[MF] 18+ Wedding Night – Short Sex Story

“I’ve never done this before” You say sheepishly

“That’s okay we’ll take it real slow” I reassure you.

“Are you sure? I’m a bit nervous”

“Don’t worry, you and I are gonna get to know each other really nicely” I grin

You smile too, a bit nervously. I can sense your reservation, and although it initially irritated me, I’m excited because this is a new challenge.

To take an innocent bride and make you my dirty girl in one night.

I sit you down comfortably on a chair and put my hand on your shoulder as I walk around.

“It all starts with touch, that’s the gateway to sensuality” I say as put both hands on your shoulders, rubbing down your arms in their sleeves and sliding my fingers gently over your hands.

I can feel the tingles of excitement course through you, as I retrace my path and rub my fingers on your upper chest. The tension is building and I take benefit of your surprise by putting a firm hand on your neck, and another on your forehead as I lean in and place my lips over yours.

Thundering sensations rush over me as our lips connect for the first time, we discover our rhythm as we anle our heads and the sound of the smacking reverberating as we get louder and louder and closer and closer.

As you lean in and try to miss me harder, I pull back, my mind a mess of dirty thoughts and methods to dominate you. I can tell you’re disappointed the kiss ended but before you can say anything your eyes discover the extremely conspicuous bulge in my pants.

I can see you blushing as you look up to me.

“Uhm what’s that” you ask innocently

I don’t reply I just guide you by your shoulder as we walk to the bed. I scoop you into my arms and sit on the bed as I lie you down and make myself comfortable next to you.

A devilish grin spreads across my face as I look into your beautiful eyes while I grab your hand and put it nicely onto my crocth.

“Why don’t you find out? ” I tell you as I hold your gaze.

I’m enjoying you rubbing me and I know you like the exploration too, but my dick is throbbing and it’s so hard not to throw you on the floor and own your virgin pussy.

Deciding to give you a helping hand, I u buckle my belt, unzip my flies and open the top of my trousers. The bulge is even more visible now through my tight boxers and thick thighs, and has grown from the excitement of your touch.

I can see how shy but excited you are as you keep rubbing that growing mass bdndstg my pants.

“Go on” I say, there’s a sneaky look I’m your eyes as you put your fingers between my waist and and my skin and I love it. As you slide my pants down slowly, there is not much teasing as my excited rigid dick pops out at full mast.

I’m so turned on as you gasp loudly and blush at the sight of my throbbing hardness. I grab your hand and put it on my thick veiny shaft.

“It’s beautiful, ugly, big, and… Manly” you taper off

“I’m glad you like it, now make yourself comfortable” I smile as I put my hands behind my head and open my legs wider

The thrills inside of you are so obvious I can feel them in your delicate hands as they run up and down the building veins and smooth skin of my rock hard shaft.

After a few minutes of playing, I can see you looking into my eyes concerned.

“Am I doing it right? ” You ask

I can feel the evil part of me as I sense your need for approval. I don’t let it out just yet.

“You’re doing great baby, but do you want to make it even better?

You nod sheepishly

” come here ” I say as you straighten up. I pull you in closer and give you a powerful yet brief kiss on the lips. I felt the air leave you as our lips touched. As I watch your pretty face while I pull back, I firmly grasp the top of your dress and pull it down, whilst simultaneously feeling your tits. Your little whimper makes me hornier and I release your breasts from the top of your dress.

“That’s good, now I have something to look at and enjoy while you play with me” I say as I gesture with my hand for you to get back to company.

As you lean back and get closer to my groin and begin rubbing my dick with your hands, I put one hand on your head and make sure we lock eyes.

“Did you enjoy that kiss” I ask you

“Yes but why do you keep pulling back” you ask me

“because it’s fun” I say. “But if you want another kiss I need a favour”

Your eyes are wide with wonder and I love it.

“With those delicious lips of yours, I really need you to put them around my dick, give it a nice kiss there’s a good girl” I instruct you

I can see your nervous hesitancy and I give you some guidance with my hand on your head.

“Where?” you say

“Well all over would be great” I laugh, but just begin with the head “I tell you as I move your head closer to my throbbing one.

There’s a wave of tense pleasure building all the way through my rock hard shaft as I feel your soft lips connect with me and the warmth of your saliva.

“Good girl, now take the whole head into your mouth” I blow you a kiss with my lips and I’m in heaven as my instruction is followed. God you’re so damn hot. “Swirl that tongue now baby girl and spit as much as you can”

Oh my goodness. It feels amazing and the teasing tension peaks as streaks of your saliva drip down my shaft.

“Look into my eyes and suck” I tell you firmly.

My breath quickens as I can feel your suction building on my thick throbbing head as swirls of your tongue turn me on even more. And to top it off I’m staring into those sacred eyes of yours.

I cannot take it I put one hand firmly on your head, and reach across your leaning body and grab your ass. I’m so lusty and I cannot control it.

Your eyes wide in shock as I begin thrusting my hips into your mouth and you instantly begin gagging and salivating more. It turns me on so much but I use the tiny reminder of my self restraint to not thrust too hard or deep. I know it’s your first time and I take it easy on you.

My shaft is about a quarter of the way in your mouth and I’m loving every second of it. I can see your tits bouncing as you move up and down taking more of my penis into you.

I literally cannot help it. That tension has gone on too long now, I slap your butt hard and pull my dick out of your mouth. Strings of saliva remain connected momentarily and it turns me on more.

I grab you hard and move you onto the floor as I stand over you and hold you down firmly by your shoulders on your knees.

“Aw baby” I grunt, “I’ve got such a good surprise for you for being such a good wife, but you have to beg for it, beg like a desperate woman” I tell you

I rub my hard bursting dick on your face and forehead as you look into my eyes and put your hands together.

“Please give it to me, I’ve been so good, please I need it please”

“good girl” I whisper as grab a fistful of your hair and drive my cock into your mouth, far enough till I hear you moan, but it’s not fully in.

It’s not in my control anymore as an excruciatingly powerful sequence of contractions charges through my rigid dick and an absolutely gigantic load of thick creamy cum is blasted into your mouth and fills it right up and then some, till it’s overflowing and dropping down my shaft and your chin onto your spotless wedding dress.

I stare into your eyes and we both know we loved every second of it. Unfortunately I cannot hide anymore, the animal inside me is revealed.

“Swallow it baby” I say and you obediently do. And I love seeing that because I know you’re the type of girl I’m going to enjoy so much and I made the right choice.

I lean down and kiss you hard, so hard and passionately and as I feel you come closer to me, I again pull back, this time I whisper in your ear how much I enjoyed seeing you on your knees begging for me to cum in your mouth. And then before you can reply, I push you down onto your back, I move back as I tear your dress to get to your dripping pussy and then use my strong hands to push into the middle of each of your thighs and force your divine legs WIDE open for me.

NSFW: yes

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