[MF] Anal with gassy Tinder girl

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This is another story about the [anal girl]( I met on Tinder.

It was a day I was at class, it was probably like 4 or 5 in the evening and I was about to head home. Anal girl told me to meet her at the dining hall for a snack; she knew I liked the ice cream machine there and I didnt have a pass to get in; she paid for the meal pass or whatever so her ID got her access with 1 guest. Bet.

We meet at the dining hall and she eats dinner while I smash a couple ice cream cones. When we’re leaving, I make a to-go cone for her. She resists and says it makes her stomach hurt, but I insist and we distribute a cone while walking to the campus book store to get somthing for her.

Ive already got her asshole on my mind; im mentioning going back to her dorm to watch tv and hang for a bit so I can get in her pants and get to cum in her butthole. So we head back to her place. From her eating the cone to getting to her place, probably took an hour and half or more.

We get to making out eventually and the clothes begin coming off. Im fucking her in the pussy, which was alrite; she had a pretty tight pussy compared to all the women Ive been with. I go to slip my finger in her ass and she resists; says her stomachs kinda upset from the ice cream and is afraid of ‘accidents’.

I insist that I dont care, we’re all human or whatever. There was very little that would move me away from cumming in this girls asshole. It was my addiction. She said ight then; and I shoved my middle finger all the way in her asshole.

I begin fucking her pussy harder and my finger in her ass starts to move around more from the commotion and I feel a fart slip out. She flinches and excuses herself to the rest room, prolly to let the rest of the fart out. Thank God, cuz im not into farts or scat or anything like that.

She gets back in bed and I flip her over on her back. I put it in her pussy for a few more mins and then pull out to switch to her ass. I would begin off by letting my dickhead slide allll the way to the back, to the [bend in her rectum]( Then I would begin to fuck. But once I slid all the way back and hit that bend; she started squirming and farted some more. This time, kinda dank.

She was like “maybe I should go to the bathroom again” and I was like nahh some gas aint that bad. Truth is, I was just a few seconds from nutting, just give me a couple good deep strokes in that asshole and ill spurt. I didnt tell her that, but she stayed.

I shoved it back in her asshole and started to fuck deep and hard to get myself to nut. Every other couple strokes she lets a fart out. I finally begin to cum and shove it as deep as I can. Upon pulling out, she really let it rip and was prolly the first time ive ever witnessed a cum fart in person.

Cleaned ourselves up and I went home right away to smoke weed and play Arma 3 with my friends. 🙏🏿💪🏼

NSFW: yes

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