[MF] Left friends at bar for anal and ice cream

This is during the time I was [addicted to that ugly girls butthole.](

I (23M at the time) was out with some friends from school at the bar. It was about midnight and we had all been drinking for awhile, I was pretty buzzed. From my Snapchat stories, anal girl saw I was at the bars by campus which is by her dorm. She hit me up asking if I wanted to swing by and grab a snack from the dining hall, which was open 24/7.

It struck me that I could probably hook up with her and I got the sudden urge to feel her tight colon rubbing against the bottom of my dickhead while im cumming. Visions of her tinted brown asshole raced passed my mind as I tried to come up with excuses to leave my buddies to the warm embrace of this ugly chicks rectum. Its funny how I would do sooo much just so I could fuck this brown little butthole.

Tell my buddies something generic and take my leave. Im hammered but its just a few blocks away so I stumble my way there. She comes down to meet me and assumed we were gunna go get snacks right away. Tried to be smart and tell her Ive missed her and want a different type of snack. She giggles and leads me up.

The usual routine was pussy creampie first and then cum in her ass, like I said in the [original story]( But I was so drunk, I was prolly only good for 1 nut. I got her in doggy and put it in her pussy, then shoved my middle and index finger in her asshole. I like to feel my dickhead through the wall that separates a girls pussy and rectum.

I slide my fingers as far as I can into her ass and felt no grime or turds; major turn on and green flag for me, it happened a [few times with her]( and it would happen often with the [fat gross Tinder chick I fucked]( I flip her on her back, im willing to feel that [bend all the way]( in the back of her rectum.

I have her legs damn near behind her head so I can dig into her asshole as deep and hard as feasible; I love watching it grip my shaft as Im pulling out and the feeling of that bend in the back as Im shoving it all the way in. Im hammered and just loving the way her colon is hugging my dickhead and I begin to spurt nut 🤤 my fucking drugggg

After I nut, we get dressed and head to the food hall. After hours it was pretty much just the vending machines; but they had a soft serve ice cream machine with like the vanilla and chocolate as well as the twist option. And its all-you-can-eat 🥲 smashed like 3 cones all drunk n with my nuts emptied in this chicks asshole.

NSFW: yes

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