[MFF] My wife (F45) and I (M50) go on a date with a mom (F42) from college

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Kim and I talked the next morning about all that happened. She was riding a sexual high that was tainted by some guilt and a sense that what we did was wrong in some way.

I assured her that I was fine with everything and that she did nothing wrong. I told her how hot it was watching her have another woman do things to her and her to Julie.

And how it was hot to have a spectator while we fucked. It was different than with Alex who was a full participant.

I think that helped Kim feel better that everything would be okay between us, but I imagine she still felt like it was all immoral in some way.

Later that morning Kim told me that she and Julie had been texting and talked.

Tom woke up when she got home. She told him everything. He got turned on and they fucked as she told him about the evening.

Kim said Julie suggested we meet up again that night. Kim explained that our kids were staying at Grandma’s house and we were planning to go out to a rare dinner date.

Apparently, Julie made some joke about being dessert.

Later, Kim suggested we invite her to dinner. She said it would be in public place where we would talk and there wouldn’t be the expectation of sex. Just get to know her better. She likes what had happened, but she believed she’d be more comfortable if we became friends with Julie.

Kim never had a one-night stand and had a decent-lenghted relationship with the three guys she had slept with before me. So establishing a relationship with Julie may make her feel more comfortable.

I said it was fine with me.

Julie was all for it.

We switched our reservation to three with no issue. It was a nice restaurant, not Michelin-rated nice, but a casual-nice place with an ocean view. Some people dressed in cocktail attire. Some guys wore shorts and collared shirt like they’d been golfing. We usually dressed in the middle when we went there.

Kim picked out a cute sundress and I coaxed her into going braless. Then as we parked, I asked her to stay in the car for a second. I went around to her side, opened her door, knelt down, pulled her legs toward me, reached up and slid her panties off. Then leaned forward and gave her pussy a lick before standing up and offering her my hand.

Kim wanted to have Julie to dinner because there would be less sexual tension, but Kim looked so hot and I was so turned on I couldn’t help but add a little sexual tension to the night.

Kim playfully rolled her eyes at me pulling off her panties. But her eyes glazed over when I liked her pussy.

We walked up and Julie was waiting at the host stand. She was wearing a sundress that hugged her large breasts just right and was short enough to show the great shape of her short legs, accentuated by wedge heels.

I turned to Kim, “See, the braless look is in. Wonder if she is wearing matching panties like you are?”

We all hugged hello. Some long hugs.

I was hard at the first sight of them together.

At dinner we chatted about kids, jobs, life, why we each moved to this city, etc. Julie likes her wine. I don’t drink and Kim usually spends an entire evening with one drink that she sips for hours and never finishes.

A few glasses in and Julie is explaining how she told Tom everything this morning. How she was stroking him and giving him the play by play until he bent her over and fucked her while telling her to go on with the story.

Julie added that she and Tom have had a semi-open relationship for a few years. She is free to be with another woman whenever. They have had a few same room/same bed encounters without swapping and a couple of full swaps.

Their arrangement is that she cannot do anything with a guy without both she and Tom talking about it and agreeing, and that last night was the first time a guy had even been present when Tom wasn’t. But he was okay with it because Julie only did things with Kim.

She said they’d only had a dozen or so encounters through the last four years, and none recently. They just hadn’t found a good match in the last year.

We were at a four-top table with Kim between us and the open seat between Julie and I. So I was straight across from Julie.

Julie and Kim had scooted closer to one another and were handsy with each other’s thighs as the night went on.

Julie then asks Kim if she thinks I am getting turned on by hearing all of this.

Kim said she bets I am.

Julie then asked, “Can I check?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. Not sure Kim did either, but Kim agreed. Kim likely wondered Julie was just gonna ask me if I was hard.

But then Julie scoots her chair as far forward as it will go and reaches her leg under the table toward my crotch.

She got to my inner thighs.

“My short legs won’t go any farther. I am going to need you to help.”

I looked at Kim and she didn’t really have a reaction. Likely she was confused. But I scooted forward and Julie’s foot found by hard dick. She ran her foot up and down it a few times. Then turned to Kim and said, “You were right.” And stroked a few more times before lowering her foot.

“So should we go out for more drinks, dancing, or back to the hot tub?” Julie asked. “Let’s order some dessert and come up with a plan. But first, I need to use the ladies room. Kim?”

Damn, the two of them looked so hot all dinner long. Especially, braless and the cool ocean breeze making sure their nipples stood out.

Watching them walk away was such a gorgeous sight it took a few minutes for me to consider what might happen in the bathroom.

I had ordered dessert while they were gone. They’d agreed on a hot fudge cake with ice cream. They were gone a while and the ice cream was mostly melted when they returned.

Both looked red faced and their hair was a bit out of place.

Kim leaned over to me. “Her panties match,” she said as she kissed me and I could smell and taste pussy on her mouth and face.

“So we decided to head back to the hot tub,” Julie announced.

