Meeting Anne’s needs part 5

Anne couldn’t believe John just walked away after turning the toy on and leaving it against her clit. She tried to hard not to move. The vibrations felt so good, but weren’t enough and she wanted to get off so bad. John sat at the counter, eating his pizza, drinking another beer while he watched Anne. He thought how long it would take her to begin moving against the toy. Anne knew John was right in the kitchen, she heard his beer bottle clank against the kitchen counter every time he set it down. She was trying so hard to hold still. Her pussy ached. It needed a release. Anne tried pushing her hips down into the pillow to get stronger contact between her clit and the vibrator head.
John noticed Anne push her hips slightly down into the bed. He quickly stood up, walked into the bedroom, grabbed the ruler he saw on Anne’s desk and smacker her ass twice, once on each cheek with the ruler. He then pulled Anne’s blonde ponytail back, lifting her head off the bed, he looked her in the eye, “did i tell you you could move you slut?” “no sir, I’m so sorry sir” Anne knew more punishment was coming. Why did her pussy throb even more at the wondered of being punished? Did she want to be punished?

John loosened the wrist restraint so he could lift Anne’s upper body off the bed. Clearly the spanking to her ass were not deterring her from misbehaving. John knew he would increase the punishment, in a way he knew Anne would enjoy. John lifted Anne’s torso off the bed, reached under her and grabbed her right tit. He pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This caused Anne to shriek in pain. John knew Anne loved a her nipples pinched, but he went a bit harder than typical. He wanted to get his point across. Anne’s nipple immediately started getting rock hard. John switched to the left nipple and did the same. This again caused Anne to shriek. John noticed Anne’s breathing became deeper. This punishment was turning her on. John then slapped both tits a few times, leaving pink handprints on her small boobs. John enjoyed Anne’s boobs. The were small but very sensitive. He really enjoyed sucking on them as she rode him. That will be for later he wondered.
After abusing Anne’s tits, John tightened the straps so she was spread out again. He returned the hitachi to her clit, and added a small toy so it was resting directly on her asshole. John knew Anne liked a little stimulation back there, and also wanted to use this as a test. “Do not move. If you move, I will know. The small vib I have placed on your ass will fall with too much movement. Behave Slut” John walked back out to finish his pizza and beer.

NSFW: yes

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