[MF] Would fuck fwb in backseat of her car in street regularly

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So this was right after we graduated high college and were freshman in local community colleges. I (18M at the time) had this fwb (18F) who had dated one of my best friends for a couple years in highschool.

She was definitely a ‘butterface’, she was thick and had nice titties but..yeah. she was also kinda annoying, all the time telling stories about drama in her life at like 100mph. She had the hots for me but Id never give her a chance because she dated my friend and I was honest with her about it.

We ended up fucking at some point, it was mid af; she made me wear a condom and she kinda smells weird, like her pussy smells different than alot of pussy ive smelled. But shes kinda known to be easy, after she broke up with my buddy, she slept around alot. And I had recently broken up with a girlfriend and wanted to try that pussy out for myself. Nothing great, but it was pussy 🤷🏾‍♀️

She was pretty horny and easy to please, didnt take alot to make her cum. She was a legit late night bootycall. Anywhere after 11pm or so, I would hit her up and ask if she wanted to “smoke”. She was all the time down. It meant she got to torture me with her ridiculous stories.

She would drive over in this big ass buick and either park in the street or in my driveway, and Id go sit in her back seat with her. She’d pack a bowl or 2 of her bud while telling me the dramas of the day while I kinda just felt her thighs and asscheeks up.

After a certain point id begin kissing on her neck and itd be the que to wrap her story up and we’d kinda makeout for a minute or 2 before id turn her around to bend over doggy. She’d all the time wear leggings, so it was easy to slide them down. And when I did; I would get a waft of that weird pussy smell, thats all the time been unique to her.

The smell, mixed with how annoying she is, mixed with the fact im in the backseat of a car; was all kinda bummin me out. But I was 18 and there was some thick bent over white girl booty in front of me, so id stick my dick in her pussy and fuck as hard as I could until I nutted. With a condom on, itd be a minute or 2 😅

I usually only ever nutted once and then snuck back inside. I lived with folks, so I couldnt bring her in n out at will. Wasnt the best pussy but it was convienant AND she’d smoke me out 🙂 this went on for like a year before we switched up to a [morning routine](

NSFW: yes

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