While I wasn’t gonna complain, I am a sucker for the create up and tease. I am not much of a dancer, but the wondered of watching them dance, touch, flirt, etc. for an hour or two was appealing.

As we walked out, we all agreed that Julie should not drive. As we got to our car, Kim offered Julie the front seat.

As we were driving, Julie looked over at my crotch and said, “Ben is still hard. Really hard.”

She turned back to Kim and asked her, “Can I see it.”

I didn’t care at all that my comment in the matter wasn’t a factor.

“Sure,” Kim replied.

Before I could do anything Julie reached over, unzipped me and pulled it out and held it while staring at it.

“Is this okay with Tom?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. He said he likes you two and I could do anything with Ben that doesn’t involve his penis entering any orifice,” she said with a laugh.

She continued holding it and stroking the head with her thumb.

“It is a good size. Kind of a Goldilocks size. And it is cute. Don’t you think Ben has a good looking dick, Kim?” Julie asked.

“It is very handsome. And I know Ben tells me it is average sized, but maybe I am just tight. I like how it barely fits in me,” Kim said.

Julie fondled my dick the whole 20-minute drive back to our house.

“How does his precum taste?” Julie asked. Before Kim could answer she scooped some up with her finger and slid it in her mouth. “Mmmm.”

Back at our house, we never made it to the hot tub. Julie and Kim were making out and had their dresses off before we reached the living room.

I sat back and watched. I’d put my dick away before leaving the car.

Kim had lost her sandals but Julie was still wearing the wedges, and nothing else. They really accentuated her calves and her great ass.

Julie knelt on the floor. Kim sat on the couch. Julie licked and sucked and Kim came several times. They came down and made out while cuddling on the couch.

“Do you have any boundaries for Ben and I, beyond the ones Tom and I have?” she asked Kim.

“I don’t think so.”

Julie walked over to where I sat on a chair. Took off my shoes and pulled off my pants and underwear and started stroking me.

Then she put my dick between her tits and gave me a titty job. She could sense when I was about to cum and would slow down.

She pulled me down lower by my thighs and then pushed my hips up and started rubbing my asshole.

I made a moan than I didn’t recognize as a sound coming from my mouth. The sensation was incredible.

“Ah, I thought you might like that,” Julie said.

She rubbed her finger along my outter asshole and then leaned forward and started licking my hole while stroking me.

It had been years since Kim gave me a rimjob. It felt so good. But again, Julie knew just when to stop so that I didn’t cum.

I had totally lost track of my wife at this point until Julie said, “Kim, will you come suck his dick while I play with his ass?”

Next thing I know, Kim has my dick in her mouth and Julie’s finger is deep in my ass.

I saw bright lights or black or heard sounds or something. It was complete sensory overload. And I came as hard as I have ever cum.

When I came to 30 seconds (5 minutes?) later I saw Julie licking some of my cum off Kim’s face.

We all cuddled on the chair for a bit and then Kim suggested I get some wine for Julie.

After I got the wine, Julie reminded us we had come here to get in the hot tub.

So we all did. I was in the middle and both of them were tight against me. Leaning across me to kiss occasionally. Holding hands with each other across my lap, and on top of my dick, which soon got hard again.

Then Julie looked at me. She is so pretty and has these amazing naturally full lips. She leaned in to kiss me and we made out for a minute or two. Then that turned into a three-way kiss. And for the next hour or so there was lots of kissing and fondling between us all.

I finally got to feel, lick and suck Julie’s fantastic tits. At one point she sat on my lap with her pussy pressed against my dick, her hips thrusting, as we made out. But nothing pentrated.

We went to the bedroom and Kim and I fucked while Julie watched, helped, played with Kim or Kim played with her.

She would add a sexy opinion at times, such as, “Kim, you look so fucking hot when you ride his dick.” Or “moan into my pussy while he fucks you.” I cannot really remember exactly what she said. But it was all good.

During one break from fucking I was hard and laying on my back. Julie straddled me and slid her pussy up and down my dick. She looked so sexy. Her big tits heaving. Her pretty face and great lips looking down. And it felt so good. And she never let my dick penetrate. So she was following her rules.

She kept going like that until I came again. Mostly on my stomach, but quite a bit on her pussy.

She bent down and licked my cum off my stomach, and licked her juices and my cum off my dick. She was really taking the no penetrating any orifice rule to the limit. My dick never went into her mouth.

Kim got behind her and licked my cum off Julie’s pussy. And started really going for it. Trying to give Julie an orgasm.

After a while Kim gave up, a bit frustrated and dejected. Julie explained that the previous night was an anomaly. She usually has a difficult time cumming, especially from oral.

Kim said, “Let Ben try. He is so good at it.”

Julie said she didn’t want me to get frustrated as she was sure it wouldn’t happen. And that she really gets turned on getting other people off, so it would be okay.

“Come on Ben, will you give it a try?” Kim asked me.

I nodded.

I asked Julie to lay back on the bed.

“If you are okay with it, I just love eating pussy and I don’t mind whether you cum or not, as long as you think it feels enjoyable.”

Julie agreed.

