Me n Dad’s friend

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My dads friend typically picks me and his daughter up from college when my dad is running late. At times I tend to have to wait at their house while my dad finishes up work. Me and my dads friends daughter play volleyball on the same team. Recently I wasn’t feeling good and skipped practice but my dad was still working so my dads friend came to pick me up while his daughter was still in practice. We went back to their place so I could take a nap. While I was sleeping I felt someone moving around my shorts (I had my practice clothes on) I woke up to it being my dads friend asking if I need anything and saying he was just checking on me. I said no and then he sat on the edge of the bed and told me to go back to sleep so I can feel better. I shut my eyes and then felt him rubbing on my back.
Before I knew it his hand started wondering elsewhere and one thing led to another. Mostly touching, rubbing, kissing and then he started eating my pussy. I let it happen because it felt good and he didn’t try anything else. After we got done he told me he can at all times help make me feel better on the days I’m not feeling ok and want to skip practice. He’s 39 and I’m 18. He is married and has 3 kids. I feel bad but also got a rush from the experience. Idk how to feel.

NSFW: yes