Me (F30) and my friend’s brother (M20) – Short Sex Story

My friend and I went home for a long summer weekend to enjoy the sun and to see our families. One afternoon was to be spent at my friends family’s place, by her pool with some drinks and music. We had some old friends round as well as my friend’s brother who had now grown into a man. He was tall handsome, a little skinny and very very quiet and reserved. I wanted to see if I could make him a little uncomfortable with some flirting.

As the afternoon went on we had a few drinks and had a swim. I was in the pool in my little bikini. I am quite small, about 5 foot, smallish chest and ass but my body is tight and toned and I am confident in my sexy side. After 10 minutes of swimming, I saw on the edge of the pool next to my friend’s brother, put arms behind me to make my chest seem as big as feasible. He was just in board shorts and we were just chatting generally about life. I started to lean against him and tell him he had grown into a handsome man and that the girls would be all over him. He looked like he was getting embarrassed by the compliments and tried to play them off. To which I whispered to him, “i think you’re hot”. He looked at me wide eyed and then adjusted his pants slightly. I looked down to his hand, to which he noticed, looked back at me and I smirked at him.

He got up, embarrassed and went back into the house. About 2 minutes later I followed him and noticed he went to his bedroom. Still in my bikini I snuck in quietly, I saw him stroking himself with his back to the door, so I whispered his name to let him know I was there. He turned again in embarrassment, trying to cover up, but I smiled and approached him. Grabbing his cock I began to stroke him and I could see his eyes glazing in pleasure. After about 30 seconds of it in my hand he finished, which I aimed all over my chest. I got up, gave him a kiss and left the room to return to everyone outside.

NSFW: yes

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