I started massaging her right foot. Then licked her sole and sucked her toes before switching to the left and doing the same.

I slowly licked up her inner calf. Stopped to kiss and lick the back of her knee. Worked my way up her inner thigh. Then kissed right next to her lips. She had a great outtie. Her outer lips came out just the right amount.

I didn’t touch them with my mouth, but my face brushed the lips as I kissed up past her pussy to her stomach.

I licked all over her stomach and up to her tits. I caressed, squeezed, sucked, licked and pinched her tits before kissing up to her neck and ears then as I kissed her mouth my dick pressed against her pussy.

The slightest thrust from either of us and I’d be inside her. She wiggled a bit against my dick, but no thrust.

I kissed to her other ear and down her neck to her other tit. Down her stomach. And right to the top of her pussy.

I then sat back and grabbed her other foot. Took it in my mouth. Licked it. Sucked her toes and kissed back up her inner leg as I had on the other side.

It had to be more than 20 minutes I’d been doing this now.

I finally kissed up to her inner thigh. Lifted her legs a bit and licked her taint and then just brushed her asshole with my tongue.

I wanted to see if she liked receiving ass play as much as giving. The shiver of her body suggested she did.

So I licked around her hole and then let my tongue slide inside.

I then licked up to the bottom of her pussy. I let my tongue slide just between her lips, but not deeply. Up to her clit and I gently flicked the hood of it. Then I moved down and sucked one of her outer lips, then the other.

I’d let my tongue slide inside sometimes and other times suck both her lips into my mouth.

I purposely avoided her clit.

Finally after about 10 minutes of playing with her pussy and ass, I started for her clit.

All throughout I had been telling her how great she tastes and how much I love her lips, how wet she is, how pretty her pussy is.

Finally, I let me tongue press against the hood. Pressing more firmly. Then circling. Not making direct contact with her clit. I hear her moans. Her breathing. I think I might be making progress.

Finally, I let my tongue slide the hood back and press against her clit. Her body quivers. I look up to see her eyes close and head thrust back just as I suck her clit hard into my mouth and begin flicking it with my tongue.

Her hands grab the back of my head and pull it into her. Her thighs clench the sides of my heads.

I keep sucking her clit in and licking fast and hard on her clit.

Her hips start to buck. Her breathing is heavy. Then one big thrust up and every muscle in her body tightens and holds and she screams, “Fuuuuuuck!”

As her muscles release I keep going. Her hands begin to push my head away and then stop as I hear her say, “Yes.” And again her hips thrust up, tighten around my head, her nails dig into the back of my head, all her muscles tighten, her breathing stops. She holds like this for what seems like forever, but is just a few seconds. Then her body crashes down limply. I lick her clit and her body pulls back. It is too sensitive to touch now.

I lick all around her pussy. Taking in all of her juices. I then wonder where Kim is and I look up to see her fingering herself and watching. I invite her to help me clean Julie. Kim and I lick all of her juices from between her legs, kissing each other as we do.

“Oh my fucking gawd! I did not know that was possible,” Julie finally said.

We kissed and cuddled and fell asleep.

I woke in the morning to Julie licking my dick from soft to hard. Kim and I fucked again while Julie watched and helped. Julie rode my face to another surprising orgasm while Kim rode my dick. I couldn’t see much but it seemed they were kissing and playing with each other’s tits as they faced each other while riding ne.

We had coffee and I made breakfast. Julie asked if I had ever had anything in my ass before. I told her how Kim used to give me rimjobs but it had been years. She asked if I liked it. Uh, no shit. I loved it.

Then asked if I’d be up for trying a toy sometime. Who was I to say “no” after what I’d just felt.

She asked Kim how she knew I could make her cum with my mouth. Kim just smiled and said it is my special talent.

We hung out and chatted then it was time for us to pick the kids up from Grandma’s house. Kim was getting the kids so I had to drive Julie back to her car at the restaurant.

On the drive Julie asked how Kim would feel about fucking Tom and us doing a full swap. I told her that I had no idea. We’d never talked about anything like this before Alex in Thailand. This mostly came about because of Kim’s attraction to women. She’d never mentioned anything about another man.

She asked how I felt about it. I just said that Kim and I would have to discuss it. I didn’t want to make Kim the bad guy if she wasn’t up for it. A united front seemed the best option.

She asked that as we find out our boundaries to consider same room/no swap, full swap, letting Tom have a night with the two women like I just did, and anything else we could think of.

She closed by saying how much she likes to suck dick and she had a difficult time keeping mine out of her mouth the last two nights. And then how much she loves to be fucked hard. I admitted to her that my speciality is more oral than jackhammer fucking. But Kim and I would discuss it all.

I really had no idea where things would go from here. I loved seeing how much fun Kim was having. Eating pussy is my favorite thing and until Alex I had only been with Kim for years. I did really enjoy that prostate orgasm. Wow.

Not sure how I feel about another guy in the room, or Kim with another guy.

Cannot wait to hear what Kim wants to do.

NSFW: yes

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