Meeting Daddy on vacation, Day 3 [F35/M40] [D/s]

**Day 3**

As I slowly begin to wake up I feel a mouth sucking on my nipple and a hand rubbing my wet cunt. My moaning makes Daddy look at me ***“Good Morning horny little girl”***, ***“Good Morning Daddy”***.Now that I am awake Daddy pulls my pants down till my knees, I have to keep my legs in the air as he positions himself so he can push his hard cock in my wet cunt. I feel his cock at my cunt with a hard thrust Daddy pushes his cock inside me. ***“Ohhh…. Yes Daddy”*** I moan. Daddy keeps thrusting his cock inside. Daddy pauzes to pull up my top and expose my breast, “I like to watch them” Daddy says smiling. My breast bounce as Daddy fucks me. I like feeling his cock inside me, it feels so big! Harder and harder Daddy thrust his cock inside me, Daddys breathing gets heavier. With a few more thrusts I feel Daddy cum inside me.
Daddy lays next to me and wraps his arms around me. Gives me lots of kisses and whispers in my ear ***“That’s how Daddy likes to start his mornings”***. Hearing that makes me smile.


Daddy has to go to his own cottage.
And I am packing my things to go spend the day at the tropical swimming pool.
The swimming pool is quite big, in the big pool there are tidal waves every hour, there are steam cabinets, 3 hot tubs, a massive wild water slide and 3 water slides.
Dressed in a white bikini I step into the big pool to swim a few laps. Lucky for me there are not that many people in the pool so I can swim where I want. Somehow I do have the feeling of being watched. The tidal waves begin so I forget about that immediately and enjoy floating around in the waves. As the waves end I exit the pool and see an empty hot tub in the corner. Nice place to chill for a bit. Sitting in the warm water looking around at the plants over thinking yesterday and this morning. I really like spending time with Daddy, he is sweet, caring and Daddy is very sexy.
***“Mind if I join you, little girl?”*** Shocked, I look up and see Daddy. ***“Yes Daddy, come and join me.”*** I say smiling ***“Had a good day?”. “Yes Girl, I had a good day. Needed to go to town to pick up groceries and I am glad to run into you here.”*** He says. As we talk I go sit on Daddy’s lap and give him a hug. I am happy that he is here but I doubt it was a coincidence since I told him I would be here. Daddy moves his hands over my chest and when he gets to my breast he moves my bikini apart to play with my nipple. I sit with my back to the entrance of the hot tub so as long as no one comes in it is all fine. ***“Daddy what are you doing?”*** I ask sarcastically. ***“Playing with what is mine”*** Daddy says playfully. Now having both my breasts exposed. I can feel Daddy’s cock growing. I kiss Daddy on his neck as his hands make his way down my body sneaking into my bikini bottom, rubbing my clit. ***“Ohhh Daddy”*** I moan in his ear ***“You make me so wet Daddy”.*** Daddy smiles and keeps rubbing my clit. I squirm and push my hips against his hand. It feels so good to be on Daddys lap, being teased and played with as he pleases. Daddy slides his hand further in my bikini bottom and inserts 2 fingers in my cunt. Slowly moving them in and out my cunt, twirling his thumb on my clit. ***“You are not allowed to cum little girl, behave.”*** Daddy says. I am a little disappointed but so enjoy this moment. Daddy takes his fingers out and brings them to my mouth to suck clean.
As i suck Daddys fingers I hear people entering the hot tub and Daddy quickly puts my breasts back in my bikini top and removes his fingers from my mouth. Enjoying our moment we sit there, his arms wrapped around me.

