[MF] She made me (32M) cum in a boardroom

I’ll try to keep this one shorter than my last post.

It was a few years ago where I got involved with an older woman (5 years older than me) at the office. She was in a relationship but I was young and didn’t think about it or let it bother me.

We sat in different areas of the office but would text eachother during the day and she’d send me teasing pics from the bathroom to keep our work day interesting.

There was one Friday afternoon that the office was quiet, not empty, but quieter than ordinary and our usual banter escalated to full on sexting. She suggested we meet in a two-person boardroom and finish what we started. The boardroom had one glass wall where the door was and we situated ourselves so her back was to the glass and I was facing her. We stayed on opposite sides of the small table so it wasn’t obvious if someone walked by and looked in the room. She was leaning over the table with her tits nearly popping out of her shirt, talking filthy to me, while rubbing my cock over my pants below the table.

As she continued rubbing me, she was squeezing and rubbing her tits while whispering how bad she wanted to feel me in her mouth. It escalated to the point that she pulled her tits out and was playing with her nipples with one hand while the other continued stroking my rock hard cock. We really didn’t want to get caught so unfortunately kept my pants on but her rubbing was so hard and fast that I started to realize she might actually make me cum… I whispered “keep going baby you’re gonna make me cum…” to which she replied “omg really? That’s so fucking hot, I want you to cum in your pants for me.”

As she continued stroking my cock and saying some of the filthiest things I’ve ever heard, I reached across the table, gripped her perfect tits, slid my thumb in her mouth, which she proceeded to lick and suck. I then slide that wet thumb down her neck, teasing her already hard nipples and got her to moan gently. I was so close to cumming when she said “i wish my boyfriend’s cock was as big and hard as yours” which pushed me over the edge and made me cum in my pants…

She didn’t believe that I actually came despite my eyes rolling back and a subtle uncontrollable moan squeaking out. I grabbed her hand, put it back on my pants where my cum was pooled so she could feel the load she jerked out of me. She rubbed it for a few seconds then slid her wet fingers in her mouth, sucked them and said “next time I want you cumming down my throat.”

– Jon

NSFW: yes

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