[MF] First time cheating with my gfs best friend

[MF] first time cheating with my gfs best friend

I had been dating my then gf (now wife) for 5 years.
She had a really good friend that was basically at all times over at our house named chantel. We had at all times been really friendly to each other but once she started dating my friend john something changed.

Before I begin I guess I should describe us all. I am cody. Im 6’2 220lbs and broad shoulders. I stay fit by playing hockey and rugby. I have brown hair green eyes and a short beard. I also have a full sleeve of tattoos as well as about 7 more scattered across my body. I am by no means a guy that walks around swinging his dick cause of how big it is but id definitely never had any complaints. Im a little over 7 inches and decently girthy. It is veiny and had a slight left curve.

Chantel was cute with a button nose and small mouth. She had dark hair and pale skin. She embodied the raven look. But her most discernable feature was the best set of tits I still have ever seen. She flauntes them like she was gonna lose them. They were gigantic yet gravity defying. She wasnt thin by any means but all her weight was in her boobs and ass. Her stomach was thin and had a Kylie jenner-esque figure. This contrasted my short blonde petite gf named mel.

She had been dating my friend John a few months when i started to notice she was flirting even more with me then ordinary. Now we had at all times had a flirty friendship (something I am known for with pretty much everyone) but it shifted from playful and friendly to more sexual comments and her flashing her cleavage at me or making sure I had a good look at her ass. Now I had never cheated on mel before but I had at all times been aroused by the idea and read a lot of stories and watched a TON of cheating porn. But everything changed on my wifes bday.

We all got together like usual on a friday night and pre drank. Chantel looked stunning as at all times.. especially her cleavage. She was wearing a light orange lace bralette with a leather jacket that couldnt even zip up and tight ripped jeans. Instantly when she got there I was hard. Im sure she noticed my gazes as she at all times had a smirk on her face when she saw me looking. We went out to one of our favorite spots that night a little Mexican bar and we all had way to many margs and jello shots.

When we got home i was so worked up that I barely said good night to chantel and john at the door and dragged my girlfriend into the bedroom . That is when things went sideways. As we begin making out she was feeling sick it was only a matter of minutes until she was passed out in bed and me with a raging hard on. I laid down and tried to go to bed but I could hear John and Chantel going at it in the spare room. I laid there trying to hear better making my boner even harder. I decided at that point I wanted to hear it clearer so I went out to the main room. Instantly I could hear it all. The bed creaking and john grunting in between chantels whimpers. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer when i suddenly heard. “Are you serious.. again!” And then just some ruffling from the other room.

It was quite quiet for a few minutes until I heard the door open and around the corner came chantel. My eyes lit up as i saw her walking to the kitchen in the same bralette and some bootie shorts. Her nipples like pencil erasers trying to poke through. I all of a sudden became very aware that i am only in my boxers and was very happy i was on the opposite side of the island as my rock hard cock pressed against the cabinets in front of me. She got within 8 feet of me before she saw me. Instantly her look of dismay turned to something else. “Hey you” she said as she came and stood on the other side of the island to me “shouldnt you still be in there fucking mel?” I was caught off guard a bit by her as she had never said anything about our sex life before. I roll my eyes and respond ” guess she had a bit to much to drink” as i grab another bottle of beer from the fridge and pass it to her trying to will my hardon down but not having much luck. As she finishes her first sip she says “i was gonna say most times i hear you two fucking it is definitely not over as fast as what john just gave me” i couldnt help but laugh “ah so thats what I heard.” As soon as i said it i realized what I said. Her look changed as she bit her lip “so you were out here listening to us?” I gulped my beer and decided that if this was going to happen then fuck itm i had imagined this so many times before. “What if i was” I tease back winking at her. “Well you didnt hear much” she rolls her eyes and says “do you want to go outside for a smoke?”

Now this part is a bit foggy as i was very drunk. But i remember it like as soon as we went outside she realized what she was doing and chickened out. We lit a joint and just sat there passing it back and forth in silence. Her still in her bralette and panties, me in my boxers. After about 10 mins she finally said “do you care that im always here?” I looked at her and said “not at all i love you being here” she pouted “is that just so you can stare at my tits?” I was shocked I couldn’t even respond as in my head this was over. “I have a great ass too you know!  Or my stomach” she ran her hands over her hips and slim tummy. “Of course you do, I have definitely noticed more then just your tits” she smirks as she runs her hands back down over her ribs and onto her bra covered tits. I was sitting on the outdoor couch and she was on a chair. She squeezed them and said “but you really like these dont you” she stood up and climbed onto the couch turning her back to me “more then my ass?” She said as she bent over and I saw the wettest panties I had ever seen. They were almost dripping they were so drenched. I let out an audible moan “touch them” she said.

as I was entranced there was no way I could stop as my hand slid along her ass until i found the wetness my fingers instantly covered as i pushed them up into her. She groans “john got me started” she turned her head bit her lip and pushed her ass closer to me. “Can you finish the job he came up short” I instantly turned my body and started massaging her ass. I slowly slid those panties down under her ass and around her knees. She stuck her ass up even further as I leaned in my tongue tracing her ass cheeks down to what I could smell and desire. As my tongue met her pussy I couldnt believe how it tasted. It was different then any pussy id tasted before and never as wet. I ate her vigarously as she moaned and rubbed her clit. I pulled back for a breath and said “god your pussy is so wet. Your dripping your juices.” As i leaned back in she moaned and said “thats not my cum.” I couldnt believe how dirty this slut was. Not only was her best friends boyfriend who happens to be her boyfriends best friend eating her out on her birthday but she had just told me that her pussy was full of johns cum. I moaned and went harder. I had never had this sort of fantasy before but it was such a sexual moment that I was fully in it. I ate her pussy like my life depended on it. The whole time she was moaning things like “ya thats it eat your gfs friends cunt” “god thats it savour my creampie” until she has a leg shaking orgasm. Her pussy gushing again pushing the rest of johns cum into my mouth.

After she recovered she sat up and kissed me not saying a word as she dropped to her knees pulling my cock out of my shorts “mmm this is nice. Not nearly as big as john but still very nice” she says as she slides her tongue from my balls to my tip sucking it softly before taking my cock down most of the way slowly working more into her throat. She did this for about 10 mins. Giving me the sloppiest, wettest most mind bending blowjob i still have ever had. She stood up turned around lowering her pussy onto my cock. It slid in so easy I wondered about what she said earlier about my cock being smaller then john and thought how much. That wondered disappeared quickly as she twerked on my cock. I could see her hands rubbing her nipples and clit but i couldnt see her tits still. She worked my cock in all different angles. It was like watching a porn how she bounced and then twerked. Quickly switching to grinding. She must have felt my cock swell as she started moaning louder. “Fill me with your cum. Add it to johns so I can go back to bed filled with another mans jizz” i couldnt hold back at this point. My cock exploding in her pumping strand after strand of my hot cum deep inside her. She stopped bouncing and just ground her pussy down into me milking me for every drop.

After about 30 seconds I could feel her adjusting her bra and lean over sliding her panties back on as far as she could before standing up quickly pulling them up keeping most of my cum inside her. She gave me such a sexy devilish smile and said “back to our partners” she winked. It was then i realized i never even got to see her tits

I hope you enjoyed this. This was my first story that I posted on an old user account that I deleted. Thouht it would be fun to repost. Let me know what you think! I love hearing feedback

NSFW: yes

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