Meeting Bobby. Part 3.

Bobby was suggesting that I have sex with him and his cousin, Jason. The wondered of doing this with these two young men, I have to honestly admit, sent a naughty shiver through my body. I’ve been through this sort of thing before.

“There’s only me, and two of you. How is this going to work, if I do agree to it? You going to take turns on me, or what?” I playfully asked them.

Bobby said they’d do whatever I wanted to. I sipped my drink, took a pull from the joint Bobby handed me, then said,

“This is a very naughty and taboo thing you’re suggesting of me to do, you know that, right? I have to be sure that such a thing never leaves your lips, or this place.”

Both Bobby and Jason guaranteed me that is would be just between us, but they would say anything at this point to have me do this.

I got up and walked over to the sofa. I looked down at them and said, “I don’t even know Jason. We just met. I’m not the kind of women to just jump in bed with any Tom Dick and Harry, you know. We should get better acquainted, don’t you think? Move over, let me sit down.”

They both shifted over some and let me sit between then. Bobby smiled at me and told me that I look delicious as all the time. Jason agreed with Bobby and says, “You sure do, Dotty.”

Bobby had his hand on my knee then says, “Knowing that you have no panties on, Dotty, got me hard right away when we were in the kitchen.”

Jason then says, “That is so hot. Think I may kiss you, Dotty?”

“Kissing and sharing tongues, makes this very personal, but I suppose I wouldn’t mind that.” I said, looking at young Jason.

Jason leaned over as I looked into his eyes. His lips met mine and I parted my lips, running my tongue on his lips until he opened his mouth.

As I kissed Jason, I felt Bobby’s hand leave my knee then squeeze my large breasts. Kissing and being felt up all the time got me super horny. I then felt one hand my right tit, where Bobby sat, and another on my left. Jason was now feeling me up, along with Bobby.

The wet, tongue swapping kiss ended and I murmured softly, “Oh my, you two. You’re getting me very horny.”

“I am already, Dotty.” Jason says, then adds, “Can you lower the top of your dress? I’d love to see your breasts.”

“You both show me first, how excited you are. Then I’ll lower my dress. I told them.

I was having a teasingly good time with these two horny, willing, young men. Both of them undid their shorts and pushed them down. Their hard cocks sprang up to their belly buttons.

I smiled and asked if I had done that to them, then leaned up undoing my halter dress behind my neck. I didn’t drop it over my large breasts and sat back.

They each took ahold of a neck strap and pulled the top down, revealing my tits.

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NSFW: yes

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