[MF] I (F21) hooked up with my neighbor/roommates crush (M22) 9 days in a row…. Part 3/? [public] [car] [oral] [dom] [sub] [exhibitionism] [clothed] [caught] [roommate]

I woke up the next morning and was laying in my bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about Dylan. He had this grip on my soul. He was past being in control of my mind and my body. I couldn’t think of much I wouldn’t do to be his good girl. I squeezed my legs together and tried to remember his neck on my breath. Instead I got the butterflies he gives me. That knowing that he was fixing to shape and mold me into that perfectly needy mess was ecstatic. My phone buzzed on my night stand. It was Dylan.

He had texted me “I miss you, come over”. I texted him back that I needed a few minutes to get ready. He said “No, the front door is open. Come. Over”. I had been making a point to make it look like I had completely left when I’d go to Dylan’s. Other than my car being in the parking lot, and I at all times had a fib ready for that. Dylan texted “I want you exactly as you are, now”. I didn’t want to disappoint him. So I snuck out of my quiet, dark and seemingly empty apartment. I just rolled out of my bed and into Dylan’s. I snuggled up next to him in my gigantic t shirt and panties.

He ran his hand up and down my body, stopping to watch me quiver. I closed my eyes. He liked watching my body beg for more. Shaking and groaning for more. This time, he grabbed my throat. Gently. Firmly. I gasped. Dylan stroked my chin, my cheeks and my lips. I kissed his fingers, he gently pushed his finger in between my lips. I sucked it and moaned, arching my back and pushing my ass into his chubby fat cock. He pushed the head against my pussy lips, I could feel my soft panties sink between my them. He tickled my pussy like that a few times, I started throbbing. He whispered “such a good girl” in my ear.

I was getting a phone call, I looked and saw it was my roommate Morgan. I had to answer, she had seen me leave! I felt Dylan’s finger graze me and pull my panties apart. She asked if I was okay, I told her I had lost $50 and was retracing my steps looking for it. He put the head in. My pussy was aching and begging for him, squeezing his head inside as fast as I could. I rushed Morgan off of the phone. As soon as I hung up, I pushed myself down on his cock. He pushed me back to where he had me, his cock barely inside of me and I moaned pleadingly. Dylan said “my greedy greedy girl, you are so wet”.

I said “I have to go, Morgan is looking for me”. He started giving me tiny rhythmic thrusts. I was melting into it. He said “tell me you have to leave again”. I was a little confused, surely he didn’t expect me to say it. He made it clear. He spanked me and said “say it.” I said it, “I have to go”. He slipped his cock into me and I moaned loud. He started pumping me hard, long steady strokes. I let him use my muff until he came, he pulled out and came in between my ass cheeks.

I turned to him and said “I have to go”. He knew I was begging him not to to tell me to stay. If he had told me to, I’d have to. I can’t explain it. I was enthralled, under his spell. He released me and I hurried back home. I walked in and Morgan was drinking coffee on the couch. I tried to call all past her quickly, I could feel the warm cum on my skin and was paranoid it’d some how give me away. She asked “Did you find it?”. I could tell, she wasn’t happy. I told her I hadn’t a went to my room. I flopped down on my bed. Best case scenario, Morgan was suspicious as fuck of me. Worst case scenario, she had figured it out.

I texted Dylan and told him I was freaking out. He said we weren’t doing anything wrong. We weren’t. I told him it was complicated because Bri had said she like him. He said he found it odd she had some kind of claim to me because he had never talked to her. I told him it was basically girl code. He asked me what girl code jurisdiction was and wanted me to go away for the weekend with him and his friends. I couldn’t withstand l. He said we were leaving later that day. I agreed and started formulating my plan of getting away for the whole weekend.

All morning day Morgan was cold with me. Bri seemed fine. So if Morgan had figured anything out she hadn’t mentioned it to Bri. Bri would be angry at me for the slightest thing I had done “wrong”, even if it didn’t involve Dylan. I texted Dylan and begged him to pick me up from a parking lot along the way. I didn’t want to risk loading up with them. He reluctantly agreed. We left my car there and headed to the river we were camping out at.

On the way there, I told him I was sorry for making things so difficult. That I knew it was silly but I appreciated him doing it for me. He said “I don’t think anything you do is silly”. He winked at me and licked his bottom lip. I slide over to him and rubbed his cock through his shorts. I could feel his balls. I put them in my palm and tumbled them gently. I asked if I could taste him. He lifted his hips, and I slid his shorts down. His chubby was throbbing and growing in front of me. I felt
like a dog with a bone. I took him in my mouth and sucked him slow and easy. His groans and whimpers were egging me on. I started chocking him down every few sucks. Gagging and groaning.

He pulled over onto the highway shoulder! He started fucking my face. I could feel cars and passing us, the car would rock as the flew by. He was finally ready to burst, I took his cock deeper. He exclaimed “Oh baby!” I whined on his cock. Hearing him call me baby gave me so much satisfaction. I took his cock deeper. He was in my throat. I could feel my throat clench with each breath I could get through my nose. He has moaning like crazy and then he came in my throat. I took his cum, it spilled down my throat. I felt like a fucking princess. When he was empty, he pulled my face up to his and kissed me. He kissed me over and over and over. When he stopped I sank in my seat and caught my breath. He asked if I was okay, and I assured him that I was in absolute ecstasy. He put his hand on my thigh and got back on the road.

NSFW: yes


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