[MFM][Cuckolding][BullPOV] The Man Who Loves Power: Alex Pt 4

These stories are true stories about my first experience in the LS.

As I lay there my cock softening and spent for the moment after filling Alex with what felt like all the cum my body had ever made. I look almost in shock as I watch her husband Jake eating her cunt like a starving animal. Her slit leaking my cum out and he is eating it like it was his last meal.

Her moans and words escaping her lips were what hit me the hardest.

“Oh baby you should have seen how much he stretched my little pussy when he first went inside me. You could never do what he did baby but that’s ok isn’t it. You are getting your favorite treat huh. You like eating cum out of my used holes don’t you.”

He was moaning and shaking his head in agreement just lapping her and my juices up. I guess she saw the look on my face as she was grabbing the back of his head forcing him more into her sex and smiled at me.

“Jake here is my cum eating little cuck aren’t you”

He muffles something and shakes his head yes.

“He has such a little cock that he doesn’t deserve these wonderful holes unless someone else gets to use them first. So he finds me men to fuck me and fill me. So it looks like it was your lucky day huh baby”

She said so calmly almost as a speech she had practiced a thousand times. As this man who looked to be so alpha and a force to be reckoned with outside of this room was enjoying the taste of both of us as he hungrily sucked and tongued her pussy.

I was still almost in a daze as she shoved his head off her sloppy wet cunt

“So shall we go again or do you need some time to think about if you want a second time at all”

She says as she crawled over on the bed her head at my chest level as she began stroking my already hardening cock. She smirked and a little giggle came out as she explained to me exactly what this relationship was for them and what she wanted out of it. She let me know that she loved her husband and didn’t want anyone else emotionally but he couldn’t satisfy her sexual needs. So at first it was threesomes, couple sharing and things of the like until she realized in the bedroom he was actually more interested in watching her get fucked than he was interested in fucking. After a couple years of experimenting she found he was a cuckold and lived to she his wife be bread by men who were extremely dominant and controlled not just her but him as well.

With all this information pouring out of her mouth I noticed he never moved or looked anywhere other than her crotch almost trying to summon her pussy back to him with his mind powers.

I asked questions and got details all while she slowly stroked my now hard cock that was slowly leaking precum. I asked all kinds of questions most of which now looking back I think we’re very silly but that’s how you learn so I’m more than ok with looking silly to learn the task they wanted me to fulfill. They wanted a bull for long term play and me being so interested in the lifestyle I was more than happy to say yes.

Will be posting part 5 tomorrow! Things in this series are about to get a lot more wild and crazy and sometimes a little goofy as being new to this was a learning curve in all sense of the term! Hope you enjoy reading and feel free to follow I try to post at least 3 times a week!

NSFW: yes

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