[MF] bitter sweet reunion [Part 1] – Short Sex Story

It’s been a month since I wished her a happy life and walked out the door.  She just yelled “fine” at me during it. Since then there has been silence. At first I kept checking my phone to see if she had finally swallowed her pride and apologized.

A few times I wrote her a message when I wasn’t feeling well, but never sent it. I wouldn’t back down this time. Slowly but surely, I’ve begun to accept that she won’t put her pride apart.

Accordingly, my reaction is when she shows up at my friend’s wedding party. Of course, I didn’t cancel the +1 in my hope that she would give in. But I didn’t expect her to show up at the Party. 

I didn’t notice her until the familiar “Hey babe” snapped me out of my thoughts. Before I even grasped the reality of the situation, I feel a familiar hand on my shoulder and see her take the seat next to me. Still paralyzed by the situation, just staring at her, she gives me a quick kiss as if we hadn’t been aside for a month. Nothing about her behavior suggests that. She greets everyone else at the table, which reminds me of my current situation. My hand clenches into a fist under the table and thoughts race in my head. Her smile that greeted everyone disappears from her lips and she looks at me with a worried look.

“Are you alright babe? I’m sorry it took me so long to get ready and didn’t let you know I was going to be late. But I’m here now. And you don’t want to mess up Chris and Caro’s wedding over something like that, do you ?”

What looks like a forgiving gesture from the outside is actually a threat to me. The look in her eyes tells me I can not get rid of her without her making drama out of it and leaving me as the biggest asshole on the planet. I reply dryly “You’re right darling, it’s just a little thing, no need to spoil the nice day.”

I grab my half-full beer glass, which I was paying attention to until recently, and drink it up. The conversations at the table continue despite the tension between her and me. Nobody even suspects that the mixture of feelings is highly explosive and could ruin this evening at any time. While all the attention at the table is on a story about some vacation, I lean right next to her ear. The feeling of her closeness and the smell of her hair make my organs contract. A Part of me just wants to give in to this lie and pretend everything is the same as it was a month ago. I whisper in her ear “Why are you here? What do you want to achieve with this?” 

She leans the same way forwards me to answer and puts a hand on my knee. 

“Well, I thought you would be happy if I came. After all, Caro doesn’t know anything about the fact that we broke up. And you didn’t cancel the +1 either. So I’ll even do you a favor and save you the embarrassing questions. And I bought this stunning dress especially for tonight. Don’t you remember your plans for tonight?”

Her words make it hard for me not to freak out. And yet I feel my boner getting harder when she mentions how stunning I think this dress is. A fitted black dress with very thin straps that shows a lot of her back. Just the Day we bougth it alone meant that I couldn’t help but fuck her at the first opportunity that arose.  Now that the dress is perfectly tailored to her and she has created herself extra pretty, the effect on me is even greater. She leans back a bit and looks at me and gently slides her hand up my knee until her fingers can feel my boner. Her hand immediately returns down to my knee. With a thieving smile, she scoffs “Looks like you can remember”

My hand reaches out and grips her wrist tightly.  “We need to talk darling” I get up and ignore the confused looks of our table companions who didn’t pay any attention to us. I pull her behind me to the outdoor area. I disappear with her around the corner of the house. Then I pull her in front of me and put her shoulders against the wall and stare at her. The way she nervously stands there watching me, biting her bottom lip ready for me to explode.

Fuck”. My fist bangs against the wall next to her. I let her go and turn away. I pace up and down in front of her like a caged animal. Try to organize my thoughts. Then I begin to talk with a trembling voice “I missed you and hoped that you would be with me today but not like that! Do you think you can just show up here and just make me horny and I forget that we have drawn a line? Do you really think your slutty behavior is enough to make me forget that? I want to forgive you, I want to fuck you. But not like this. Not until you apologize. This time it’s your turn to swallow your pride. And no I will not accept a blowjob or a hate fuck as an alternative this time. ”

I stare at her for a few seconds before turning away, shaking my head and mumbling “I need a drink now” and leaving her against the wall.

NSFW: yes

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