[MF] Got sloppy seconds Tinder date

One time, I (23M at the time) was home from school and matched with this chick on Tinder. We flirted in chat a bit but stopped talking for a few weeks.

I got horny and was browsing my matches one night and hit her back up and got her Snapchat. After some flirting, she was sending videos of her fingering herself to entice me to come meet up. And emphasized that I bring a condom.

She lived at home with parents and I was visiting home and staying at my grandparents, so I snagged my grandparents van and she agreed to fuck in the back with all the seats down n whatnot.

We smoked some bud and bullshitted for a min before we both got naked and started making out. We were parked by a streetlight and I could see hickeys allll over her titties. I was like damn whats this.

She straight up admitted that I was Tinder fuck #2 for the day and that the dude earlier went crazy with the hickeys. She said she let him cum in her too, which is why she told me to bring a condom. Her slutty honesty was kinda hot and I smashed anyways; im just home for Christmas break 🤷🏾‍♀️

After that, for the duration of the break, she would hit me up late at night every now and then with “Come smoke me out”. So id bring some weed over in the granny van to smoke and we’d fuck. Never let me hit raw though. She was on OnlyFans which I followed for awhile before she ended up in a relationship. Was a fun few weeks 😅

NSFW: yes

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