[MF] Spontaneous Orgasms

I was sitting on the couch when he came over and took me by the hand, leading me into bedroom. He pushed me into the bed and I was face down. He pull my pants down, spread my ass and started licking. I lifted my ass high and he pulled my pants the rest of the way off. He rolled me over so I’m laying on my back and he’s licking my pussy. After a few minutes she climbed up beside me slide on just one finger into my soaked pussy and kissed me deeply. I love tasting my juices from his lips. He than got up off the bed. I’m laying on my back and he shoved his cock down my throat, fucking my face. This continued for a few minutes then he moved me to my knees on the floor. He grabs my head and pounds my face until I can not breath. I’m gagging and crying on his cock as I squirt all over the floor. He started laughing and helps me up. As I’m standing at the sink to clean my face he starts fingering me until I cum again.
He said, “good girl, that’s enough for now” and walks away.

NSFW: yes

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