[MF] The Fun You Can Have When She Likes Being Told What To Do (Part 1)


She did not suspect what was about to go down today, but I had been thinking about this and planning it for a week. I came over the night before, and it was now Saturday morning. We made plans for the day: hardware store for some picture-hanging bits, grocery store for dinner ingredients, gas in the car, and a car wash before heading home to mount some photos and prep/cook dinner. We were almost ready to leave when I stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at me.

“I want you to do something for me today.” I told her. She looked up at me quizzically. I smiled mischievously. “Take your underwear off and leave it here.”

“What?!” she exclaimed, taken aback at how forward I was. Her face flushed as she searched mine, looking for any sense of whether I was joking.

“Take your underwear off and leave it here.” I repeated my previous statement, not breaking eye contact. She looked at me for just a moment longer before reaching under her sundress, pulled them down, and stepped out of them. She crouched down, picked them up, and placed them in my outstretched hand. I placed them on top of the dresser behind me then touched her cheek and leaned in for a kiss. “Ready to go?”

“Yes.” She replied, a husky whisper that revealed how much what I had just done had turned her on. She grabbed her purse and we left the apartment. We got in the car and headed out to our first stop. I at all times drive when I come to visit, my preference and hers as well. Now comes the second step of my plan. We approached a stoplight that was red. As we came to a stop, surrounded by other cars, I reached into my pocket and pulled out her Lush vibrator. I held my hand out in front of her.

“Put this in.” I said to her as I wiggled it a little in my hand. She looked over at me in surprise before grabbing it and quickly holding it down out of sight. She glanced over at the car next to us to see if they were looking. They were not, but it wouldn’t have mattered. She hiked her dress up enough for me to see what she was doing as she took the toy, rubbed it around and inserted it, then adjusted it to the correct position. She pulled her dress back down as the light turned green, and we continued to our first stop.

We began our stops farthest away from home, at the grocery store. Before we got out of the car, I opened the control app on my phone and gave it a moment to connect. I gave it a quick test which caused her to squirm and let out a small moan. Then we got out of the car, grabbed a shopping cart, and headed inside. I pushed the cart, placing my phone down on the upper part of the cart. I followed her around the store, or we walked side by side down the aisles as we shopped. I kept it at a constant low buzz, but would frequently slide my finger up and down the scale on the screen as she leaned down to select some fruits or veggies, grab something from a lower shelf, or reach up to a top shelf. She would jump every time, and if it happened as we were walking down an aisle, she would reach out and squeeze my arm as it happened. As we paused at the wine section, I held the control at the maximum for a few seconds, and she leaned into me, grabbing my cock and rubbing through my jeans as she felt my swollen member. I lowered the feedback again and gave her a firm smack on her backside, then continued on down the aisle, putting my hand at the small of her back and pushing her along.

The next aisle over, as she bent down to grab something from a freezer, I reached my hand under her dress and ran my fingers across her labia, now slick with wetness. As she stood back up, I took one finger and stuck it in my mouth, sucking her juices before offering her the other. She leaned over and took it into her mouth, not breaking eye contact with me as she did it. As she pulled it back out of her mouth and turned around, there was a young couple at the far end of the aisle that quickly looked away and turned around to walk the other way and disappear around the corner. We looked at each other: her face showed nothing but pure and willing arousal. I cocked my head back down the aisle towards the front. We had everything we needed, it was time to go. Standing in line to check out, I continued to modify the intensity while she did her best to maintain composure. I could see her hips squirming slightly as she clenched her thighs together, but that only intensified the feelings as she gripped the toy even tighter.

We made it through checkout and got ourselves back out to the car. I opened her door, gesturing her in. I quickly stowed the groceries in the back and put the cart into one of the corrals before getting in the car. As I turned back from shutting the door, she practically crawled on top of me, wrapping her arms around my neck and burying her tongue in the back of my throat.. She reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants again, squeezing it tightly while we continued to kiss. After a minute, I pushed her gently back away from me and into her seat.

“Be patient, we will get to that.” I told her as she feigned pouting. We pulled out of the lot and headed to the next stop: gas and a car wash. I had a plan for this too. (Coming in Part 2)

NSFW: yes

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