(MF) I cheated with a girl from reddit who cucked me

So long story short, I was with my ex for about 3 years, we broke up last summer.

it was a good relationship, but like any guy, I was pretty pretty bored. It wasnt until about 6 months before we broke up, that I started cheating. There was this girl I had met, she was pretty damn hot. Big tits, sexy, big ass, you name it she had it. We got on pretty good in class and we were all the time laughing and joking, my ex didnt like her (for the obvious reasons). I found out that she was a girl I had actually been following on reddit. Man I was already in love with her and didnt even know it.

After a few weeks of laughing and joking in class, she invited me back to her place to smoke a little weed. I accepted, there was no harm in that I wondered.

Anyway, we got back to her place, smoked a few j’s. She told me to wait on the sofa, so I did. That’s when she came back in, dressed in hot red lingerie and told me I was gonna fuck her till she came… I didnt even think about it, I stripped naked and began to bang her as hard as I could. She finished after about 15 minutes and I lay over on my back, not even thinking AT ALL about my ex, who I had just cheated on, it felt too good to care.

A few weeks went by and my ex was growing suspiscious. I kept gonna this girls after class to “smoke” and i think she sort of knew what was going on, but I didnt care, at all.

I noticed that each time I went to smoke, she was talking more and more to me about other guys she fucked. It was sort of hot, eventually one day she was talking about a guy she fucked and my cock got rock solid. She laughed, and said “You like that don’t you?”

I couldnt help but say yes… she said next time I saw her she would have a surprise, I was sort of excited.

So, the next time I opened her apartment door, to see a enormous, big, black guy standing there… I was a little confused, she walked through the door in red lingerie and told me I was gonna watch her get fucked by a real man. It turned me on ALOT, not that I wanted to admit it.

His cock was so big, the way it entered her made me so hard, I had never seen her scream like that when she was with me. After about 15 minutes he finished and blew his load in her, and left.

She asked me if I enjoyed it, with cum still seeping out of her pussy. I said I did, a lot. And thanked her.

This was the begin of my new kink, ever since I have never looked back and I fucking adore being a cuck.

Soon after this, she disappeared from university, idk where she went or anything, she still posts on reddit from time to time – so i’d just like to thank her – thankyou u/sandia-cromatica for such an amazing experience.

NSFW: yes

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