***“Lets go from the wild water slide”*** I suggest. ***“Yes baby, that is a good idea.”*** He says. We get out of the hot tub and walk upstairs to get in the water for the wild water slide. Immediately I got drawn away by the fast water down the slide. Daddy is coming after me. We play around in the water, every time Daddy catches up to me. Near the end of the slide Daddy pulls me towards him and says in my ear ***“I want to fuck you now”***. I giggle and say ***“Come and catch me Daddy”***. I get to the end of the slide, climb out the water and make my way back to the beginning. I know that Daddy is following me as I get into the water. Giggling and smiling I look at Daddy who has a serious face. I get pulled away by the water again. When Daddy catches up to me he grabs my arm and pulls me to the side when we get to the middle of the slide where a resting place is.
Pushes me with my back against the wall and says firm ***“I mean it, I am gone fuck you!”.***
With his hands pushing on my shoulders he keeps me pushed against the wall, kissing me roughly all over my face, pushing his cock against my body to make me feel that he is hard. ***“Not here Daddy, please Daddy, everyone that comes by can see us.”*** I squirm trying to get loose from his grip. ***“Then you should not have run away, little girl. This is what happens when you don’t listen to Daddy.”*** He firmly says as he turns me around, forcing me to bend half over the underwater bench with my ass towards him. He pulls my bikini bottom apart and forces his hard cock in my cunt. Grabs a handful of my breast and squeezes it hard. ***“No Daddy, not here Daddy. I promise I will be a good girl Daddy.”*** I plead. I am still horny from the hot tub and I do enjoy having his cock inside me. He grabs my face with one hand ***“Then take it like the good girl you say you are!”*** and he thrust harder and harder in me. With his hand on my throat I moan ***“Yes Daddy, sorry Daddy, please cum in me Daddy”***. With hard deep thrusts Daddy cums inside me.
Daddy puts my bikini bottom back in place and comes beside me to give me a hug. ***“Good little girl of mine.”*** He says as he takes me into his arms and kisses me. ***“Thank you Daddy.”*** I say almost quietly.
We continue the rest of the wild water slide. I feel a bit overwhelmed by how rough Daddy was and that he fucked me in the middle of the pool. I can feel his cum in my cunt, leaking into my bikini bottom. ***“Are you feeling alright?”*** Daddy asks. With my eyes on the floor I say ***“Yes Daddy”. “Want to go into the steaming cabinet? Relax a little.”*** Daddy asks. ***“Yes, that is a good idea Daddy.”*** and I follow him to the steam cabinet. The cabinet fills itself with lavender steam for 5 minutes. ***“Feeling better?”*** He asks when we step out. ***“Yes I do Daddy”***.
It is around dinner time, there are even less people now in the big pool than before. ***“Let’s go to the big pool, the waves that start soon?”*** I suggest. ***“Let’s go little girl.”*** and he makes his way to the deeper part of the pool. I follow him and together we enjoy the big waves.
We begin to feel hungry and decide that it is time to leave the swimming pool.


Outside Daddy is waiting for me to walk me to my cottage. ***“Would you allow me to cook for you tonight at my cottage?”*** He asks. Taking me by surprise. ***“Yes, I would like that very much.”*** I say. ***“Come over when you are ready little girl”*** and he kisses me before walking away.


Dressed in a black shirt and a whithe blouse I walk to Daddy’s cottage not far from my own. Knock on the door, Daddy opens the door and greets me with a hug and kiss. ***“Come on in, pretty girl.”*** Inside on the table Daddy has put on some candles and in the corner the fireplace is burning. Making it hot inside, I unbottem a few buttons of my blouse but I like it.We sit down to have dinner that Daddy cooked for me. It tastes good, he is a good cook.
For dessert Daddy has ice cream. ***“We can share a bowl?”*** he asks as he comes sitting next to me with a bowl of ice cream. ***“Yes Daddy we can for sure.”*** I say. Daddy feeds me bites of ice cream on a spoon, I like the attention. ***“Oh sorry little girl”*** Daddy apologizes as the ice cream fell off the spoon on my chest, ***“I will clean that up for you.”*** It melts at the touch of my skin. Daddy licks the ice cream off my chest. ***“I don’t mind Daddy.”*** I say. Daddy put down the spoon and unbutton my blouse completely. Daddy uses the spoon to drop ice cream over my chest and breasts so he can lick it off me. Daddy keeps doing that till the bowl is empty.It doesn’t stop Daddy as he keeps licking my nipples. My hand slides over his leg, I want to feel his cock. Stroking his cock through his pants, it grows at my touch. It feels warm, big and gets hard. Daddy pulls me up from my chair onto his lap, facing him so he can suck my nipples even better. I grab his head and pushes him on my nipples. Feeling his tongue going around my nipple in circles, flicking over my nipple. His hand goes under my skirt, ***“What is my little girl wearing?!”*** He says, ***“No panties little girl! Remove them and get over my knee immediately!”***. Little surprised I get up and take off my panties and bent over Daddy’s knees. Daddy uses his hand to spank my ass. ***“1…2….3….4…..5”*** I count, ***“6…7….8…..9….10”***
I get pulled back up. Daddy stands up and picks me up, I wrap my legs around him as he walks to the couch and lays me down. Daddy pulles up my skirt and get between my legs. His hands stroking my inner thighs, then i feel his tongue on my clit. Soft and warm. I moan and squirm, pushing my hips against his tongue. It feels godlike having his tongue on my clit. After all the teasing and fucking today I am very horny. Daddy pushes 3 finger in my wet cunt and fucks me with his finger. With my own hands I play and squeeze my breasts, pinch my nipples. ***“Daddy please make me cum, please Daddy”*** I moan. Daddy fingers me harder as he says ***“Cum for me little girl, cum.”*** and continues licking my clit. I squeeze my nipples and moan ***“Yes Daddy, I will cum for you Daddy”.*** I push my hips against his tounge and my body starts shaking and tenses up. ***“Yes Daddy I am cumming”***. Daddy pulls out his fingers and instead of licking me he rubs my clit with his hand until my body relaxes. ***“Thank you Daddy, that felt so good Daddy.”*** I say while catching my breath.
***“You are a good girl”*** Daddy says as he comes sitting next to me and hands me a drink.
We talk for a while. It is getting late and I am tired.
***“Daddy i am gone go to my cottage and go to bed.”***
Daddy agrees and walks me home.


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