[MFF] Can I watch?

I had never wondered it would happen, but there I was watching my cum drip out of my wife’s pussy and her friend about to lick it up after I just pounded the fuck out of both of them. The sexiest thing a man could ask for.

It all started after a bottle of wine and talking about past experiences. After a few glasses of wine I needed to shower as I was still in my greasy work clothes so I excused myself to get cleaned up. When I get out my wife is changing into some shorts and I rub my half chub against her ass. “Mmm” she lets out “I’m wet, slide it in.” She tells me. I slide my dick head up and down her slit, till I part her lips and get inside. I begin slowly fucking her, feeling my cock get harder as her lips grip me. I grab her hips, lift her up and throw her on the bed. She lets out a loud moan as my cock re enters her. I hear the floor creak and turn around to see her friend (let’s call her J) standing there watching. “Babe” I say, my wife looks back, sees J, hesitates and asks “well should we stop? Or can I finish?” J returns with her own question “can I watch?” My wife nods and grabs my ass and pushes me all the way into her.

Now I’m back to semi hard not knowing what’s happening. But my wife wants it. I slowly begin fucking her again, taking my attention from my wife’s sexy ass to J standing in the doorway. I grab my wife’s hair and begin giving it to her harder, I look back at J and now she’s got a hand between her legs. (I know it’s been awhile since she’s been fucked.) I lean down and whisper in my wife’s ear “J is touching herself, tell her to get naked.” My wife turns her head and sees it too. “Take your clothes off, climb on the bed.” My wife says to J. J walks over, takes her yoga pants off and her shirt, her Latina booty just eating her panties, I grab her butt and pull her panties down. She steps out of them and releases the clasp on her bra and her tits fall out like they needed to be released. She lays down in front of my wife and my wife pushes her legs aside, “touch it.” My wife demands J to do, I grab my wife’s hips and lift her knees up onto the bed. Her pussy is peeking through her thighs, dripping juices. I grab my cock push it back into her, use my other hand to push the small of her back down so she’s arched up towards my dick and begin thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. She’s moaning watching J rub her clit that’s slowly starting to swell in pleasure, feeling her cunt get fucked by my hard cock. “Omg, I’m gonna cum,” my wife lets out. I look at J, her head is leaned back in ecstasy, looking like she’s going to cum. My wife grabs J’s thighs as her cunt clinches around my cock. J grabs my wife’s hand, they’re holding hands as they cum. I pull out of my wife, her creamy mess is all over my cock, she rolls over on her side. I grab J’s legs and pull her to the edge of the bed. Push her legs back and slide my cock into her wet pussy, mixing her sweet juices and my wife’s sweet cum together.

My wife sees the mess on my cock and gets up out of her cumtonic state. She leans over and starts to rub Js clit as the mess gets messier, “you wanna taste it?” My wife asks J, she can’t even answer before my wife shoves her fingers down J’s throat. J let’s out a enormous moan and arch’s her back, I can feel her orgasm building. My wife starts to lick her nipples and I wrap my hand around J’s throat. “I’m gonna cum.” J yells out, her creamy cunt, starts squirting all over my cock and balls. “Yes baby we got a squirter here.” I say to my wife. I reach down and rub my cock on J’s swollen clit and let her cum more and more. I grab my wife by her hair and flip her on her back. “I need to cum now!” I told her. I grab my squirt soaked dick and slam it in her cunt. “Thank you J, you made it extra wet for me.” I say as I use her wetness to fuck my wife. I wrap my arms under my wife and slightly pick her up and begin slamming my dick into her. “Fill me up babe, then make her eat it out of me, I know you want that.” My wife tells me. As soon as I look into her eyes, I lose it and shoot rope after rope of cum deep into her wet cunt. We fully embrace in the moment and don’t even know J is there until I collapse on top of my wife and look over at J, still touching herself. “You’re on cleanup duty.” I say to J, she starts to crawl over to us and I pull out and watch the cum begin to seep out of that gorgeous cunt my wife has. I lean back and watch J jump to make sure she doesn’t miss a drop. My wife looks at me and looks at J licking her cunt. “I’m gonna cum in her…” my wife cums again from J’s tongue teasing her clit. I throw some basketball shorts on and walk out to get another bottle of wine.

NSFW: yes

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