Meeting at the bar for a parking lot quickie (MF)

We had been texting off and on after I met him at an amateur MMA fight. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was probably about 5‘7“ with small build yet muscular with a great set of abs. At that time I was 5’5” about 110 pounds quite thin.

We both decided to hang out in person at a bar that was a mid point for us. He was wearing a suit since he just got off work. I was in a black leather skater skirt, gray tee, and doc marten like boots. I had a drink he couldn’t because he was training for the next fight. We were flirting and chatting. When he put his hand on my thigh. He would gently squeeze and caress it. Which i all the time discover so hot. He moved his fingers over as if he was going to tease my pussy through my panties. He was shocked! I wasn’t wearing any. I pulled him in by the back of his neck and whispered in his ear “I think it’s time to go somewhere else.”

He paid my tab and we went out to my suv. He pushed my back against it and started kissing me. His lips felt so good. He slipped two fingers into my soaked pussy a moaned escaped my lips. I had to cover my mouth. Damn was he good with his fingers.
I begged in his ear I need more. I opened the door and pushed him away. I told him it was my turn to play. I undid his belt and pulled his throbbing cock out. I couldn’t wait to tease him with my tongue. I aged a few times he was bigger than I expected him to be. After teasing him I lifted my skirt and climbed on top. after I rubbed his cock on my wetness and biting his neck. I guided him into me while he was sucking and biting my nipples.
He moaned and said “oh fuck, you feel amazing.” I rode him up and down. Would pause to do some circles with my hips that made him moan. He wanted to be in control now. I laid on my back he pounded so hard. I knew i was going to explode soon. I said I’m close. He started to rub my clit. I came so hard. I was shaking. I sucked my juices off bud cock. He finished in my mouth. After he got dressed and drove his motorcycle home.

NSFW: yes

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