Meeting [FPOV18+] [Masterbation]

Imagine this- you work from home. You log into your computer and see that you have 4 meetings back to back, 3 of them not really pertaining to you but it’s required. You begin with your coffee and begin on work when you’re called into the first meeting. It’s your manager, on zoom and he wants you to turn your camera on. Reluctantly you agree.

As soon as you turn it on, you see his cock. He’s standing up, looking around and it’s right there. You tell him you’re on the call and he may want to put clothes on. He sits down and looks at you. He tells you what a good girl you’ve been working on these projects and he wants to treat you, but since everyone works from home this will have to do.

You’re shocked and mumbling, laughing trying to give him an out, but he’s serious. He tells you to take your shirt off first. You hesitate. He tells you- do it now, so you do. You haven’t gotten fully dressed yet, and aren’t wearing a bra. This pleases him.

He demands you stand up and jump. This is confusing, but you tell him- yes sir. Next, he tells you take your shorts off. You begin to protest, telling him it’s not right and you don’t want either to get fired, so he says- then you might want to do what your boss says. So you take off your shorts and he says- let me see your clit.

Confused you look at him. He says- open those smooth pussy lips and let me see your clit. So, you stand right in front of the camera, where you can watch yourself getting degraded, and open your pussy lips. He then tells you to rub it. You begin to reach down, but he tells you- no, lick your fingers then rub it. You begin to get turned on and stick one finger at a time in your mouth, slowly sucking and getting them soaked. This pleases him. You see him now starting to play with his hard cock. This is the first time you’ve noticed how large and gorgeous it is, how bad you want your mouth over it.

You reach down and touch your clit, moving just slightly over it up and down. You moan. He tells you that you are such a good girl and you deserve to cum. You’ve worked so hard, you deserve your pussy to be touched. You deserve your nipples teased and that tight, soft waxed pussy of yours needs to be dripping.

He tells you to go get your vibrator, he knows you have one, he’s heard it in meetings. You blush and go get your rose vibrator. He tells you to sit in your chair, and open your legs, you do as your told. He then instructs you on how to finger your pussy, one finger at a time. You’re soaked at this point. Next he tells you to bring your nipple to your mouth and clamp down. You begin to protest as you know it’ll hurt and he calmly tells you that he is youe master, and you are his good girl, and well that’s enough convincing for you. While he makes you suck on your own nipple, he gives you instructions on how to use your clit sucker. He wants to see your openings contract.

You’re getting closer and closer to orgasm, eyes pleading with him to let you cum, even being a newbie you know not to yet, when all of a sudden he says the word- CUM. Your cunt contracts, your sweet virgin anus pushes out and you squirt all over.

He tells you that this was a productive meeting, he will send out any updates and have a good day and disconnects the zoom.

NSFW: yes

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