[MF] A Walk In The Woods – Short Sex Story

It’s one of those days.

Those warm summer days that feel like they never end.

We’re at the entrance to a tall, luscious green forest.

“Let’s go for a walk” I Say

“Sure” you mumble. Instantly, your head conjures up dirty images of how this stroll ends, and as your pussy jolts into life, you banish those thoughts from your mind as quickly as they come and hope I didn’t notice.

Moving through the vast maze of thick branches, towering trees, crunching leaves and sticks beneath our feet, you enjoy my business, my presence and the journey.

You steal looks at me now and again. Just fleetingly. You think I won’t notice.

Until I do. You flick your eyes at me and realise I’m watching you the whole time. We lock pupils and now you KNOW that I know.

I know you’ve been looking at me. And I know what you wondered of when we started walking. The game is up now.

You blush and look down and feel my hand on your back as we laugh. Me laughing triumphantly and you laughing nervously. We both confirmed we know how this ends.

We keep walking till we reach our final destination.

To a nice open clearing.

You can feel the butterflies in your stomach as you know what’s about to happen. You look up at me hesitantly.

I meet your gaze and hold it. Unbroken. I peer directly into your soul with piercing eyes.

With one finger, I point to the floor, still staring into your soul.

Obediently, you bend your legs and lower yourself to your knees.

I beckon you imperiously to come to me.

You cannot help but be turned on as you crawl up to my feet.

We keep maintaining eye contact but you can see a nice healthy bulge in my trousers.

I nod at you.

You stare at that bulge for a few 5 seconds as I place one hand on your head.

I can feel your fingers shaking as you unbuckle my belt and unzip my flies. As you retrieve your prize we both quicken our breathing.

You can feel my throbbing hardness in your soft hands, you trace those gorgeous hands over my thick pulsing veins.

I stroke you and guide my thick building head into your warm soft mouth, sliding it right through your warm inviting lips.

I cannot contain my excitement.

I grab your head with both hands, yanking your hair at the back and I begin ramming my rock hard rod into your mouth at full pelt.

I can hear you gagging and the squelching of your saliva and my precum as I slide in and out of your hot mouth and push my shaft into your tight throat.

My balls slap your chin as I go in and out as fast as I can.

You can feel my veins bulging more, my throbbing amplify and my cock harden as it slides over your tongue and you know what’s coming.

I hold your hair like a fulcrum and squeeze my butt cheeks hard to fully propel my dick as deep as it’ll go in your moist throat.

Your struggling to breathe and your vision is starting to darken. I make sure to keep staring into your eyes as I reward you.

The tension is finally released as my cock expands and contracts pumping my gigantic load into your choking throat. Warm sticky cum spurts out filling your throat and mouth rapidly and oozing out of your wet lips. Trickling down your chin, a mixture of saliva and sperm dribbles down your body and clothes, getting closer to your itching pussy.

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NSFW: yes

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