Louis felt each breast and tweaked rack hard nipple, making Maria sigh and shiver a bit.

“I haven’t been touched like that in a long time. Very, very sensitive.” Maria told Louis looking at the older man’s hand feel her tits.

Dana was still rubbing Louis’ hard cock through his shorts trying to get them open. Louis stopped playing with Maria’s large tits, stood up and peeled down his shorts and underwear.

“Oh my!” Maria gasped when seeing Louis’ fat, hard cock.

He sat back down and Dana’s hand gripped the hard shaft right away. “Look at this, Maria. Louis is very generous with it, too, Aren’t you, honey.”

Dana leaned down and ran her lips over the bulbous head of the hard cock. She brought her mouth from it and told Maria to have a taste.

“Well, I haven’t done this in some time either.” Maria said, smiling a little grin.

Maria tucked her curly, dark hair behind her ears then lowered her red lips to Louis’ cock.

“MM! MM! MM!” Maria hummed as she moved her mouth up and down on the hard cock.

Maria stopped sucking and let. Dana do it for a short moment. Louis had enough of this, though. He looked at Maria and told her to lay back on the sofa. Maria kicked off her heels and laid back on a throw pillow.

She quietly watched, raising her round ass up allowing Louis to pull off her pink panties. Maria’s dark bush popped into view.

Louis pushed the brunette’s shapely legs open, commenting at how lovely her pussy is. He touched her pussy and she gasped, jumping slightly.

“Like I’ve said, it’s been awhile. Sorry if I’m a bit jumpy.” Maria softly said then added, “And I’ve never done this with an audience either. I’m a little nervous, and embarrassed.”

Dana stood up, told Maria to just enjoy herself. That we’re all friends here, then walked over to bar where I was sitting.

More next post.

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