[MF] Sexting with my friend (f25)

A coupe of years ago on a weekend morning I was texting with a friend of mine. She was telling me about how she was making a homemade version of charades for a party she was gonna. She asked for some suggestions for adult/sexual ideas to use. This was very surprising since I didn’t see this coming from her since she was a bit religious and conservative when I came to sexually related stuff.

We discussed a few options for the charades game. Started with easy ones like orgasm, masturbation, and blowjob. But then came up with some better ones like micro penis, cowgirl, missionary, dildo, and so on!

After the idea for dildo came up, it reminded me that earlier in the year she told me she was potentially considering getting her first toy. So I asked he if she had gotten one yet and she said that she actually did! I could not believe it!

From this point on the convo continued to get more sexual. As it continued, I learned that she likes the idea of not being in charge and having they guy take charge with everything. I asked her if all of the stuff we were discussing was making her wet and she said a bit, but not enough to act on. So now I was determined to change that!

So with the newly gained knowledge that she likes to be told what to do, I decided to tell her to take all of her clothes off. She playfully denied at first. I sent her a text again and said “I know you like being told what to do, so take them off and send me a pic of you clothes on the floor!” After no response for a couple minutes I was sent a pic of of her shirt and shorts on the floor. I didn’t see any underwear in the pic, so I said she could keep them off for now. She responded that she wasn’t wearing any which was so hot!

I asked her what her plans are for the morning and she said she had to do laundry and make breakfast. So I told her to put on the sexiest pair of panties she had in her laundry and to go snd stand by her window for 30 second and then take a picture for proof. 2 minutes later I got a pic!

I then told her to send me a pic of her new toy then, and as usual a pic followed. It was a 6-7 inch long vibrator that could also be used as a dildo. Knowing they she had never had sex before, it seemed to be the perfect size for her.

Now I knew she had to be very wet. I told her to slide off the black thong and send me a pic of it. In the pic, I could see that a little creamy wet spot on them. Pretty sure she was lying before when she said she wasn’t that wet, but now I definitely know she was.

Now I told her it was time for her to make breakfast. I also reminded her that she has to do what I say, and I said that she was not allowed to touch herself yet. Minutes into making breakfast she admitted that she had just felt her pussy juices dripping out onto her leg. This was so hot!

Knowing what her kitchen looked like, I told her to go and sit on her leather chairs while she ate. Knowing how wet she was I knew she was gonna leave a wet spot. So once she was done eating I told her to send me a pic of the chair. Right in the middle of it was a small little white puddle.

By now she was asking when she would finally be able to touch herself so I decided to make her wait a little longer. I told her to grab her dildo and get in her bed. Im sure she was expecting to finally be able to touch herself, but instead I told her to begin sucking on it as if it was a dick. Pretty sure at this point she had yet to ever even suck a dick, so it was good practice for her!

Now I finally decided to let her pussy have a little attention. I told her to go to the corner of her bed and begin grinding her pussy against her mattress as she straddled it and continued to suck on the toy. I asked her how ready her pussy was fur the dildo and she responded with “VERY!!!” So I then told her to hop up onto her bed and get into doggy position and reach around and slowly begin to fuck herself with the toy. After about five minutes of that, it was time for her to cum. I told her to roll over to her back she and to set her phone to the side until she was done because she was gonna need both hands. I told her to rub her clit with one hand while fucking herself with the toy with the other hand. She was very excited to do so!

20 minutes later I got a text that of my career fails I need to do that as a job. She was very pleased!

NSFW: yes


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